Seer Thattu (Plate Décor)

India has a very cultural heritage and unique traditions for every region which has made the Indian culture unparalleled and this is one of the reasons why the rest of the world still looks up to. These traditions have been passed on through multiple generations which helps in bonding people together while creating priceless moments for all. Seer is amongst one such beautiful tradition which is commonly practiced in Tamil Nadu and the best part is there is a seer for each and every occasion we celebrate. Especially when we discuss about seer varisai for the wedding, it involves bride’s side family preparing mouth watering sweets, savouries, fruits and dry fruits and packing them in colorful and designer plates as a part of exchanging presents with the groom’s family. All these decorative plates are displayed in eye-catching array on the stage to showcase the grandeur of the ceremony. So keeping all this in mind, while decorating the plates of seer varisai for wedding, we ensure a rich display of colors which is pleasing and aesthetically mesmerizing to all the guests. The traditional plates are creatively blended with contemporary decor and packaged to create customized seer thattus. These seer thattus add personalized touch to wedding celebrations and redefines traditional opulence thus marking the affluence of the family.

Be it Engagement, Marriage, Valaikappu, Naming or Ear –piercing ceremony, puberty, etc. Seer thattu decoration is an integral part of every celebration. In Indian Wedding , the Seer thattu is  usually laid out in various designs to attract the attention of the guests and usually the names of the bride and the groom are printed on the seer thattu.

Get in touch with TBG’s team of professionals who can serve Seer Varisai thattu and decors depending on the type of the function and based on your requirement and within your budget.

We provide:

  • Wedding Seer Thattu
  • Valaikappu Seer Thattu
  • Engagement Seer Thattu

Prices: ₹3,000 onwards

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