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Why you should Attend TBG’s Saree Draping Workshop?

Although just a single piece of eight yards cloth, saree happens to be the sexiest traditional attire a woman can come in. Sarees come in various fabrics like cotton, silk, chiffon, synthetic, etc. Some sarees come with mixed fabrics, and based on the fabrics the sarees seem heavy or light, and get different textures as well.

TBG Saree Draping Workshops

Draping the eight yards is an art itself. Some are really quick at learning it while others are total mess with sarees. With the TBG Saree Draping Workshop, all you would be South Indian brides can master the art of wearing sarees. Indian women mostly tend to wear sarees more often after their marriage. With the changing fashion trends, many fashionable saree draping ways and techniques have evolved which women are following apart from the usual traditional ways. With the TBG saree draping workshops you get to learn all the traditional as well as latest trends of draping the eight yards.

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Why Do You Need The TBG Saree Draping Workshop?

The TBG saree draping training is specifically designed to help you get a hang of the different types of saree draping styles. You will be taught quick techniques to grasp the different draping looks. The workshop will make sure that you can drape the saree perfect on your own without any help from a third person. You get to know which style suits you according to your body shape and height.

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Important Things You Can Learn in the TBG Sari Draping Workshop

# A thorough training will be given the TBG team, in different fashionable ways of draping different types of sarees from the very beginning till the last pinning; during the draping workshop

# Separate training sessions will be allotted for different types sarees, based on the fabric

# Individual guidance will be given throughout the training period

# The training will include saree draping for different events whether formal, casual or special party events

# The best most important learning you can have from the workshop is the 2 minutes to drape a saree session, which will be really important when you have any occasion to attend post your office hours


Different Types Of Sarees To Be Used In The Training

a) Chiffon
b) Cotton
c) Heavy kanchipuram silk
d) Heavy worked synthetic

The Different Styles That You’ll Be Taught

a) A formal style
b) A casual style
c) A party style
d) Variations of party style

Changing Usual Draping Into The Following Styles

a) Gujjju style
b) Coorgie style
c) Mermaid style-double / triple draping
d) Raj Rajashthani style

Assistance On The Followings To Carry The Saree For Longer Time

a) The border on the hip
b) The upper pleats
c) The lower pleats
d) Adjustments to be done ‘The tunnel technique’

Sarees can make any women looks graceful and ravishing. All she needs to know is the right kind of draping style in accordance to her body shape and height. TBG brings to you a uniquely designed saree draping workshop that will be extremely helpful to women who loves to come in the eight yards.

If you are a saree person who keeps on experimenting with her eight yards look, try out the TBG Saree draping workshop. Put your views, suggestions or queries in the comment section below and let TBG serve you.

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