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Latest Fashion Trends to Follow in 2018

Fashion trends are subjective to time and as months and sometimes even weeks pass by; a trend ceases to be as followed as it initially was. Often time’s trends last a whole season and some even continue to be relevant from one year to the next.

Keeping track of fashion trends is important if you wish to look relevant at all times and this blog post aims to enlighten the reader on the latest fashion trends that are relevant among Indian men and women at the moment.

The trends detailed below are subjective to Indian and western clothing and while some trends apply to both ethnic and western wear; others don’t. Also, be careful to adopt trends based on personal comfort and body type as the only trend that never fades is confidence and feeling comfortable in the clothes you wear. Read further to know more.

Latest Fashion Trends in India – Follow these Trends in 2018

1. Pastel Shades

pastel shades

Winter is short in India and we will be soon approaching the end of winter; moving into a short spring season, followed by a long summer. Pastel shades are one trend that is all set to dominate in 2018 and is already making a widespread appearance.

A wide range of outfits in pastel shades for both men and women is the latest fashion trend of 2018. So, whether it is an ethnic sari or western jumpsuit for women, or a western blazer or ethnic kurta for men; you are bound to notice the growing popularity of pastel shades.

Fashion experts are predicting that lavender is probably going to be the new pink of 2018, which is your cue to purchase an exquisite lavender sari like one shown above or a fine lavender men’s dress shirt. img

2. Prints, Prints and Even More Prints

prints and prints

The trend of overwhelming prints is going strong and all set to retain its popularity in 2018. The trend of prints at the moment make it quite clear that the sky is the limit in terms of what prints one can wear, so while the traditional floral prints, geometric patterns and ethnic motifs are seeing a resurgence; wild prints, animal prints and even cartoonish art will find is finding its way onto both men and women’s garments.

It should be noted that prints will not be limited to street fashion but you are also bound to come across printed blazers for women and ethnic printed or embossed bandhgalas and Nehru jackets for men. We can also safely predict that prints are going to stick around for a while. Hence; you can safely invest in stylish printed clothing items. img

3. Athleisure Wear

Athleisure wear

Athleisure fashion is big at the moment and will continue to be so in 2018. While the trend of wearing sporty gym clothes to movie dates and to the mall may not catch on with everyone; the prominence of this trend is already quite visible.

Yoga pants, sports tees and track pants are already flooding the wardrobes of a younger Indian demographic and this comfort-oriented trend is bound to stick around for a while. img

4. Palazzo Pants and other Variations of Wide Legged Trousers for Women

Palazzo Pants and other Variations of Wide Legged Trousers for Women

It’s not the time to get sick of palazzo trousers just yet! If you think you have had enough of wide legged trousers in 2017; that’s unfortunate, as this trend is just as popular right now in 2018. It’s probable that this trend will stick around for a while owing to the comfort of wide-legged trousers; especially in the Indian climatic conditions. img

5. Beret Hats

beret hats

Beret Hats are a seasonal trend and make an appearance almost every other winter. This winter, beret hats are trending in a big way among Indian women and the trend is bound to stick around until the end of the colder months. As always, these hats are selling in a wide range of materials like the average fabric plaid beret or the exquisite leather beret hat featured above. img

6. Gelato Hues


Fun and youthful vibrancy is the color story going strong right now which is why gelato hues are trending in a big way. We quite confidently predict that colors like buttercup yellow, pistachio, blush pink, ice blue, aquamarine and lilac among others will continue to trend in 2018 as they are right now.

Gelato colors is and will primarily apply to western fashion in 2018; so we are bound to see a lot of “Petty Young Things” looking younger and even prettier in tops, trousers, skirts and dresses in gelato hues. img

7. Customized Denim

customized denim

Denim have been around for a while and though it is hardly close to losing its status as popular street fashion; 2017 and even 2018 is seeing a preference for customized denim. We can only explain this by saying fashion is always about putting a new twist on regular clothes. Expect to see pop art featured on denim, customized silhouettes, flairs and pleats. img

8. Flower Power

flower powerFloral prints, embroidery and embossing have always been big in India but we are currently experiencing a flower power phase with a unique twist. Floral motifs are finding their way onto men’s shirts, shoes, women’s handbags and even denim. This trend has been around for almost all of 2017 and is going strong even now in 2018. It’s safe to say that no one is complaining. img

9. Oversize Fashion

oversize fashion

Wearing clothes that were a few sizes too big was a big trend in the 2000’s and is currently making a comeback in 2018. Some of us are grateful for the trend of comfortable clothing that hides the extra pounds while some are not but one way or the other; this trend is here and will stay for a while.

Oversize tee shirts, oversized cardigans, large bulky ponchos, free-flowing dresses and wide-legged trousers for women are trends we are already seeing in 2018. img

10. Distressed Look

distressed look

Fortunately looking like a partial hobo is trending at the moment; making enough room for that old denim and tees that have been gathering dust in our closet. Distressed jeans, sweaters, tees and cardis are currently trending and apparently torn is fashion gold on the streets.

The emphasis is on “on the streets”; which means that this trend is strictly limited to street fashion. Be aware that ideally only one item of clothing is allowed to be torn or ripped to avoid looking like a complete hobo and attracting loose change from people you come across on the street. img

In conclusion; this blogs effectively lists all the current trends with some predictions for the rest of the year. As mentioned before fashion is subject to time so one should ideally check in every few months to see what continues to trend and what ceases to.

Additionally; fashion is also subject to individual body types, personal preferences and personal comfort. One can pick and choose from any of these trends to make them their own or look elsewhere for inspiration. While investing money in trending fashions; don’t forget to buy some classic clothing items that never go out of style to ensure that you are ready to step out of the house in style even if you haven’t been shopping in a while.

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