Self-care, Mindfulness & Energy Therapy Workshop

3 hours Workshop for Mindful Solutions for Your Daily Life:

  • Sitting in front of computer all day .
  • Traveling in office bus/ train for more than 2 hours.
  • 80% of people feel stress on the job, nearly half say they need help in workplace.
  • Gaining weight due to stress. Yes,That’s stress fat.
  • Always Feeling Tired.
  • Learning and read all about self-care ,diet and weight reduction, not helps.

This is a call to smart souls who want to make real, sustainable, life-long shifts in their everyday lives through: Science behind Weight, Yoga, Mindfulness, Group Therapy, Education, and Stress Reduction Tools.

Join our intimate group of like-minded for TBG workshop for those of us who want to care for our bodies & minds, and connect deeply with ourselves and our community.

  • Through group processing you will connect with a compassionate support system, find relief through sharing, feel the power of compassion, and learn tools from each other.
  • Through yoga and meditation you will calm your nervous system, practice mindfulness, become more present, and build self-compassion.
  • Through Mindfulness , you will learn to be more aware and less stressed in ways that fit into your everyday life.