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Interesting Nail Art Designs all Girls must try out

Modern girls give more importance to all kinds of makeover stuff, similarly nail arts are also an important part. There are many maintenance stuff like nail shaper, nail trimmers, and special manicures to maintain your nails. Later, this care and importance to nails as developed to applying different weird colors. Now, this as reached the level of designing the nails. Nail designing or nail art shows the creativity of a person.

Now, Nail art is playing a vital role in a modern girls life. There are different kinds of nail art kits available in the market. Which girls purchase and try it out on their own. Generally, girls like to match their nail shades with their outfit and gives more preference to it. This craze towards nail polish has developed to nail arts and designs. We all would have tried hard to get a perfect nail art on our own. But, most of us would have failed in it.

In this article, you are going to see some of the trending winter nail art designs simple and easy styles. Which you could try out this winter season and create a perfect nail art design on your own.

Winter Blue

Winter and blue are always the best couple. There are different shades of blue and you can pick the one that best suits your outfit. One of the trending colors is metallic blue which matches perfectly for this winter season. Some of the other variants of blue color are midnight blue, cobalt blue and the very famous turquoise blue color also suits well for this snowfall winter season.

Winter blue
Winter blue

Matte nail art

Matte finish nail polish is a new style of nail polish. But we all will be aware of the nude french nail polish and would have tried at least once. We can enhance this manicure with snow like effect giving it a winter touch in it. The textural matte nail art will give you the real winter vibe with a unique design on your nail. There are different shades of matte finish nail colors you can choose one of your choices. If you are a person who does not like weird colors then you can go with this nude French art design nail art. This will be the best nail art design for bridal photo shoots and wedding ceremonies.

Matte nail art
Matte finish nail art

Floral touch

Flowers are an important part of the winter season, so sync it with your nail shades for a perfect winter shade look. There are different types of floral designs even there are nail art designs for short nails, you can try out the one that best suits you. For a perfect floral nail design, a burgundy color will be the best choice to enhance the floral design in the nail. Look for a matte finished burgundy aks wine nail polish with white shaded floral designs on the nail. Contrast color of the shade will enhance the beauty of both the nail color and the flower design in it.

Floral nail art
Burgundy floral nail art

Shiny matte finish

This kind of nail art is preferred by most of the young girls. This is a combination of two different styles. Combining two trending design in one is the highlight of this design. Fuse the metallic and reverse french in the same color and apply it over matte nails. This will give an awesome look for the winter festivals. You can try this fusion with any of these colors like silver, blue, white, turquoise and burgundy shades as it will give you a perfect fusion.

Shiny matte nail art
Shiny matte nail art

Silver mirror look

Weird colors are the most trending nail shades among young girls. One such weird color is silver. You can enhance this silver shade with mirror works or gota and give it a silver mirror or transparent look. This will definitely give you a different look with a glamorous finish.

Silver mirror nail art
Silver mirror nail art

There are different price ranges of nail art kits available in the market, you can practice this designs for twice and achieve this on regular practice. Try out this five interesting nail art design easily for this winter season and give us your feedback in the comment box.  

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