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Top 10 Reasons of Not Having the Desired Weight Loss

There’s one thing common to all the brides across the world. As soon as our wedding date is fixed, we hop into the nearest gym or fitness club to get that much-required weight loss and get a perfect shape for the wedding dress. Your sleep goes up for the toss when you see the needle in the weighing machine isn’t stopping at your desired number, even after doing whatever the gym instructor have been asking you for the last one or two months.

Your pre-wedding fitness regime includes a lot many factors than just your daily workout plans and diet. So all you South Indian brides, have a look at the probable reasons given below, which are might be coming in between you and your desired weight.

Pre-Wedding Fitness Regime for South Indian Brides

1. Mothers and Aunts saying, “Don’t step out. You’ll be tanned!”

exercise in gym

Mothers and aunts of the would-be brides often advise not to step out of the house as they’re worried of getting the sun tan, or even evil eyes; once the wedding date gets fixed. But this will not work for you in case you want to wear a fishtail lehenga for your wedding reception party.

You will definitely, have to, step out of your home and do some physical exercise and burn those extra calories. In case you want to skip the sun and not go out for jogging or running in a park or in open air space, then go to a fitness club or gym and grill yourself in a thorough workout regime. Mix cardio and resistance training or weight training in the regime and follow it daily without a miss.

2. Lifting weights will turn my figure manly!

weight lifting

Get the myths out of you! Doing resistance training like lifting dumbbells, and other forms of weights is equally important as running on treadmills or doing cardio. Doing weight lifting boosts your metabolism and thus you tend to burn the stubborn fat more. You get those much-craved curves as added bonus apart from losing weight.

3. More Hunger for Newly Joined Gym Members

Join gym for weight loss

Talking about the gym, one often feels more hunger just after joining a rigorous workout schedule. That’s quite normal, so don’t panic. You need to keep the energy store of your body full in order to recover from the gym’s hard workouts unless you’ll feel fatigued.

But make sure that you consult your trainer or nutritionist at your gym so that you can maintain the required calories without throwing the results of the workout in vain.

4. Mom pampering you like she won’t see you anymore!


Keep that extra pampering by mom at bay. Make her realise that it’s not like you won’t get to eat at your husband’s place. You need to follow a strict diet and avoid food having excess oil, butter or even clarified butter.

5. Say no to cappuccino even if your fiancé insists!


Avoid meeting your fiancé quite often at coffee shops, for the simple reason you can’t have so much of caffeine in your system. As for tea, switch to the healthy green tea that will actually help to burn your belly fat. Avoid the milky sugary tea as much as possible.

6. Give your incessant ‘getting hitched’ parties a break! Let there be one and for all


If every time you go to invite a friend puts you in a position to throw a party then hold on. You really don’t have to hold individual parties or treats of getting the wedding date fixed. Rather get a grand treat for all the friends. This way you not only keep your wallet warm but also avoid eating the restricted diet multiple times.

7. Street Foods while Wedding Shopping is a Blunder!

Street food

Weddings call for frequent shopping and while doing so you end up gobbling loads and loads of street foods. This not only adds on pounds of fat on you but also harms your health internally which reflects on your dull skin and poor hair. So, better you carry a small tiffin box of fresh fruits or nuts and biscuits as munchies for the hours’ long shopping days.

8. Check for Sugar Content in Health Drinks


It’s good to have healthy drinks like the packaged fruit juices, etc. But always check for the sugar content or added sugar numbers available on the product’s label. This thing can put all your hard work up for a toss. The fruits juices with extra glucose should be avoided.

9. Over Stress or Wedding Jitters


Wedding jitters aren’t just for men. The brides suffer from too much of anxiety, stress or wedding jitters as the marriage date approaches. This takes a toll on their health and might even be a hurdle in getting the desired weight loss. So, just talk it out to your fiancé or best friend and fill yourself with all good and exciting thoughts.

10. You’re eating healthy BUT more than the required amount


It is important that you eat healthy throughout the day. But as mentioned earlier, you can’t afford to overeat and make your daily workouts a failure. Try to monitor the total calorie intake for each day. Get a nutritionist or dietician who’ll help you with this. Also, these days you get various mobile apps to guide you on this.

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