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7 Attractive Indian Themed Wedding Cake Designs for Your Big Day

Wedding cakes are no else importance in an Indian wedding ceremonies. A newly weds couple celebrate their marriage by cutting a cake which is quite normal and popular in India. Cake cutting gives a joyfull feel for both the couples and the family. It plays a vital role in all parts of the wedding ceremonies like engagement, reception and many more. So, couples give more importance in choosing their wedding cakes.

Each couple feel that their wedding cake should be special and sole from others wedding cakes. There are different lumps in choosing a cake like flavours, designs, toppings, theme, and decorations.

In this article, I have clubbed some of the mouth watery and tempting wedding cake images and ideas. Add the one of your choice to the wedding list.

1. Royal Wedding Cake

Every groom is a prince and every bride is a princess on their wedding day. This royal red and white flavors of wedding cake designs with layers of tiers will give a royal wedding touch on your special day. The center red tier implies the crown of the prince which is decorated with pearls and white stones. Red roses on the top enhances the beauty of the cake.

Royal wedding cake
Designed by- Soma Sengupta
Royal wedding cake
Designed by- Everylittleshaadithing

2. Peacock Themed Wedding Cake

We always adopt for a theme in all parts of our wedding, similarly if you prefer to go ahead with a themed based wedding cake then you can go for peacock themed. The beautiful shades of peacock feathers will give a colorfull tiers of wedding cake. Have a look at the peacock themed wedding cake images.

Peacock wedding cake
Designed by- AC Ellis
Peacock wedding cake
Designed by-Patrice Shillingford

3. Saree Themed Wedding Cake

The importance of following the tradition is reflected in wedding cakes also! this is another type of  themed wedding cake. Saree plays a vital role in a bride’s wedding diary, so the cake implies the same. The first wedding cake carries a full theme of a South Indian wedding in it. The top layer is designed with the couples traditional dhorti and saree with kalasam above and the bottom tier is decorated with mallipoo designs.

Designed by- karthika shravanth

This wedding cake design implies a hand woven red and gold silk saree placed above green board. which is decorated with gold jewellery and mallipoo. To add beauty to the design the bride and groom photo is placed at the center.

Traditional wedding cake
Designed by-

This is another style of saree themed wedding cake decorations which as a silk saree in the center with gold jewellery like necklace, earrings, and bangles surrounded by. This theme cake can be used for bride welcoming ceremony.

Saree wedding cake
Designed by-K.Js Divine cakes

4. Personalized Couple Idols Wedding Cake

Why dont we go for a couple idol wedding cake to celebrate our own wedding day? there are many wedidnd cake toppers available, but couple idols are something unique especially a South Indian idols. Lets come out of the barbie dolls toppers and try out this interesting toppers to our wedding cakes. If you prefer for a distinctive wedding cake decoration for your wedding then this would be the right choice.

Couple wedding cake
Designed by- Cakesdecor

Celebrating the couples is the primary goal of a wedding cake then why don’t we implement it in the cake as well? Yes, go for a personalized wedding cake toppers for your special day and make it even bigger. There are many different themes of personalized wedding cake designs available, pick the one that best figures out your wedding outfits.

personalized wedding cake
Designed by- photographick

5. Traditional Wedding Cake

Culture and tradition is followed all parts of the wedding, same as in wedding cake. A four tier wedding cake designed in the theme of the prince crown in the bottom and princess saree on the top layer. This implies that the groom promises his bride to carry her in his shoulder forever. The top tier of the cake is designed with kalasam and impression of the couple hands holding together. A single cake carries many promises and story in it.

South Indian wedding cake
Designed by- cakesdecor

6. Generous Elephant cake

Elephant are always considered to be a sign of royalty. Generally, prince comes in a giant decorated elephant to marry the princess. So, why don’t we imply that in the wedding cake to resemble a royal marriage touch. A cusions of beds with elephant on the top and three tiers of elephant carrying the bride and the groom will really give you a royal and eyecatchy cake for your wedding.

Wedding cake toppers
Designed by- Tiers of happiness
South Indian wedding cake
Designed by- Aakash Gaikwad

7. Simple printed tier cake

If you prefer to stay simple yet a stunning wedding cake then you can go with this printed style cake design. The layers of the cake is given a matt finish to highlight the beauty of the golden prints.

Wedding cake designs
Designed by- Cakesdecor

There are different printing styles and patterns available, you can choose the best design of your wish. You can go for a parrot caged themed printed wedding cake design.

Wedding cake decorations
Designed by- Beth

These are the top 7 trending wedding cake designs which you need to try out for your wedding ceremonies. Hope, you enjoyed reading this article, comment below the cake design you liked in the comment box.

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