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Best Pre-wedding Photoshoot Locations near Bangalore

Indian weddings are traditionally multi-day affairs and involve many intricate ceremonies. The actual wedding hardly gives the couple a chance to be themselves. Now a days, bride and groom are getting some exception to see each other before their wedding. One such exception is Pre-Wedding Photoshoots.

Pre-wedding photo shoot gives a great opportunity for to-be couple to meet each other before marriage, help them to build up beautiful and lovely relationships, that become synonym of Love and some times its like official date for couples who are going for arranged marriage.

Couples can also use the best photos of pre-wedding photoshoot as the backdrop of their wedding invitation card, make them a part of their wedding albums, or create short video or slideshow to showcase during wedding or on their wedding website.

Best Pre-Wedding Photoshoot near Bangalore

A pre-wedding shoot, especially in natural locales makes the couple be at ease. It offers the couple a chance to laugh, talk, walk and just enjoy each other’s company, while the photographer get a chance to capture those un-replicable precious moments of their love and bliss beautifully. It would be a better time for both the couple and photographer to take hassle free photographs.

Watch the below video to see some of the other pre-wedding shooting spots in India.

Why should go for outdoor photoshoot??

When it comes to a pre-wedding shoot, couples these days usually prefer natural settings over a pretentious background. This option is favored by photographers as well. Shooting at locations rather than the studio or a closed space offers a wide array of backdrops.

“Gardens for instance, especially early in the mornings, have a lovely natural light that most equipment cannot give. It just brings out the emotions and colors perfectly,”. Nature adds various elements like trees, flowers, lakes, ancient monuments, etc. make beautiful backdrops that bring out the colors of the outfits too.

Almost all couples and their photographers prefer natural scenic outdoor locations for their pre-wedding shoots. An outdoor location allows the couple to be themselves in front of the camera.

So, choosing the correct location can do wonders for your shoot. Well, we have compiled a guide to help you choose the best location for a pre-wedding shoot in Indian Green & Vibrant city Bangalore. Here are the best locations in Bangalore for a pre-wedding shoot.

1. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at Cubbon Park

Cubbon park is located in the heart of the central administrative area of Bangalore. This is one of Bangalore’s greatest blessing which is located in the center of the city. A number of well-maintained gardens and statues further add to the beauty of this park. Cubbon Park also one of the best and scenic pre-wedding photoshoot .

For all those couple looking for a sylvan surrounding to be the background of their photo frame, this park has lot of wonderful shooting spots for them with ancient, greenery, a huge trees , aquarium to add a fairytale quality to your pictures.

Greenery View at Cubbon Park
PC: Sowmya Photography
Couple at Cubbon Park
PC: thePicturist

2. Pre-wedding Shoots at Bangalore Palace

A Perfect place for Bangalore Palace stands majestic between all the rush of city , is Voted as one of the Wonders of Bangalore and this is one of the must try place for Royal Pre-Wedding Photoshoot.

This Maharaja palace is loaded with lot of great architecture and scenic spots which includes famous Ballroom, the Maharani’s Courtyard, the Durbar hall, and the corridors filled with paintings, and the spiral staircase.

Bangalore Palace

Inside View of palace
PC:Marija Georgievska
Durbar Hall of Bangalore Palace
PC:Marija Georgievska
Bangalore Palace inside Staircase
Bangalore Palace inside Staircase

3. Photoshoot at Melkote (150 Km from Bangalore)

Melkote, the town most famous for its Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple at the top of a hill and perfect place for the couple who wanted to take photographs with traditional temple backdrops.

Best spot in Melkote is ”The Kalyani” with steps and Mantaps all around, which is the favorite of many filmmakers. You can produce wonderful images in around this location.

A Couple Posing at Melkote
PC:Neeta Shankar
Raya Gopura at Melkote
Raya Gopura at Melkote

RayaGopura ( meaning the Royal Tower or Gateway ) is one more place in Melkote which is incomplete construction of tower with great internal view. The main attraction is the carvings on the four pillars & inner walls made entirely of stone adds to the scenic & historic charm to the place.

The temple has a serene vibe, you can enjoy the view with a cool breeze and what else could be the better place to capture the elegance of love between the couple with the beauty of the temple view .

4. Photoshoot at Lepakshi Temple

Be it a tourist attraction or pilgrimage heaven, a temple is a sacred place. It’s a place where people come to pray and where people find peace of mind. It is also a place where two people come to promise each other to make a commitment of a lifetime at the altar of the Gods.

Lepakshi temple is one such locations near Bangalore for best couple shoot experience. It might take about 2 and a half to 3 hours to reach this place from Bangalore. But it’s worth visiting this place. Lepakshi temple is located in Ananth Pura District of Andhra Pradesh it’s about 120 km far from Bangalore.

Lepakshi Temple MandapView
Lepakshi Temple MandapView
PC:Matesh Ramaswamy
Lepakshi Temple stair View for Couple Photoshoot

Temple is known for its cultural and archaeological and texture which gives excellent backgrounds to produce candid pictures.This Temple is collocated with the Veerbhadra Temple is a glorious example of the Vijayanagar style of temple architecture and Kannada inscriptions.

5. Photo shoot at Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

Traveling just 60 odd km away from Bengaluru City will take you to one of the most exquisite and ancient architectural marvel, the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple.

This ancient temple has mind-blowing texture colors which make photos look more vibrant. Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple Photoshoot has become a trend these days.

Bhoga Nadeeswara Temple
Bhoga Nadeeswara temple Kalyani
PC: Shibin Dinesh Photography
Bhoga NAdeeswara temple Kalyani

The main temple buildings (gopuras), the mandapas in front of these gopuras and the pillars on these mandapas all with ornate carvings on them offer you a visual as well as photography delight.

The complexities of the statutes, the geometrical patterns on the walls, the intricate details on the carvings, inscriptions in unknown languages all provides the scenery vibes and great painting illusion backdrop.

There is also a massive temple tank/Kalyani (Shringi Thirtha Pond) which is surrounded by exquisitely carved mandapa gives a pious environment and evidently very picturesque.

6. Photo shoot at Makalidurga Fort

Makalidurga is a perfect location, situated just 60 kilometres on the outskirts of Bangalore. The Fort at the summit has an ancient temple of Shiva with Nandi.

The MAKALIDURGA FORT is on top of the hill which makes the trek even more interesting for the couples who are nature lovers or adventure junkies, what could be better than this trek route.

 Couple PhotoShoot at MakaliDurga Trek
Couple PhotoShoot at MakaliDurga Trek

The lake surrounding it, the railway track passing through the base of the hill which adds a vintage style to your photographs, taking pics while walking and sitting on railway track adds uniqueness to your photographs.

The Makalidurga Fort is on top of the hill which enables one to capture the most beautiful sunset and sunrise from the hill top- all these provide enthusiasm to the adventurous couples and also for photographer’s dream come true.

7. Photo shoot at Lumbini Gardens

Since the Horticulture Department has banned all formal photo shoots within the LalBagh park’s premises, Couples are heading towards Lumbini Park for their Pre-Wedding Photoshoot. Lumbini Gardens is a public park on the banks of the Nagawara Lake in Bangalore.

Another park kind of place in Bangalore with only difference being a huge water body with boats which is easily accessible for such shoots. It contains an eco-friendly boating park with an artificial beach and Golden Pearl Floating restaurant which is a great place for night time photoshoot.

Lumbini Garden
PC: Pixabay
Golden Pearl Floating Restaurant at Lumbini Gardens
Golden Pearl Floating Restaurant at Lumbini Gardens

8. Photoshoot at ShettyHalli Church ( 200 km from Bangalore)

Shettyhalli church is located about 200 km from Bangalore also known as Rossary church is a dilapidated structure on the banks of Hemavathi river. The church was build by French missionaries and a dam was constructed over Hemavathi river.

The ruined structure showcases the marvelous gothic style of architecture of church. People who love landscape pre-wedding photography can extensively use this location to get the vintage look.

shettihalli church
shettihalli church

9. Photo shoot at Nandi Hills (60 Km from Bangalore)

One of the picture-perfect pre-wedding photoshoot location in Bangalore is Nandi Hills. Nandi Hills or Nandi Betta is an ancient hill fortress located in Chikkaballapur district. It is about 60 km away from the city of Bengaluru.

Don’t miss this Place If you are looking for unique photoshoot 4851 ft above sea level with different scenic views at sun rise and sunset which adds glory to your photos, reach this place by 6 am if you want to take stunning pictures during sunrise. This scenic place offers you variety of scenic backdrops for your shoot.

Couple Photoshoot at Nandi Hills
PC:Aashish Photography

Yet another traditionally rich and old place- calm at its core and sober in appearance. Excellent climatic condition, rocks, fort and a range of ancient temples are some of the main attractions of the Nandi Hills. It provides lots of opportunities to get creative couple photos.

However, it is not advisable for conducting a pre-wedding photo shoot on weekends due to high volume of tourists visiting this place at that time of the week.

Some things to keep in mind for great pre-wedding shoot photos:

  • After you have finalized the places for your photo shoot, here are some pointers for you (and your photographer) to consider:
    The results of a pre-wedding shoot really depends on the couple themselves and how completely comfortable they are with each other.
  • Discuss your ideas about the theme, concept, outfits, etc. with your photographer. Do not surprise him with sudden change of plans on the day of the shoot, as he might come prepared with some ideas.
  • Photographers usually have a vibrant imagination when it comes to the final result. Take their professional advice and go with their instinct. It works well most of the times as they take into consideration many aspects like the natural light, the backdrop, colors of your outfits, etc.
  • Keep in mind that some places (especially historical monuments) might require taking a written permission from the authorities in charge.
  • While you should stick to your personality, its always nice to get some outfits in pretty, fluttering dresses which can catch the wind and show movement in a photograph.
  • Visit the location before the actual shoot to get an idea of what to expect.
  • Some places are best visited early in the mornings or late in the evening. Also, Peak day time has harsh sunlight and too many passers by. So, plan your shoot accordingly.

Hope this post helps you to select best photoshoot location to take your candid moments.

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