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Capture Your Wedding In The Best Ever Way with TBG Wedding Photography And Videography

The photography and videography become one of the most important aspects of any wedding. Speaking about wedding photography, there are two major sections under this. One is the bride’s pictures and other is the couple’s photos. TBG offers you the best Wedding Photography service specially designed for South Indian Weddings.

Bride Photography

Talking about the wedding photography, the bride becomes the most important subject for the photographer.



The camera person tries level best to capture each and every reaction of her during the various rituals of the wedding.


Whether it is her solo shots or with the best friend, or with family and relatives, her look and emotions become very important to be caught on camera.

wedding photography & videography image 3

Different interesting angles are taken to capture the best of the bride and make her look stunningly immortalised in the wedding pictures.


Special attention is given to the background lighting and poses of the bride so as to make her look picture perfect.


Poses are being suggested by the professional wedding photographer to the bride.


While some of the solo shots are kept candid, devoid of the bride’s awareness. 

Couple Photography

Couple photography is equally important as the bride’s photography. Like the solo bride pics and the couple photos always get special attention.


Some of them will be uploaded on the social networks, while others in the wedding album. A few of them will be taken together to make a beautiful wedding collage to be adored on one of the bedroom walls.


A lot is said through the couple photographs.


How the partner treats the other spouse can be easily deciphered by the way the couple pose with each other during the photo shoots.

couple wedding photography image 10

Whether the spouse is taken as a trophy partner or treasured as a real asset; isn’t really hard to make out by looking at the wedding couple photos.

family wedding photography image 11

Couple photos with the respective groom and bride families are a must during the wedding photo shoot.

Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

Off late, the trend of a pre-wedding shoot has grown.



More and more couples are opting for a theme based pre-wedding photo shoot.

wedding couple photo shoot image 13

Your wedding is a new life, a new beginning that you start off with your partner. Get its each and every moment captured in your wedding album for a lifetime.


Excited for your wedding? Get the best professional wedding photographer from TBG. Get exclusive theme based pre-wedding shoots along with the wedding photography and videography. Send your views and queries to us and we’ll be right there to serve you.   

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