Garland Designers

Indian weddings especially South Indian Weddings are incomplete without garlands, especially exchanging garlands being one of the most important rituals and their traditional significance. While some cultures use a single set of Garlands, Majority of the south Indians have a tradition of double garland for their wedding. Whatever may be the tradition, these wedding garlands deserve all the attention since they frame your bridal look on your D-day and to match your wedding outfits.

Well, to begin with earlier garlands were woven with common flowers like lilies, roses, basil leaves and marigold which were readily available with any of the local florist but with the advent of technology and globalization, the perspective of brides towards Garlands too has seen a tremendous shift and thereby many new varieties have sprung which led to high demand for Garland designers. A little creation in addition to new techniques and designs have helped to bring out enormous varieties of garlands, thereby leaving the new era brides spoiling for choices. Above all, customization as per color, size, shape and longevity is easier than ever.

Be a fashionista by availing TBG’s Garland designers where our experts help you design and choose garlands ranging from simple elegant ones to classic colorful designs to match/color coordinate the wedding outfits.

We provide:

  • Engagement and Reception Garlands
  • Rose Petal Garlands
  • Lotus Garlands
  • Traditional Tulsi Leaf South Indian Wedding Garlands

Pricing: ₹3,000 onwards

Picture is for reference purpose only. Credits: WedMeGood