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Something Special – The wedding of Pranali Patil and Tejas Ozarkar

The wedding of Pranali Patil to Tejas Ozarkar on 8th march in Mumbai is the sweet story of two people who were hesitant at first but grew in love as they got to know each other.

‘What I’ve Been Looking For’

“Tejas and I were introduced by mutual family friends, so we first met for lunch and met a few more times after that to get to know each other,’ says Pranali.’ I initially felt that there was very little we had in common and that he seemed a bit uninterested. So I decided that maybe he wasn’t the right person for me. But somehow I felt weird about saying no to him and prayed a lot about it. Finally, I decided we hadn’t communicated properly because it had been almost a year since we had met and we hadn’t made a decision yet. So I called him and spoke to him.

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After that conversation, I figured out that he was a very grounded person, and wanted to make absolutely sure before getting married. He told me that he was looking more for a good mother for his children than for a wife, and for me, that says a lot about a man. I started crying and pacing because I knew that he was the man I was going to marry but I didn’t love him yet!” she laughs.

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“He invited me to his friend’s wedding, and after that evening, we started getting closer. He introduced me to all his friends, and to his niece and nephew, and even told them to call me ‘Kaki’, which made me realise that he had already made up his mind about me too.”


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Fast forward, and Pranali and Tejas decided to get married. “Tejas’ proposal to me was very romantic and straight out of a movie,’ says Pranali. ‘He told me his photographer friend was in town, so we might as well have a photo shoot.

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So I dressed up, and we took some outdoor photos, and then he said he just wanted to say hi to another friend who was visiting, and we went to the hotel where this supposed friend was staying.

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But when we went up to the room, it was empty, and set with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Tejas then got down on one knee with a fancy ring and asked me to marry him!! Then, of course, I said yes, and his friend came back to the room to take some pictures.”

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Planning the Special Day

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Pranali and Tejas had a big fat Indian wedding, surrounded by all their family and friends. Pranali says the challenges she faced were trying to change the venue after the invitation cards had been printed, coordinating with her parents because they had different ideas about the wedding, and staying up at night to keep to Indian time so that she could plan with her family in India.

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“I was especially worried about the quality of the execution of everything on the actual day of the wedding. Finally, my mother told me to relax and that she would take care of everything,” says Pranali. When asked who her strength was while planning her wedding, Pranali answers in a word, “Tejas”.

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To Future Brides

What would Pranali tell future brides? “Don’t stress about the little things – the whole things –the big things are what matter and what needs your attention. Since my parents took care of everything before the wedding, I was able to just think about the important things.”

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Special Moments

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Pranali laughs when asked what her favourite part of the wedding was. “After the wedding- the time between the wedding and the reception, Tejas and I slept for an hour. It was probably the best nap I ever had! Another special moment was during the wedding ceremony when everyone around us was looking for something and asking around frantically, and Tejas and I were talking about something and having our own special moment, oblivious to everything around us.’

So this is the story of Pranali & Tejas. Do you like this story? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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