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Why Bridal Diet Plans are not a good practice?

Marriage is one special day in all our lives. We spend months planning our marriage venue, caters, guest list, and many more. In major cases, brides what to stay fit on their wedding day and go for pre-bridal diet plans. More than 80% of Indian brides spend most of their time to take up a wedding diet plan.

But, why? Why you are looking for a fake beauty! Going for a one-month diet plan is no way a healthy practice for your health. There are people who take diets very seriously and go for diet pills, skip their meals, or even make themselves starve for one full day.

If you’re the one looking for a bridal diet plan to lose weight, then here I have listed some of the cautions that may occur due to sudden weight loss.

Change in metabolism rate

Metabolism rate is defined as a set of chemical compounds or reactions present in a living organism that functions to create or break the energy required for a living being. In simple terms, metabolism rate is that which your body burns calories or spread energy.

There are several ways our body metabolism burns the calories like through BMR, everyday activities, and exercises. It is well known that metabolism plays a major loss with body weight. Obesity is not only about the food we intake, but genes do matters. A sudden diet and exercise will reflect greatly in your metabolism rate.

Bridal diet chart
Diet and metabolism rate

Sudden starving, or diet will affect your immune system by damaging the intestinal tract. Instead of avoiding the food, make small changes in your food intake that maintain your BMR level and stay fit.

Nutrient deficiencies may show up in skin

A proper diet should involve equal sharing of all the nutrients in a measured quantity. If you’re cutting particular food products for a longer term then it shows up on your face. Lack of nutrient like iron deficiency ends up skin problems like itchiness, sore tongue, dark circles, and hair loss. And protein deficiency can lead to skin texture changes like scaly looks, rough red skin, and many more. Lack of Vitamin A and Vitamin K can lead to skin color changes and bruising.

Nutrient deficiency and skin problems
Nutrient deficiency and skin problems

While Vitamin B deficiency can lead to red rashes around your lips and gives a sore feeling. To avoid all these face skin problems, take up balanced nutrient food.

Problem with fertility

It is always better to get knowledge about things before taking up. There are both advantages and disadvantages of taking up a one-month wedding diet plans. Though you can lose the quality of weight in a month, there are certain problems that carry for the lifetime.

If a woman as a healthy BMI rate with regular mensuration, then gradual weight loss with proper nutrient will not reflect a great impact on her fertility. At the same time, if too much weight is lost in a short period then it will lead to starvation mode and shutting down the essential nutrients involved in the reproduction of vital functions.

Problem in fertility
Problem in fertility

Going for a gradual, and healthy weight loss will help to improve the fertility of the bride if she is overweight. Make sure that the women as a good BMI rate to avoid negative effects. As low BMI range can lead to irregular or no menstruation and in some cases, it may lead to an inability to get birth to a baby through its effects on ovulation.

Loss of hair fall

When dieting goes crashing then it can end up in negative effects on your body where hair fall is one among them. There are several reasons for a hair fall like stress, lack of sleep, or over emotional but, there are chances to regain the lost hair. It is all about a lack of nutrient deficiency, which tends to results in excess hair loss.

Loss of hairfall
Loss of hair fall

This might look common, but losing hair at the time of your wedding is not a good experience. This can even double your stress level at your marriage days.

Ruin your energy level

Incorporating exercise in your routine will make your metabolism stable and slowly gets adapted to its lifestyle. A proper diet needs all kinds of nutrients in it such as fiber, protein, calcium, etc., so, make sure that your bridal diet chart has balanced and proper nutrients in it.

Diet may ruin your energy
Diet may ruin your energy

To maintain a stable energy level you need to have three main nutrients protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Even, a small imbalance in the nutrient range can ruin your energy level. Being with a low energy on your wedding day is something you will never prefer.

Other cautions of bridal diet plans

In spite, all the medical causes of wedding diet planning, there are other cautions you need to remember before starting a diet. The first and foremost thing is that you will make your self-confidence low that is, you might achieve your desired weight loss for your wedding but later, when seeing your wedding photos, you will think like “I’m too fat now, I can never be as thin as on my wedding day!”. This will definitely put your hope down.

Bridal diet plan
Bridal diet plan

Other than that, it will put pressure on your head, all your focus goes on losing weight before your wedding instead, of having fun. In the chase of running behind false happiness, you will forget to enjoy the real one.

Above all, weight loss is not mandatory for perfect marriage. It is not required that you need to sketch out a perfect figure on your wedding dress. Make your presence beautiful with your real figure with confidence. Don’t hook for a temporary happiness, instead make a practice of regular exercise in your day to day circle to maintain the metabolism. Post the one-month bridal diet plan you may also end up in doubling the original weight. So, carry out a stable and healthy food and exercise throughout your life for a healthier life.

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