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Top 10 Latest Dramatic Eye Makeup Trends You Would Love At Once

In the last couple of months, there have been drastic changes in the way we used to do eye makeup. The stereotype winged dark black eye liner look is getting tough competition from dramatic colourful liners and dazzling glittery eye shadows. The world of makeup witnessed a lot of new eye makeup trends in a very short span of time. Check out the pictures below and you’ll know what we are talking about.

1. The Ribbon Eye Liner Takes Over Winged or Cat-Eye

eye makeup 1

Millions of models took to the social media to flaunt this beautiful way of applying eye liner. We didn’t really get anything close to this in the recent past. People are moving away from the typical cat-eye or winged look and getting more and more drawn towards this ribbon liner or twisted liner look.

eye makeup 2

This is not some rocket science and anyone can do this. Basically you do the usual wing or cat-eye with the black liner and then, with another liner of different colour; draw serpentine or twisted lines looking like a corkscrew encompassing the black extension.

img source

2. Disconnected Eye Liner Instead Of Neat End Flicks

eye makeup 3

Get an eye liner brush and create this unique eye makeup. Instead of being extra cautious while drawing the end flick here carry an easy flow. You just need to draw lines at the end and over the crease by leaving some space in between. You may choose any colour as you wish to. You can also create your own disconnected patterns as per your wish, there isn’t any stringent pattern.

img source

3. Vibrant and Flashy Shades of Liner

eye makeup 4

Just don’t break the lines with ‘disconnected liner’, also break the stereotype shades used. Forget black and dark brown. Be bold, be vibrant. Try some flashy shades of bright yellow, blue, orange, etc. Choose the seasonal colours from the palette. You may also co-ordinate with the colour of the dress you are wearing.

4. Sleek Floating Lines of Eye liner

eye makeup 5

It’s time to forget the water lines. Add thick coatings of mascara to your lashes and draw fine fines over your creases. You may add a dash of bright eye shadows as well and create a stunning appearance.

img source

5. Dramatic Neon Makeup for Eyes

eye makeup 6

Neon makeup is all over the social media these days. Every single makeup tutorial is coming up with videos talking about neon makeup. This is an absolute fun for all those who love partying and often go for night outs. You may use neon liners for both eyes and lips and create an absolutely stunning and crazy look.

img source

6. Geometric liner

eye makeup 7

Graphic eyeliners give you quite a look bold. It is the best thing to opt for in case you are wearing an outfit in any of the neutral shades, or something with bright coloured prints.

7. Glitter Makeup For A Dazzling Look

eye makeup 8

This trend of glitter makeup is gearing pace more than any other. With the help of a few simple steps you get to attain a dazzling dramatic look. Your eye shadow palette must have shimmery eye shadow and some cream shimmer shades, apart from the usual nude shades. Some loose glitter is a must.

img source

8. Dotted Eyeliner on Lower Lash line

eye makeup 9

Most of the time, we play only with our upper eyelid and leave the lower one with the minimal effect. Apart from a fine lining of kohl or kajal little bit of mascara is what we put on our lower lash line. But this is an old tale now. The dotted eye liner pattern on the lower eyelids has come up as an extremely powerful look. This is highly suitable for the formal or workplace looks.

img source

9. Rainbow Mascara Look

eye makeup 10

This ONE trend is just totally different and uniquely stunning from others. Here you need to use mascara of multiple colours creating a rainbow effect. Get mascaras of two three shades like yellow, orange, pink, blue and green and put them on the lashes of both upper and lower eyelids.

10. Rainbow Eye Shadow Look

eyemakeup 11

You can extend the rainbow effect while applying eye shadows as well. Get a palette of vibrant flashy eye shadows and apply two three shades together, to bring out the rainbow effect. Keep the shades and contrast close going; like yellow-orange-red on the upper eyelid while pink, light blue and green from the inner corner of lower eyelid till the end edge. Or you may also follow the same colour combination on both the lash lines.

img source

So, how do you find these? Whacky, yet enticing? Let us know in the comment section below what you think of these latest quirky makeup trends and if you are willing to try any of them. TBG makeup artist will always help you out to get the perfect makeup look suitable to your skin type and tone. 

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