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A Fairytale Wedding – The Wedding of Binada Hutchaiah and Naveen Ramakrishna

The Wedding of Binada Hutchaiah and Naveen Ramakrishna in Mysore on 21st February 2016, is like a perfect wedding that ends every fairytale. With every element and minute detail planned to perfection, this couple got married in style!

How it all Began…

Binada launches into the story of how she met her husband. ‘Naveen and I met through a mutual friend of our parents,’ she says. ‘Naveen was working in Tokyo. Our parents put us in touch to let us explore to see if our minds met.

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The distance was never an issue for us as we realised, over time, virtual reality gripped us with excitement. As time passed by, our interactions revealed our true selves to each other and we developed a fondness. Later, Naveen flew down to Mysore to meet me for real, for the first time!! I still remember that day vividly.’

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Communicating long distance is a bit of a challenge by itself, leave alone when you have to plan a whole wedding through texts or calls! ‘It became a long-distance relationship, and we had to discuss a lot before finalising the wedding plans,’ says Binada. ‘We had many never-ending Skype calls. Naveen is very choosy and particular about things, so one can imagine how it would be for a wedding!’ she laughs. ‘He doesn’t compromise easily.’

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Planning the Big Day

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The first thing a bride does is to finalise the theme or the colour scheme of the wedding. Binada says, ‘When it came to the outfits and matching the wedding theme, we had to coordinate before we went shopping. He did not have much time for his part of the shopping as he flew down only a fortnight before the D-day and I could not wait until then for my bit of shopping.

I did the sari shopping first and then Naveen tried his best to match it with his outfit. This needed extensive homework on ideas, themes and colour scheme of the wedding. Looking back, I feel so relieved that our planning worked out well’.

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But even the most organised brides have at least a few aspects of the wedding that make them anxious. ‘I was worried about the final output on the actual day of the wedding,’ says Binada. ‘Be it my sari or makeup, and also about how much we could match each other. But I am really grateful to my designer and beautician for making me shine on the D-day! They put in a lot of effort and really helped me look my best!’ she says happily.

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To Future Brides

Binada’s advice to future brides is to make sure that they take clear, well-informed decisions. ‘Dear Bride-to-be, Plan well to shine on your D-day! Go with the present trend. It is important that the couple-to-be works together on each other’s ideas,’ she says. ‘Most importantly, take a trial round of your makeup and dress fitting.’ Also, take suggestions from friends and relatives.

Check out blogs, ratings, and comments for all the bridal services. This will help you take good decisions about the style or theme you want to choose for the wedding too. Take the opinion of your close ones before finalising or opting for any services like photography, mehendi, and so on.’

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Special Memories

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Which parts of her bridal experience and wedding planning do Binada treasure the most? ‘Though this was also a slightly difficult way to plan the wedding, the memories I like the most are our Skype calls, during which we planned a lot!

This included the wedding venue, its final outlook, deciding which photographers to hire, planning the locations, finalising the menu, costumes and poses for the photoshoot, and discussions over honeymoon destinations, all these Skype conversations were so fun!

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I also loved our shopping trips, and my trial rounds with my beautician and the boutique for makeup and outfit fittings respectively. It really was a beautiful wedding and continues to resonate within us forever,’ she says with a smile.

So this is the story of Binada & Naveen. Do you like this story? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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