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Best Indian Bun Hairstyles for All Types of Hair

Bun hairstyle is one of the most popular hairdos that never go out of fashion. They are different styles of bun hairstyles which can be perked up in a number of ways. It is extremely versatile and beautiful for all kinds of hairstyles when matched with the perfect outfit like saree. Continue reading this article, to see different kinds of bun hairstyles for long hair, short hair, wedding, flower bun, messy style and many more.

Flower Bun Hairstyle for Wedding

Flowers are an intrinsic part of all Indian weddings. It is no doubt that nobody’s wedding outfit is completed without a string of flower in hair. This modern flower bouquet low bun hairstyle is styled with single themed of colourful flowers without any gajras.

Image courtesy- WittyVows
Image courtesy- WittyVows
Image courtesy- The Royal Affair
Image courtesy- The Royal Affair
Image courtesy-Studio3000DF
Image courtesy-Studio3000DF

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Bun Hairstyle for Long Hair

Girls with long hair are always blessed to style their hair in different ways. Similarly, it is very simple and easy to do bun hairstyle for long hair girls. You do not need any additional buns to emphasize the volume of the bun. You just need to tie the hair with bobby pins and decorate with gajra and flowers. A simple hair puff in front will go well for traditional outfits.

Bun hairstyle for long hair
Image courtesy- Richa Dave
Bun hairstyle for long hair
Image courtesy- makeover by Ramya
Long bun hairstyle
Image courtesy- Pelli poo jadai

Bun Hairstyle for Short Hair

If your hair is short and what to try a bun hairstyle then try in the way portraited in the images. Do a simple front hairdo like one side braiding, or center high puff or simply a side partition and go for a bun hairdo. This will add beauty and volume to your hair. You can simply decorate the bun with jasmine flowers.

bun hairstyle for short hair
Image courtesy- Pinterest
Low bun hairstyle
Image courtesy- Pinterest
Low bun hairstyle for girls
Image courtesy- Pinterest

Jewellery Bun Hairstyle

Why always gajra for bun hairstyles? This time try a different type of jewel for your hairdo. There are different kinds of hair accessories like jhumka, beads types, and many more. Pick the one that best matches your outfit. Adorning flowers with jewellery will give a classic and elegant look.

Bun hairstyle with jewellery
Image courtesy- WittyVows
Jewellery bun hairstyle
Image courtesy- Hair by Sunanda Kumari
Bun hairstyle with jewellery
Image courtesy- Pinterest

Bun Hairstyle Messy

Messy look is the most preferred hairstyle by today’s bride. Sometimes imperfections do look pretty such like this messy bun hairstyles. Instead of going for a perfect hairdo with neat knots, messy looks effortlessly gives an elegant look when decorated with antique gold jewelry or hair accessories.

Messy bun hairstyle
Image courtesy- Image by Vejetha Anand
bun hairstyle Messy
Image courtesy- Makeup by Swank Studio
Bun Hairstyle with messy look
Image courtesy- Image by Vejetha Anand

Chignon Bun Hairstyle

If you are looking for an easy bun hairstyle then chignon bun hairstyle is the best choice. If you have a low volumize hair then you can use a hair donut to give volume to your bun hairstyle. A side bang with perfect chignon bun hairstyle will definitely go well for all gowns and traditional wears.

Chignon bun hairstyles
Image courtesy-
 Chignon Bun hairstyle
Image courtesy- Vickymakeup_mehndi
Chignon bun hairdo
Image courtesy-

Ringlet Bun Hairstyle

Ringlet bun hairdo is one type of bun hairstyles that most commonly preferred by brides for their wedding reception. This gorgeous ringlet hairstyle suits well for saree as well as gown. This hairdo can be accessorized with roses to get a perfect finish. Though this takes some time to the end result will really amaze you.

Ringlet bun hairstyle
Images courtesy-
Bun haistyle with ringlets
Image courtesy-

Bun Hairstyle with Braids

We all know how to braid and how to do bun hairstyles, but have you heard of braids in a bun!yes, you can do braiding in your bun in different styles. There are many ways to frame a braiding style in a bun and you can use beads or jasmine flowers to decorate the braids.

Bun hairstyle easy
Image courtesy- La femme
Low bun hairstyle with braid
Image courtesy- Shades of Shrinkhala
Simple bun hairstyle
Image courtesy- Jonak Photography

Well, here ends my list of different bun hairstyles for different types of hairs and occasion. Hope you all enjoyed reading this article! Comment below your favorite bun hairstyle which you are going to try out this wedding season.

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