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Top 10 Stunning Nose Pin Designs for South Indian Brides

Some jewellery comes with a high dose of femininity! Like kamarbandh, anklets and more than anything, the nosepins. The look of any traditional Hindu South Indian bride remains incomplete without a nosepin. But many seem to be scrupulous about getting the right nosepin for themselves.

South Indian brides go apprehensive while choosing nosepins that will suit the shape of their nose and accentuate her facial beauty. So here are some beautiful nosepins which will make you spoiled for choice, for your wedding and reception looks.

10 Nosepin Designs for South Indian Brides

#1 Diamond Studded Nosepin with a tiny Pendant

diamond studded nosepin design
This is a highly exquisite nosepin design as you can see, not very heavy and yet coming with a strong statement for the bride. The design is very simple with small leaves and an extended tiny pendant. This will look good on a bride even with a small nose.

#2 Traditional Beaded Nosepin

Traditional Beaded Nosepin design

This is a beautiful traditional beaded nosepin that adds beauty to a heavily bejewelled South Indian bridal look. Even in case you have not so chiselled nose, this nosepin will work magic for you.

#3 Simple Gold Plated Bridal Ring Nosepin

gold plated nosepin

This simple nosepin is a very common choice among the South Indian brides who do not want to experiment much for their nose accessory and keep it minimal.

#4 Nosepin Having Antique Jewellery Design

Antique Nosepin Design

As you can see this particular nosepin has got a very antique look to itself. So South Indian brides opting for Temple Jewellery or Nakshi Jewellery can opt for this one.

#5 Nosepin Having a Big Loop and a Chain

Nosepin with a Big Loop and Chain[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”564″]

South Indian brides who want to get a bold statement for their nose accessory may get this beautiful nath having a big loop and a beaded chain that ties it to the hair.

#6 Nose pin with Smaller Loop and Beaded Chain Extension

Nosepin with a small chain and loop[media-credit name=”source” link=”” rel=”nofollow” align=”aligncenter” width=”564″]

Look at this beautiful loop and chain nose pin. The loop isn’t that big and fits best for diamond, heart, and oval shaped faces. Actress Anushka Shetty looked stunning in it while playing the role of Devasena in the record breaking movie Bahubali 2- The Conclusion.

#7 Septum Nosepin

Septum Nosepin Design

Check out this beautiful traditional golden septum nose pin flaunted by Devasena (Anushka Shetty) in the blockbuster Telegu movie Bahubali 2-The Conclusion. It’s adding dollops of cuteness to that beautiful face.

#8 Stones Studded Septum Nose pins

Stones Studded Septum Nose pins[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”518″]

Such nosepins are very popular among South Indian women. Beautiful septum nosepins studded with beads, pearls, rubies and emeralds are often found accentuating the traditional and rustic beauty of South Indian brides.

#9 Trendy Mini Nosepin

Trendy Mini Nosepin

South Indian brides who want to add a tinge of latest trend to their bridal look so far nose pins are concerned, may go with this type of nose pins. They are fashionable and you can wear them at any occasion afterwards.

#10 Single Stone Nose pin

Single stone nosepin[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”484″]

This single stone nose pin fits perfect for people who have a small nose or for those who don’t have a sharp nose. This solitaire nose pin makes a statement itself by adding elegance and simplicity to your face.

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