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How to Choose Economic Bridal Jewellery and Look Royal on Your Wedding Day

A wedding is generally a larger than life festive affair and a celebration of romantic love and lifelong
companionship. In this day and age; couples put a fair amount of money into their wedding day however
more and more couples understand the importance of a budget friendly wedding. A lifelong
companionship cemented by a wedding extends far beyond the wedding day and a growing number of
couples are well-aware of the importance of money in starting a new life together. Couples choose to
curtail on their wedding expenditures for many reasons and in many ways and quite often the soon to
be bride might be willing to forego expensive wedding jewellery to make a saving that can be put
towards honeymoon expenses, a new marital home or even for a rainy day. A smart bride will often
choose long-term security over a sensational bridal ensemble however it needn’t be so. Choosing
economic bridal jewellery without compromising on a regal look for your wedding day is fairly easy and
this article aims to serve as a guide on how to get this done. Read further to know more.

Consider the Allure of Semi Precious Stone Jewellery
One way to go about saving on your bridal jewellery budget is to consider the allure and aesthetic value
of semi precious stone jewellery instead of being hung up on diamonds, emeralds and rubies. When
combined with a precious metal like gold, semi precious stones substantially reduce the cost of bridal
jewellery without having a negative impact on your bridal look. Gold jewellery with semi precious stones
often has the same aesthetic value as gold jewellery with rubies and emeralds. Listed and detailed
below are few prominent examples of how one can make semi-precious stones work for their bridal

Gold Jhumkis with Semi-Precious Stones

The pair of gold Jhumkis with semi-precious stones in the picture above is a brilliant example how
traditional Indian bridal jewellery needn’t be all about rubies and emeralds. These bridal Jhumkis boast
of a fair share of gold which gives them value while the semi-precious stones ensure that you will be
spending a great deal lesser than you would be spending on bridal gold Jhumkis with stones like rubies
and emeralds.

Budget Earring and Necklace Sets

Buying a complete set of bridal gold jewellery with semi-precious stones may further bring down your
bridal jewellery expenses. The earring and necklace set in the picture above is a brilliant example of the
jewellery combination sets that you should be on the lookout for. Make note of the dazzling semi-
precious stones and beads in this bridal necklace and earring set that has a definitive aesthetic value and
also ensures that you stick to a smart budget while spending on bridal jewellery.

Budget Bridal Choker

This choker necklace is a great example of bridal jewellery to borrow inspiration from when you are
shopping for bridal jewellery with an emphasis on keeping purchase costs low. The agenda is clearly
aesthetic value before the monetary value of precious metal and precious stones bridal jewellery and
this choker clearly stands for the point being made.

Quick Pointers

  • When purchasing budget bridal jewellery opt for widely known jewellery makers who specialize
    in the design, conceptualization and craftsmanship of budget bridal jewellery.
  • Semi-precious stones for bridal jewellery include gemstones fashioned from agate, amber,amethyst, aquamarine, aventurine, chalcedony, chrysocolla, chrysoprase, citrine, garnet, hematite, jade, jasper, jet, kunzite, lapis lazuli, malachite, moonstone, obsidian, onyx, peridot, rhodonite, sunstone, tiger's eye, tanzanite, topaz and turquoise among others.
  • Look out for bridal jewellery pieces with the stones listed above if you are hoping to make a saving on bridal jewellery.

Consider Gold Plated Bridal Jewellery
Gold plated bridal jewellery is a great option when you are looking for traditional Indian bridal jewellery
in gold tones and intend to stick to a smart budget. There is no dearth of excellent options to choose
from when shopping for bridal gold plated jewellery and a saving is guaranteed when compared to
buying pure gold jewellery pieces. Listed below are a few stunning examples of gold plated bridal
jewellery for those with an eye on a budget.

Gold Plated Kundan Bridal Set

This gold plated bridal Kundan set is an excellent example of the aesthetic appeal of gold plated
jewellery and the possibility of acquiring great bridal jewellery pieces even whilst on a budget.
Beautified with tikka stones; this gold-plated Kundan set is an undeniable testament to the fact that
amazing bridal fashion is possible even when you are on a limited bridal jewellery budget.

Contemporary Gold Plated Bridal Necklace

If you are shopping for bridal jewellery on a budget and you aspire for a contemporary bridal look; this
gold plated bridal necklace is an example of how you can achieve this look without straying from your

budget. Kundan craft is truly versatile and here is an excellent example of how it is being used to create
bridal jewellery with a contemporary look and feel.

Gold Plated Bridal Pearl Drop Earrings

This is definitely the icing on the cake in regards to gold plated bridal jewellery that won’t burn in a hole
in your pocket. Contemporary and ultra-feminine; this bridal piece is an excellent example of bridal
jewellery available for a bride on a budget.

Quick Pointers

  • Gold plated bridal jewellery is best purchased from jewellery makers that excel in the design and
    crafting of gold plated jewellery.
  •  Kundan gold plated jewellery is your best option for traditional Indian bridal wear.
  • Gold plated jewellery acquires even more aesthetic value when combined with exquisite semi
    precious stones and crystals.

The Rustic Appeal of Silver Bridal Jewellery
Indian brides aren’t simply limited to expensive gold bridal jewellery and the rustic appeal of silver
jewellery is well worth considering for those on a budget. Silver is far more cost friendly when compared
to gold and this precious metal makes for great bridal jewellery. Listed below are few stunning examples
of cost friendly silver bridal jewellery for the bride on a budget.

Complete Silver Bridal Jewellery Set

This beautiful silver bridal jewellery set is an excellent example of what’s in store for brides on a budget
who are willing to consider the rustic appeal of silver bridal jewellery. Resplendent with precious and
semi-precious stones; this bridal jewellery set is all you need to complete your bridal look on a
reasonable budget.

Multi-Stone Crescent Necklace Set

If you are looking for silver bridal jewellery with an emphasis on contemporary designs for your wedding
day; this crescent multi-stone necklace set provides plenty of inspiration.

Quick Pointers

  • Consult with a reputed jewellery maker about even more options available for you when
    considering silver bridal jewellery.
  •  Combine silver and gold jewellery for aesthetic bridal fashion and cut down on bridal jewellery
  • Silver plated jewellery might cause skin allergies so stick to sterling silver or 925 silver which is
    92.5% pure silver.

In conclusion; it is easy to see that shopping for bridal jewellery on a budget is truly possible and all that
is required; is to look beyond the traditional options of gold, platinum, diamonds and other precious

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