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Different Types of People you can see at a South Indian Wedding

1. The Bride’s/ Groom’s Parents

They are usually seen walking around the mandapam frantically, either greeting people hurriedly or talking on the phone about arrangements.

2.  The Mama

These uncles usually accompany the father of the bride/groom looking important, and call out orders to the caterers during meal times.

3. The Athai

These aunties are dressed the grandest of all, and are seen in groups matchmaking between the single youngsters when they are not ‘helping’ the bride dress up.

4. The Bridesmaids

Either the sisters, cousins or friends of the bride/groom, these young women are usually dressed in the latest trends and are seen near the bride, adjusting her dress or hair or helping in collecting the gifts, when they’re not busy taking selfies 101.

5. The Groomsmen

The brothers/ cousins or friends of the groom, these are the characters of the wedding who perform dances and try to seem popular, roaming around the mandapam and talking to as many people as possible.

6. The Kids

They’re seen running around the mandapam playing, or rather, playing games on their parents’ phone, given to them to keep them quiet.

7. The Photographer

This person earns the irritation of most of the guests by blocking the view of the wedding ceremony with his camera or taking videos of people as they’re eating. They are also responsible for making the bride and groom do cheesy poses during the photoshoot.

8. The Caterers

Easily the most loved group of people during the wedding. It is for their delicious kalyana sambar and 20 side dishes and laddoo, jelabi and murukku that most guests attend the wedding. It is only until the caterers serve the food that all the above-mentioned characters perform their respective duties. Once the food is served, the real attraction of the wedding begins.

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