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TBG is a renowned services aggregator. When it comes to beauty and weddings, there is simply no other aggregator or service provider that can beat us. With tie-ups with countless talented artists, vendors, and service providers across all the categories of beauty- and wedding-related services, TBG has become a hub of great minds in all of South India.

All of our service providers within each category are handpicked after vetting and testing their credentials as well as skills. What’s more, we have an inbuilt technological system that ranks artists and vendors higher or lower depending on their performance – so you only get to choose from the best of the best!

Scroll down below to find not 5, not 10, but a whopping 21 services we have experts for!

Wedding makeup

From bridal makeup to makeup for relatives and friends, TBG has handpicked services for specific scenarios.

Corporate makeup

Everything non-wedding and work-related has to be done a particular way. From the best work look to interview makeup – we can make your first and every impression truly stunning.

Photoshoot & makeup

Makeup specific to photography has to be done in a certain way to bring out the best features. Leave it to professionals at TBG.


Mehendi is a key aspect that many pay less attention to. “Oh, we’ll just get someone locally.” Why compromise when you can get professionalism in the same price?

Nail art

Delicate or complex, detailed or simple – regardless of what you want, our special nail art treatment will have your nails shining.


Some metals are known for normal magnetism, and jewelry is known for its visual magnetism. Be the puller of attention with our quality selection of all types of wedding-related jewelry.

Poo jadai

Subtle yet stunning – Poo jadai is a part of good hair design that can separate a so-so look from a jaw-dropping one. Choose from the best Poo jadai packages here.

Fashion designer

Looking for the right fashion designer? Fret no more. With our experience, you are getting the best fashion designers for your budget regardless of location and requirements.

Prebridal beauty

Weddings begin months before the auspicious day. And our expertly curated prebridal beauty packages help you achieve the best look and prepare in the best way.


Thinking of getting yourself a nutritionist for your wedding woes? Stop thinking and start acting! We cannot stress the improvement a good nutritionist can bring enough.


All types of cosmetology services chosen and negotiated for you. Make use of our expert handpicking and research to get the best services for your budget.

Bridal entry

The entry has to be heroic! TBG’s bridal entry service allows you to transform your wedding into a flick!

Wedding dance choreographer

For all those dancers out there – we understand the importance of practice, but also of a dedicated wedding dance choreographer. After all, no stone can be left unturned.

Wedding photoshoot

Wedding photoshoots have to consider a lot of things. A lot of planning goes into deciding the timings, lighting conditions, place, look, makeup, equipment, and gear. Leave nothing to chance. Get in touch for professional photoshoot today.

Garland designers

Garlands are often underrated for the obvious boost they provide when done right. With our garland design service, your hair will be the center of attraction in any room full of people.

Car decorations

Car decorations are conventionally the most Indian thing about Indian weddings! Choose from the experts, for tradition is best preserved when you go with quality providers.

Entrance decors/banners

Everybody knows they are going to a wedding. But how do you make them feel that they are? The first step is a grand entrance banner or decor. Let us handle the first impression of your wedding!


E-invitations are of many kinds and quite the norm today with the pandemic’s repercussions. Let our professionals have a go and you shall have the most beautiful e-invitation that charms the invitees.

Pandit/Prohit bookings

Booking a pandit or prohit can be a tough task. They are not really a marketed as a competitive professional force. Let TBG handle this for you so you don’t have to stick to the one you know the best, if at all.

Seer thattu/Plate decor

A wedding’s glamor starts to fade come meal time. Hunger makes people enjoy things a little less. Plate decor is what beautifies the food that will energize people. And we have the right talent for that!


Often ignored, perfect and beautiful teeth have the power to enhance your appearance by a lot. We have wedding- and makeup-specific dentists who can do a complete makeover to give you a better smile.

Bride & Groom Premarital Counseling

Self-care, Mindfulness & Energy Therapy Workshop

Zumba for the bride-to-be