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6 Mistakes that Occur at Weddings

1. Running out of Food

This is probably one of the most obvious and embarrassing things that could ever happen at a wedding – seeing as how many of us attend weddings just for the food! ; D
It’s imperative to make sure that there’s enough food for everyone and you have reliable caterers.

2. No Vegetarian Food

Another food-related mistake that doesn’t occur that often is when a wedding serving non-vegetarian food forgets to serve vegetarian food for their vegetarian guests. This is more uncommon these days, but when it does happen, it means that some of your guests may leave with empty stomachs.

3. Photography Blunders

There are weddings which are beautiful and grand, but the bridal couple and their families get so caught up organising the wedding that they forget to let the photographer know exactly what kind of a result they’re expecting. This is something that cannot be rectified once the wedding is over and you lose your beautiful memories forever.

4. Makeup Blunders

Brides or their family members who end up trying on their bridal makeup for the first time on their wedding day instead of getting a trial done ahead first sometimes end up with rude surprises of unsuitable makeup which cannot even be rectified because of lack of time before the wedding. This can be emotionally traumatic as you might end up looking worse than normal on the day you want to look your best!

5. Losing Important Things

Everyone knows that there is not a more chaotic day than at the wedding. It’s easy to lose or misplace important elements of the wedding ceremony and end up frantically searching for your earrings at the last minute. This can be avoided by putting together a bag of everything you need at least a week before the wedding.

6. Uncoordinated Communication

Communicating with different vendors delivering different things at different places is very trying. If you don’t want to be on 101 phone calls at the same time, the best thing to do would be to allocate different responsibilities to different family members and friends so that one person doesn’t have to juggle everything.

Did you relate to any of the above or have any funny experiences to share? Let us know!


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