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6 Crazy Underwater Couple Photography Ideas that You Should Never Miss it Out

Marriage is one of the most auspicious days which carries different emotions. Photography is the best way to capture all the emotions, especially the love shared between the couples. Pre-wedding photo shoots are the best way to capture the love of the couple. Generally, pre-wedding shoots take place in the seashore, museums, and outdoor places. The underwater photography is one of the trending photo shoot ideas preferred by most of the couples. In this article, we would like to share some of the best underwater wedding photography.

1. Portrait Your Love

Showcasing your love for each other is the one all couples want. If you are the one looking for a way to expose your love then you can try this style of underwater photography to make your photoshoot more romantic.

Underwater Photoshoot
Picture Courtesy- Rhythmic Focus
Underwater photoshoot ideas
Picture courtesy-Weddingnama

2. Bridal Look Photoshoot

It is always instructed that brides need to stay away from water due to their heavy outfit and makeup, but this photography is quite opposite. This couple opted for the underwater photo shoot in their bridal look in classy poses.

Underwater photography
Picture courtesy- Shutter Monkeyz
Underwater photography
Picture courtesy- Shutter Monkeyz
Picture courtesy- Indian wedding photography
Picture courtesy- Shutter Monkeyz

3. Stay High on Love

Romance is the best part of photography, go crazy in love with this love poses and make your pre-wedding photo shoot a most memorable one.

Underwater pre-wedding shoot
Picture Courtesy- Sparkling star production
Underwater pre-wedding shoot
Picture courtesy- Dominik Bali Wedding Photography

4. Go Crazy with Poses

Sometimes going crazy in love gives the best poses ever. Posing with friends for your pre-wedding shoots is something different. Try out this different crazy poses with your better half which you can cherish it for the lifetime.

Indian mermaid photoshoot
Picture courtesy-Napie Moksin Photography
Underwater Photoshoot
Picture Courtesy- Richard Antony wedding photography

5. Take the Plunge

Proposing in a different way makes your loved ones feel special. So, make use of this opportunity to propose your love with pleasant gifts and make them feel special.

Pre-wedding photoshoot
Picture courtesy- Weddingnama
Pre-wedding photoshoot
Picture Courtesy- Bhuvnesh Mutha

6. Love dovey stills

Go on with hand in hand to showcase a perfect romantic pre-wedding photo shoot and make it more graceful. This will effectless shows the love for each other and one of the most loved photography stills till date.

Underwater photoshoot
Picture courtesy- Infinite memories
underwater couple photography
Picture courtesy-Weddingnama

So, if you’re looking for a different pre-wedding shoot idea then you can try out this trending underwater photography to get a different and crazy experience.

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