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12 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Curly Hair

It’s a common misconception that curly hair is unmanageable and difficult to style however with the advancement in hair products; this is far from the truth. Girls with curly hair are most likely to be anxious about hairstyling for weddings or on their wedding day however stress or anxiety is uncalled for when there is no dearth of great wedding and bridal hairstyles for curly hair.

The aim of this blog is to shed light on this precise subject and present 12 stunning bridal and wedding hairstyles for curly hair geared to meet the styling needs of every curly haired bride or girl at a wedding. Scroll down to see more.

Curly Wedding Hairstyles – Flaunt Your Curls

There are multiple reasons to flaunt your curls at your wedding or at a wedding you are attending. These 12 stunning wedding and bridal hairstyles for curly hair are a few reasons however your biggest takeaway is the opportunity to stand out of the crowd with your naturally gorgeous curls.

1. A Low Bun and a Retro Fringe

Low bun and retro finge

A rather large low bun and a retro fringe is an apt look for curly haired girls at a wedding and can be achieved with some hair product and assistance from a professional stylist. This hairdo works equally well with a wedding gown or ethnic bridal wear hence also making for a great bridal hairstyle. img

2. The Curly Updo

curly updo

Girls with straight or slightly wavy hair generally resort to a curling iron to achieve this hairdo so if you have natural loose curls; it is a bonus. This is a messy take on the standard updo with plenty of loose curls coming undone. This hairdo might require extensions, some hair product and a professional stylist but it is definitely worth the effort. The messy curly updo is a classic among curly hair wedding hairstyles and is bound to stick around for a while. img

3. Long Loose Curls


Girls with naturally curly hair are definitely encouraged to flaunt it and this wedding hairstyle is a great way to do so. A little straightening on the top is required however the rest is your naturally curly hair held in place with a floral pin and let loose to create a spectacular look. This hairstyle is definitely another classic way for brides with curly hair to look their best on their wedding day. img

4. The High Pony


The emphasis here is on taking pride and flaunting your naturally curly hair and this high ponytail is a great way to go about it. The picture above makes it pretty clear that this is not your average ponytail which would be completely inappropriate for a wedding but is, in fact, wedding hair done up in a way that resembles a high ponytail. It is easy to see that achieving this look will require the assistance of a hairstylist but it sure is worth the money you pay. img

5. Braiding


A combination of braiding and partial straightening is all that is needed to achieve this great example of curly hair wedding hairstyles. This hairdo is great for either the bride or curly haired girls attending a wedding. A hair accessory like a small tiara is all that is needed to complete this hairdo. If you possess some hair straightening skills; a hairdresser wouldn’t be required. img

6. French Waterfall Braids

french waterfall braids

If you have shorter curly hair and have few options for a great wedding hairdo; here is one hairstyle for you. French braids are truly versatile and can be done up in multiple ways. French waterfall braids are perfect when attempting to style curly shoulder-length hair. Getting this hairstyle may not require the services of a professional hairdresser; refer to YouTube tutorials for French waterfall braids to get this hairdo done. img

7. Even More Braiding


Braiding provides multiple hairstyling options for girls with curly hair. This stunning braid is one primary example of great wedding hairstyles for curly hair and would most probably demand the professional assistance of a hairdresser. img

8. Curls to One Side


Short curly hair may be limiting when trying to style your hair for a wedding but this is an apt hairstyle; one can always rely on. Simply get your curls to one side with a pin and you are ready to go. img

9. Center Parting for Short Tight Curls

Center Parting for Short Tight CurlsOne sure shot way to get your short tight curls looking fabulous for the next wedding you attend is by opting for a center parting and holding your hair in place with some product. In the picture above; Tyra Banks rocks this hairdo and so can you! img

10. Loose Braiding


If you seek better management for your long curls on your wedding day; this hairstyle will prove to be both gorgeous and nifty. This is an excellent example of bridal hairstyles for curly hair and does not require the expertise of a hairdresser. Additionally; one can add hair jewels for further accentuation. img

11. Grapevine Effect


Fashion and styling is often influenced by natural elements and it’s easy to see the similarities between this hairdo and a grapevine. This is just one of many wedding hairstyles for curly hair; that dispel the notion that curly hair is not great for styling. img

12. Let Em Loose

let_em_looseIf you have loose curls that border on wavy; there is no reason for you to tie, pin or braid them. You can choose to let them loose and be proud of your curly mane. The trick here is to blow out your hair and accentuate with a floral hair pin or tiara that keeps your hair out of your face. img

In conclusion; this blog makes it pretty apparent that there is no overwhelming need to straighten out your naturally curly hair for a wedding you need to attend or your own wedding. You can choose to look like all the other girls or stand out for your gorgeous curly hair.

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