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Makeup is the Latest Big thing For South Indian Groom

Why should only Brides have all the Makeup on ? Time for Groom’s to share the space too!Here’s why a Groom must go in for a Makeup and what it takes to look like on one’s Special day.

Makeup is the Latest Big Thing for a Groom :

A breathtakingly gorgeous outfit and dazzling shoes are sure the highlights of a Groom’s Wedding day look . All of these can go in vain if not highlighted with a facial makeup. Gone are the days when only Bridal Makeup was in focus, now Groom’s have become more conscious and wish to look equally flawless to match with their better half . A Groom Makeup should not be noticeable yet give that much needed shine and perfect non flashy look. The kind of Makeup and Makeup artist plays a significant role in making the Groom look the best version of himself. TBG Bridal Wedding store promises Best Groom Makeup and has Certified and Well Trained Male Makeup Artists who are specialized in this field. 

Because Men owe their Big Day too :

A Groom definitely deserves this day of his life . He deserves to look good and really confident while walking into this ceremony. A Flawless and spotless makeup is not a job limited to women or celebrities alone, even a common man wants to look good on special occasions and on day to day life. Hence Men these days have become more conscious about their appearance on their wedding day.

What Does a Groom Benefit from a Makeup ?

  1. Picture Perfect Day- Wedding is the most photographed day of our life and you don’t want to look dull, a right amount of makeup can make you look Picture perfect from frame to frame.
  2.  Fit into the Bridal Scene – When a Bride makes an effort to look like a princess , it takes a good Makeup for the Groom to look equally like a Prince.
  3. Perked Up perfect Makeup will give the perfect amount of confidence.
  4. Climax –  Makeup helps highlight the best features like nose , chin and Tee zone, Camouflage dark circles, pigmentation, uneven skin tone , scanty hair , Beard Grooming and fine cover any other blemishes..
  5. Hot off the Press – An Advanced Makeup will make you look fresh and Natural for long hours.

Tips for Groom’s to look perfect on their wedding

1.Skin Care Routine –

Like how the brides take extra effort to keep their skin glowing and flawless for their wedding, the same applies to the groom as well , take your time to get the perfect radiant skin. Don’t you worry , just keep it simple and follow a few simple steps to achieve a healthier skin .

Step 1 – Cleanse your face with a gentle foam or cream

Step  2 – Exfoliate your skin with a scrub twice a week

Step 3 – Moisturize your skin regularly

Step 4 – Use SPF if you are exposed to the sun too often

Step 5 – Get yourself  a good facial massage, Manicure and Pedicure

Step 6 – Right Haircut and Hair care routine 

Consider following all these steps at least 3 months before the wedding, co’z miracles doesn’t happen overnight. If you have any special conditions like , acne, dark pigmented skin, scanty hair or any other, it is better you seek a Dermatologist for their opinion and advice. Today the science and technology has a solution for every problem.

2.Hire an Expert –

While you are on the hunt for choosing the right Male Makeup Artist for your Grooming session , TBG Bridal Wedding store comes to play , helps you choose an expert stylist in the field of makeup and who can simply transform you to a whole new level, making you look like a better version of yourself without much overdo. TBG offers HD as well as Airbrush Makeup for Men depending on their skin texture.

3.Book a Trial Session

One of the first time you get to see how things will really look on your wedding day is during the Trial Makeup Session. You can explore different looks and choose the perfect one for you. A trial session helps the Makeup artists understand your skin texture better and suggest ideas . It is important to book a Trial session with your artist at least 3 months prior to the wedding.

4.Beard or No Beard, Wear it the Right Way

A well Groomed Beard can make a good difference to your overall look. There are a multitude of options when it comes to maintaining a great-looking beard. With the right products and the right techniques for using them, your beard will be a source of pride, confidence, and the envy of many. Work with your Barber and MUA and plan the right Beard which would complement your Wedding Makeup look.

5.Must Have Essentials

As you foresee a long wedding day ahead, be prepared to carry a few essentials which will keep your face fresh for long hours. Do a quick touch-up whenever required. Carry blotted paper, Moisturizer , concealer, Makeup remover and a Refreshing Facial spray to lock your existing makeup.

Groom’s makeup is Most suitable for ?

Well a Groom makeup can be opted by Men for an engagement , wedding , Pre and Post Wedding shoots, Groom squad  or for any other special occasion.

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