Change is the only constant’ is what most of us believe in and it is unquestionably true as well. There were these good olden days when both the families used to sit down for long hours and finalize the traditional printed wedding cards, which were a must to invite guests to a wedding. Though the designs used to vary, the content used to remain the same more or less. And then, we have simple and DIY digital invites that were meant for just friends and colleagues which can be mailed easily to the invitees and can save a lot of time and money. During the pandemic, they are no longer an additional invite along with the main physical invite. Post pandemic, instead of traditional wedding cards, these customized digital wedding invites are preferred for everyone. Digital invites with unique content like story descriptions, quirky doodles and fun illustrations have been gaining in popularity in Indian weddings for some time. Putting the advanced technology to use, many couples are now interested in narrating a story like how they met or about their wedding destination etc., all these led to need for the digital illustrators who can create the desired content in the couple’s budget

The latest fad turns out to be digital invitations for weddings where the bride and groom opt for Video invitation and E-invites rather than the traditional cards.

Want your E-invitations with a personal touch/ fun words? Want video invitations designed for your wedding to impress your guests with beautiful animated experience, then do reach out TBG’s team of professionals who can design and create your wedding e-invites according to your taste and requirements and at reasonable rates.

Prices: ₹3,000 onwards