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20 Awe Inspiring Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands

While many associate mehndi art with South East Asia; not many know that henna temporary body art is just as popular in the Middle East and many Arabic countries. There are many cultural similarities between South East Asia and the Middle East and one of them is a shared love for mehndi art.

Similar to countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, women in the Middle East are also adorned with mehndi art during weddings and festivals and the artistry is just as awe-inspiring as what you would expect to see at an Indian or Pakistani wedding or festive occasion. Listed below are 20 examples of Arabic mehndi designs for hands that are sure to awe you. Scroll down for a truly visual treat.

20 Arabic Mehendi Designs for Hands – Choose one for your Wedding

1. Floral Delight

Floral Delight Arabic Mehndi Design

One thing that women around the world seem to have in common is a love for flowers and floral motifs often find their way into women’s fashion. This Arabic tattoo is great example of floral motifs being used in mehndi art wherever this body art form is prominent; be it South East Asia or an Arabic country. imgsrc

2. Wrist Mehndi

Wrist Mehndi Design

This example of Arabic henna designs for hands emphasizes mainly on the wrists and does a brilliant job of beautifying and accentuating the wrist. This henna design features a resplendent peacock.

It is important to take note that the peacock motif is often an important part of Arabic henna art and there is a good chance you might see one or two more examples of Arabic mehndi designs for hands on this list that feature the peacock motif. imgsrc

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3. Lattice Designs

Lattice Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic henna designs for hands rarely depict religious motifs like one would come to expect from Indian mehndi art, however, this henna art features a lattice design that is similar to the architectural accentuations one would see in the windows of a traditional mosque or Islamic place of worship. Art does imitate life and this is a great example of Arabic bridal mehndi designs for full hands imitating Arabic life. imgsrc

Watch the below video of traditional Mehendi design for brides and get to know the latest styles and pattern followed by today’s bride.

4. Arabic Henna Art for The Backhand

Arabic henna Art
Arabic henna Art

Henna art for the backhand is just as popular in the Middle East as it is in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and more often than not; floral motifs dominate. Featured above is a brilliant example of floral motif henna art for the backhand. imgsrc

5. Rose Motifs

Rose Motifs
Rose Motifs

The rose is highly treasured for its sweet perfume in the Arabic culture and rose motifs often find their way into Arabic art. This brilliant example Arabic mehndi designs for hands artfully incorporates the rose motif. imgsrc

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6. Full Hands Arabic Mehndi Design

full_hands_arabic mehendi design
Full Hands Arabic Mehndi Design

The picture above is brilliant example of Arabic bridal mehndi designs for full hands. Note that this mehndi design features both the popular peacock motif and the rarely seen yet beautiful fish motif. imgsrc

7. More Full Hands Henna Designs

Full Hand Mehndi Delight

This is yet another brilliant example of mehndi art for the entire hands. This also doubles up as a stellar example of stellar bridal Arabic mehndi designs for hands. imgsrc

8. Lattice and Leaf Motifs

Lattic and Leaf Motifs
Lattic and Leaf Motifs

If you have visited or seen pictures of some of the world’s most beautiful mosques; this lattice and leaf motif example of Arabic mehndi designs for hands is sure to invoke a sense of Déjà-Vu. imgsrc

9. Finger Henna Art

Finger Henna Art

In parts of the Middle-East henna art is worn like everyday accessories for the hands and this is one example of this henna art trend in which the mehndi designs are limited to the fingers. imgsrc

10. Subtle Mehndi Art

Subtle Mehndi Designs

Like anywhere else; Arabic brides often opt for subtle henna art on their wedding day and this is one brilliant example of subtle bridal Arabic mehndi designs for hands. imgsrc

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11. Mehndi Art with Shimmer

mehendi design with shimmer
Mehndi Design with Shimmer

Like brides anywhere else; Arabic brides prefer a fair amount of wedding bling and this Arabic mehndi design with a hint of shimmer proves the fact. imgsrc

12. Half Palm Designs

Half Palm Designs

One of the newest Arabic henna art trends is the half palm design and the bridal henna art for the hands featured above is a brilliant example of this trend. imgsrc

13. Even More Lattice Motifs

More Lattice Motifs

Bearing in mind that lattice motifs in Arabic mehndi art are extremely delicate and feminine; the urge to include yet another example of lattice motif bridal Arabic mehndi designs for hands could not be resisted. imgsrc

14. Color Contrasting

Color Contrasting
Color Contrasting

This is a brilliant example of color contrasting in Arabic mehndi designs. Make note that while most of the henna has been washed clean and reveals a beautifully stained palm, some areas have highlighted with even more henna to get a deeper contrasting shade. imgsrc

15. Even More Full Hands Arabic Mehndi Art

Full Hands Araabic Mehndi

Arabic mehndi art that covers almost every inch of the hands, right up to the wrists is truly awe-inspiring and this is a brilliant example of the Arabic bridal mehndi trend. imgsrc

16. Contemporary Arabic Floral Mehndi Art

Contemporary Arabic Mehendi Design
Contemporary Arabic Mehndi Design

Many Arabic brides opt for more contemporary mehndi art to go with their contemporary wedding wear and this is a brilliant example of the trend. imgsrc

17. Even More Rose Motifs

Even More Rose Motif

This contemporary Arabic bridal henna art features the traditional rose motif making it the perfect example of modern and traditional fusion bridal fashion. imgsrc

18. Miniature Mehndi Art

Miniature Mehendi Art
Miniature Mehndi Art

Many Arabic mehndi artists show of their artistic skills with miniature mehndi art which when done to perfection is as awe-inspiring as the example of miniature mehndi art featured above. imgsrc

19. A Handful of Awesomeness

A hand full of Awesomeness

Being at a loss for words after seeing this brilliant example of Arabic mehndi designs for hands is quite commonplace. Just gaze at it silently; that’s perfectly okay! imgsrc

20. Dome Motif

Dome Motif
Dome Motif

The dome is a predominantly Arabic architectural feature and is often considered a milestone in architecture. The dome often finds its way into other forms of Arabic art and the mehndi art featured above has a very prominent dome motif. imgsrc

Arabic mehndi art is not just limited to Arabic countries but is a source of inspiration to henna artists all over the world. The next time you decide to get henna art on your hands; show this lineup to your henna artist if you desire a replica of any of the examples listed above or simply wish for henna art with an Arabic theme.

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