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Refer your Friends to TBG and Earn a TBG Goodie Bag

Hey! Here’s a great opportunity to avail a goodie bag from TBG, by referring TBG to your friends who are getting married!

How to win a TBG Goodie Bag?

1. Introduce your friend who is a bride-to-be to TBG

2. If your friend chooses a TBG service, you get a TBG goodie bag right after her wedding!

3. And what’s more, there are different kinds of goodie bags you can get, depending on the value of the service your friend avails from TBG!

Check out the details below to find out what goodie bag you’ll be getting after successfully recommending TBG to your friend!

Goodie Bag 1: – on availing services less than Rs. 15,000

Goodie Bag 2: – on availing services worth Rs. 15,000 –Rs. 25,000

Goodie Bag 3: – on availing services worth Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 35,000

Goodie Bag 4: – on availing services worth Rs. 35,000+


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