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10 Handpicked Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding photography justifiably deserves the importance it gets. A wedding is a once in a lifetime affair and in most countries; it’s a social celebration like no other. Weddings signify new beginnings and they are familial and social announcements of a lifelong partnership of a personal and intimate nature; these are just a few of many reasons why weddings are documented and recorded for posterity in snapshots and photographs. Weddings are also wholehearted displays of familial and romantic affections and as such; missing the opportunity to take pictures and create memories for a lifetime is unheard of.

All of the statements made above support the need for wedding photography and more and more soon to be wedded couples are on the lookout for wedding photography themes and ideas to give their family album that unique touch. Listed below are multiple wedding photography concepts with an emphasis on Indian wedding photography ideas that make for a must read for soon to be wed Indian couples.

10 Wedding Photography Ideas

The 10 wedding photoshoot ideas detailed below could very well serve as reference points for your very own unique wedding photoshoot or one could simply replicate them as they are. The options are endless but the agenda is the same; to capture the joyous occasion of an Indian wedding at its photographic best.

1. Bridal Beauty


The bride is the central protagonist of the big fat Indian wedding and no wedding album is complete without pictures of the bride in all her bridal finery. This is perhaps a basic example of wedding photography ideas and conceptualization but a wedding photographer who is worth his or her weight in gold; will efficiently capture mesmerizing bridal snapshots like the one above.img

2.Band of Brothers


Familial ties are a central feature of any Indian wedding and the bond between a bride and her brothers is a relationship like no other. The picture above is an excellent example of wedding photoshoot ideas that effectively captures the bond between the bride and her brothers which is reflective of fraternity, protection and a fair dose of humor. Such snapshots add a fun element to your wedding album that cannot be done without.img

3.Your Cover Photo


Whether it’s for social media or a physical wedding album; a great cover photo is in much demand. One of the best wedding photography ideas for a cover photo is to add a hint of mystery. This brilliant close-up shot of the bride and groom holding hands with an emphasis on all the wedding finery is a great example of a cover photo that peaks interest.img

4.Your Gang of Girls/Guys


Just like anywhere else; friends play an important role in an Indian wedding and they should very well find a place in your wedding photoshoot. The picture above is indicative of a fun moment shared between the bride and her friends but such pictures shouldn’t just be limited to the bride. The groom is encouraged to pose for a group picture with his friends too; with an emphasis on flaunting their fun side collectively.img

5.Flaunt Your Fun Side


Marriage is bound to have its fair share of fun moments for both bride and groom and it all starts with the wedding itself. Have your photographer capture snapshots of the lighter moments you share as a couple and take your cue from the picture above. This picture is an excellent example of fun and creative wedding photography ideas that allow the bride and groom to explore their humorous side.img

6.Capture Intimate Moments


Overall; a wedding is a celebration of romantic love and companionship which is why your wedding album should have a fair share of romantic moments shared between your partner and yourself. The frame should be devoid of anyone else but you two as you are the protagonists of this love story. This is an integral example of wedding photography ideas and concepts that need to be captured in photographs.img

7.The Bride and Her Mother (10)

A mother has an integral role in the upbringing of a daughter and marriage is a happy culmination of sorts for this special role. A wedding is bound to have special bittersweet moments between the bride and her mother and if you are not capturing these moments on camera; your fairytale wedding picture book is rather incomplete. The picture above is an excellent example of Indian wedding photography ideas that emphasize on the special relationship between the bride and her mother.img

8.Ceremonial Snapshots


The rituals and ceremonies involved in an Indian wedding are undeniably fascinating. These rituals are often an extravagant display of colors which is why they make for excellent pictures in your wedding album. The picture above is an excellent example of the point being made; we see the silhouette of the bride in all her wedding finery; juxtaposed with the beautiful decoration of the ceremonial mandap.img

9.Highlight The Décor


It’s quite probable that you would spend a ton of money on your wedding venue decorations which is one reason why to highlight the decorations with wedding photography. One brilliant example of Indian wedding photoshoot ideas would be for the bride and the groom to pose for pictures under a canopy of lights and baubles as indicated in the picture above.img

10.The Grand Culmination


The wedding reception is the grand culmination of your journey on the road to becoming husband and wife, and it deserves a special snapshot that captures the pair of you as Mr. and Mrs.; the picture above is an excellent example of the point being made. img

In conclusion; it is important to note that all of the ideas listed and detailed above require minimum set-up and effort and can be captured in the natural wedding environment. All one would need is the services of an excellent wedding photographer who can effectively capture the best snapshots and then take them to the editing table; resulting in an awe-inspiring album of wedding photos.

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Different Types of People you can see at a South Indian Wedding

1. The Bride’s/ Groom’s Parents

They are usually seen walking around the mandapam frantically, either greeting people hurriedly or talking on the phone about arrangements.

2.  The Mama

These uncles usually accompany the father of the bride/groom looking important, and call out orders to the caterers during meal times.

3. The Athai

These aunties are dressed the grandest of all, and are seen in groups matchmaking between the single youngsters when they are not ‘helping’ the bride dress up.

4. The Bridesmaids

Either the sisters, cousins or friends of the bride/groom, these young women are usually dressed in the latest trends and are seen near the bride, adjusting her dress or hair or helping in collecting the gifts, when they’re not busy taking selfies 101.

5. The Groomsmen

The brothers/ cousins or friends of the groom, these are the characters of the wedding who perform dances and try to seem popular, roaming around the mandapam and talking to as many people as possible.

6. The Kids

They’re seen running around the mandapam playing, or rather, playing games on their parents’ phone, given to them to keep them quiet.

7. The Photographer

This person earns the irritation of most of the guests by blocking the view of the wedding ceremony with his camera or taking videos of people as they’re eating. They are also responsible for making the bride and groom do cheesy poses during the photoshoot.

8. The Caterers

Easily the most loved group of people during the wedding. It is for their delicious kalyana sambar and 20 side dishes and laddoo, jelabi and murukku that most guests attend the wedding. It is only until the caterers serve the food that all the above-mentioned characters perform their respective duties. Once the food is served, the real attraction of the wedding begins.

cover image source

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Bella Notte – The wedding of Sameera and Pramod

The wedding of Sameera and Pramod on August 6th in Hyderabad had a magical atmosphere as family and friends blessed their union.

First Impressions

Sameera and Pramod were introduced to each other by a family friend. ‘Our parents didn’t put any pressure on us,’ says Sameera, ‘and Pramod was my very first suitor (though I wasn’t his first!:D) so I wasn’t in any hurry to get married. When I saw his picture for the first time, it was a Linkedin profile picture in which he looked very nerdy, and seeing that he had a Ph. D and was probably extremely studious, I decided that there was no way I would marry him.

south indian couple

So the first time we spoke, I thought the conversation would last for about ten minutes, but we ended up speaking for around two hours, and my negative impression was broken. Our first meeting was in my Uncles’ house where they arranged a formal ‘bride seeing ceremony’. But it was too crowded with relatives and we did not get to spend time together.

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The Question

south indian bride

So the next weekend, he drove down to New York to meet me and we had a great time trying out different food and visiting places. When we spoke the next week, he proposed to me, but it came as such a surprise to me that I went blank and hung up!’, she laughs. ‘But I called him back after a couple of hours and explained that I was just a bit taken aback, and I also said yes. I realised that he was the sort of person who wouldn’t pressurise me and would respect my independence and space.”

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The Wedding

As for the wedding planning, the couple’s parents took care of the arrangements for the whole event since both the bride and groom were in the U.S. ‘The only shopping I did after reaching India was to select my saris. As relaxing as it was, I was partly disappointed because I wanted to be more involved in my wedding preparations,’ says Sameera.

souuth indian wedding couple

Was there anything else that bothered Sameera before the wedding? ‘The three months before my wedding, I was a bit anxious and worried about getting married,’ she says, ‘but my mom was my constant support and strength. She kept me calm at all times and whenever I was apprehensive she comforted me.’

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To Future Brides

What Sameera would like to tell future brides is to relax and not worry too much. ‘If you’ve already decided to go ahead with the marriage, it’s best that you have no doubts, just keep calm and trust your partner. Everything will be fine. Glitches might happen, but that’s okay, take it with a pinch of salt.’

Little Treasures

south indian wedding

When it comes to her favourite moments from her wedding, Sameera remembers the day before with more fondness. ‘The day before the wedding, Pramod and his family came to our house for dinner, all dressed up. This was the first time it was a meeting between just our two families. It was a really special night. I liked showing him my room and the place where I had grown up. That night had a very romantic air to it,’ she smiles.

So this is the story of Sameera and Pramod. Do you like this story? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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A Fairytale Wedding – The Wedding of Binada Hutchaiah and Naveen Ramakrishna

The Wedding of Binada Hutchaiah and Naveen Ramakrishna in Mysore on 21st February 2016, is like a perfect wedding that ends every fairytale. With every element and minute detail planned to perfection, this couple got married in style!

How it all Began…

Binada launches into the story of how she met her husband. ‘Naveen and I met through a mutual friend of our parents,’ she says. ‘Naveen was working in Tokyo. Our parents put us in touch to let us explore to see if our minds met.

wedding stories 2

The distance was never an issue for us as we realised, over time, virtual reality gripped us with excitement. As time passed by, our interactions revealed our true selves to each other and we developed a fondness. Later, Naveen flew down to Mysore to meet me for real, for the first time!! I still remember that day vividly.’

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Communicating long distance is a bit of a challenge by itself, leave alone when you have to plan a whole wedding through texts or calls! ‘It became a long-distance relationship, and we had to discuss a lot before finalising the wedding plans,’ says Binada. ‘We had many never-ending Skype calls. Naveen is very choosy and particular about things, so one can imagine how it would be for a wedding!’ she laughs. ‘He doesn’t compromise easily.’

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Planning the Big Day

wedding pic 4

The first thing a bride does is to finalise the theme or the colour scheme of the wedding. Binada says, ‘When it came to the outfits and matching the wedding theme, we had to coordinate before we went shopping. He did not have much time for his part of the shopping as he flew down only a fortnight before the D-day and I could not wait until then for my bit of shopping.

I did the sari shopping first and then Naveen tried his best to match it with his outfit. This needed extensive homework on ideas, themes and colour scheme of the wedding. Looking back, I feel so relieved that our planning worked out well’.

tbg wedding stories

But even the most organised brides have at least a few aspects of the wedding that make them anxious. ‘I was worried about the final output on the actual day of the wedding,’ says Binada. ‘Be it my sari or makeup, and also about how much we could match each other. But I am really grateful to my designer and beautician for making me shine on the D-day! They put in a lot of effort and really helped me look my best!’ she says happily.

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To Future Brides

Binada’s advice to future brides is to make sure that they take clear, well-informed decisions. ‘Dear Bride-to-be, Plan well to shine on your D-day! Go with the present trend. It is important that the couple-to-be works together on each other’s ideas,’ she says. ‘Most importantly, take a trial round of your makeup and dress fitting.’ Also, take suggestions from friends and relatives.

Check out blogs, ratings, and comments for all the bridal services. This will help you take good decisions about the style or theme you want to choose for the wedding too. Take the opinion of your close ones before finalising or opting for any services like photography, mehendi, and so on.’

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Special Memories

wedding story pic 1

Which parts of her bridal experience and wedding planning do Binada treasure the most? ‘Though this was also a slightly difficult way to plan the wedding, the memories I like the most are our Skype calls, during which we planned a lot!

This included the wedding venue, its final outlook, deciding which photographers to hire, planning the locations, finalising the menu, costumes and poses for the photoshoot, and discussions over honeymoon destinations, all these Skype conversations were so fun!

wedding pic 6

I also loved our shopping trips, and my trial rounds with my beautician and the boutique for makeup and outfit fittings respectively. It really was a beautiful wedding and continues to resonate within us forever,’ she says with a smile.

So this is the story of Binada & Naveen. Do you like this story? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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Something Special – The wedding of Pranali Patil and Tejas Ozarkar

The wedding of Pranali Patil to Tejas Ozarkar on 8th march in Mumbai is the sweet story of two people who were hesitant at first but grew in love as they got to know each other.

‘What I’ve Been Looking For’

“Tejas and I were introduced by mutual family friends, so we first met for lunch and met a few more times after that to get to know each other,’ says Pranali.’ I initially felt that there was very little we had in common and that he seemed a bit uninterested. So I decided that maybe he wasn’t the right person for me. But somehow I felt weird about saying no to him and prayed a lot about it. Finally, I decided we hadn’t communicated properly because it had been almost a year since we had met and we hadn’t made a decision yet. So I called him and spoke to him.

wedding story pic 3

After that conversation, I figured out that he was a very grounded person, and wanted to make absolutely sure before getting married. He told me that he was looking more for a good mother for his children than for a wife, and for me, that says a lot about a man. I started crying and pacing because I knew that he was the man I was going to marry but I didn’t love him yet!” she laughs.

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“He invited me to his friend’s wedding, and after that evening, we started getting closer. He introduced me to all his friends, and to his niece and nephew, and even told them to call me ‘Kaki’, which made me realise that he had already made up his mind about me too.”


wedding story 2

Fast forward, and Pranali and Tejas decided to get married. “Tejas’ proposal to me was very romantic and straight out of a movie,’ says Pranali. ‘He told me his photographer friend was in town, so we might as well have a photo shoot.

wedding story pic 5

So I dressed up, and we took some outdoor photos, and then he said he just wanted to say hi to another friend who was visiting, and we went to the hotel where this supposed friend was staying.

wedding story image 4

But when we went up to the room, it was empty, and set with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Tejas then got down on one knee with a fancy ring and asked me to marry him!! Then, of course, I said yes, and his friend came back to the room to take some pictures.”

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wedding story image 6

Planning the Special Day

wedding story 9

Pranali and Tejas had a big fat Indian wedding, surrounded by all their family and friends. Pranali says the challenges she faced were trying to change the venue after the invitation cards had been printed, coordinating with her parents because they had different ideas about the wedding, and staying up at night to keep to Indian time so that she could plan with her family in India.

wedding pic 7

“I was especially worried about the quality of the execution of everything on the actual day of the wedding. Finally, my mother told me to relax and that she would take care of everything,” says Pranali. When asked who her strength was while planning her wedding, Pranali answers in a word, “Tejas”.

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wedding pic 8

To Future Brides

What would Pranali tell future brides? “Don’t stress about the little things – the whole things –the big things are what matter and what needs your attention. Since my parents took care of everything before the wedding, I was able to just think about the important things.”

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Special Moments

wedding story image 1

Pranali laughs when asked what her favourite part of the wedding was. “After the wedding- the time between the wedding and the reception, Tejas and I slept for an hour. It was probably the best nap I ever had! Another special moment was during the wedding ceremony when everyone around us was looking for something and asking around frantically, and Tejas and I were talking about something and having our own special moment, oblivious to everything around us.’

So this is the story of Pranali & Tejas. Do you like this story? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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Painting a Dream – The Wedding of Preeti Hannah Daniel and Nithin George John

The wedding of Preeti Hannah Daniel to Nithin George John on the 5th of August, 2013, in Chennai, is the dreamy story of the coming together of a couple meant for each other.

An Enchanting Encounter

‘Nithin and I were introduced to each other by one of our mutual friends, about a year before we got married, (although we were already acquaintances),’ says Preeti.  ‘He was in the U.S. then, so we spoke on the phone every day, The first time we spoke, I was at a concert with my family, so there was romantic music playing in the background, and the ambience was beautifully lit.

Image 2

I remember being very impressed with his voice,’ she admits. ‘Coincidentally, the name of the song that was playing in the background when we were talking was ‘Let’s fall in love’! What with the magical atmosphere of the night, thinking of it now, it was an enchanting evening!’

‘Soon we got to know each other and started considering the idea of marriage. He even composed a piece of music for me, and titled it Painting a Dream!’ says Preeti.

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Wedding Preparations

So was it a smooth or a bumpy ride going about with organising the wedding? ‘There were quite a few challenges when it came to coordinating with the church authorities and working around their rules to organise the reception the way we had planned since we wanted to have the reception too in the church grounds,’ says Preeti.  ‘And getting the decorators to work with the light and sound system contractor was a bit difficult.

I wanted a different stage from what the church already had, and I didn’t want the decoration to look too fabricated but wanted a more natural, DIY look. So getting all that together was a challenging task. I’m one of those people who feels the need to oversee every detail to make sure it’s perfect, even though there were so many people around to help, so handling everything together was a bit difficult.’

Image 3

But it seems like these weren’t her main concerns. ‘The major thing I was worried about was the weather since we had an outdoor reception. We had to hope and pray that it wouldn’t rain, ’says Preeti. ‘And of course, I was worried about the fact that I was getting married itself.

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So, in a way, I think I kept myself busy with wedding preparations as a numbing factor to the reality that I was getting married and pretend to myself that I didn’t have cold feet. But as it turned out, it didn’t rain, the decoration and the outfits of the bridal entourage turned out beautifully, and the relationship I entered with cold feet turned out to be warm and rosy,” she smiles.

Image 4

Every bride has their own support system to lean on when things go awry. For Preeti, it was her family and friends who stood by her during the stressful months of wedding planning and were there to advise her. ‘They were silent supporters and hard workers.

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My friends stayed over at my house a few nights and helped me out with all the wedding arrangements.  And Nithin too was extremely supportive. He didn’t discourage or dismiss my ideas when many others did. He just asked me to plan it the way I wanted and to go ahead with the preparations. ‘

Image 5

To Future Brides

What word of experience would Preeti like to pass on to future brides? ‘The one I would stress on is to delegate the work to people around you who are eager to help so that you don’t have to struggle by yourself at the last minute. Make sure that you plan everything well ahead of time so that at least the week before your wedding you’ll be free to have fun with family and friends. Also, plan ahead with your photographer/videographer about what kind of formatting and sequencing you want, so that you will like the final result.’

Image 6

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Shimmering Highlights

Which moments of her wedding does Preeti treasure the most? ‘I remember being amused at how Nithin’s hand trembled as he put the ring on my finger,’ laughs Preeti. ‘I thought I was the only one to have cold feet!’ Walking down the aisle and seeing all the people I knew waving or smiling at me was definitely fun and a very precious memory,’ says Preeti.

Image 7

‘The other fun fact was that we got to do most of the fun work as a family and as a bunch of friends. We tied up the ‘thank you’ favours, customised the wedding invitations, and even did some elements of the decoration together.

Image 8

I really enjoyed having all my close friends and cousins right there with me as the bridal party when I was getting married. My family and friends travelled from all around the world to be with me, so having all these special people around us as we said our vows made it my dream wedding.’

So this is the story of Preeti & Nithin. Do you like this story? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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Harmonious Beginnings – The Wedding of Sharon & Abisheg

The wedding of Sharon Lawrence to Abisheg Elijah on the 28th of December, 2011 witnessed two families uniting in love and harmony through the budding relationship of the young couple.

South Indian Couple

Abisheg and I were introduced through mutual cousins. It was an arranged marriage so we first met at my grandparents’ house in Chennai,’ says Sharon. ‘When my uncle asked him if he would like to talk to me in private, he refused and said that we could catch up ‘offline’. I was shocked by his response,’ she laughs.

Then we went out together a few evenings to get to know each other better. Very soon he popped the question, and I said yes!! He even teamed up with my parents and played a prank on me on April Fools day!’ And so the process of wedding planning began.

Wedding Cake

The process of wedding planning is stressful for most brides, although different issues might have their concerns. For Sharon, it was the health of her grandparents. ‘I really hoped that they would be able to attend my wedding in the best of their health and that it wouldn’t be much of a strain on them,’ she says.

Wedding Stage

Another major challenge while planning the wedding was coordinating the flower girl dresses and the bridesmaid outfits. Since the bridesmaids were wearing saris and the flower girls were wearing frocks, it was a bit difficult finding a look that went  with both traditional and western wear, and that also adhered to the colour theme of the wedding – gold and red.

South Indian Bride

As for her major worries, like most brides, Sharon too was slightly apprehensive about how every element of the wedding would be executed and whether all aspects of the big day would go off well. ‘But I was particularly concerned about how my makeup and hairstyle would turn out on the final day!’ she exclaims.

South Indian Wedding Couple

Despite all these worries, the couple’s wedding went off beautifully and without a hitch. Sharon’s family was with her through the difficult parts of planning and coordination. ‘Throughout all those months of wedding planning, my parents, grandparents and close relatives prayed for us each and every day before the wedding. That was a great source of encouragement to me, and it kept me going,’ says Sharon.

South Indian Couple in Church

When asked what she would advise future brides to do for a successful wedding, she says, ‘Don’t get sidetracked by others’ expectations. Be realistic. Value relationships…sometimes, we get so caught up in the wedding preparations that we end up stepping on one another’s toes. Put aside your ego and don’t compromise on your relationships. Also, remember to do a trial round of makeup before your big day, so that you don’t freak out on the day of the wedding experimenting with different looks.

As for Sharon’s most favourite memories of her wedding, ‘What is really memorable about my wedding is how lucky we were. We were having an outdoor reception, and there was a forecast for heavy rain, but we narrowly missed the deluge by a day. It seemed like a miracle.  On the day of the wedding, during the reception, both Abi and I sang the duet ‘It takes three’.

Couple Singing

That was a very special and memorable moment. I also treasure the fact that my grandparents were there to witness and bless one of the most important and beautiful days of my life. Altogether it was a very memorable day – one of lifelong commitment and unconditional love.

So this is the story of Sharon & Abisheg. Do you like this story? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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In a Castle in the Clouds – The Wedding of Savitha & Kishore Reddy

Savitha Devaraj Reddy’s wedding to Kishore Prakash Reddy that happened on the 18th and 19th of May, 2016 in Bangalore sounds like every perfectionist’s dream wedding.

With all her family and friends rallying around her to give her the best possible bridal experience ever, Savitha’s wedding does not fall short of one of those fairytale weddings in a looming castle glowing with lanterns.

Savitha launches into how she met her Prince Charming. “Kishore and I are both car lovers and so that’s how we met – at a car expo, through our mutual friends. We were friends for two years, and then we were in a relationship for two years. So we’d known each other for four years before we got married. Both of us are dead opposite to each other, and we know opposite poles attract!” she says.

The depths of love this couple share can be seen in her following line. “I had always wanted to get married to a politician,’ she laughs. ‘Kishore wasn’t a politician initially, but he entered politics just for me.”

South indian Bride 3

So followed the next logical step of planning out every detail of the perfect wedding. “I had around 5-6 months between my engagement and my wedding, so I had a lot of time to plan each aspect of the functions. Most definitely the organisation and calm planning helped avoid any kind of stress. My brother was my real strength throughout. When it came to the challenges and problems of wedding planning, I didn’t really get stressed out, because my brother handled everything. He delegated the work to the people in charge and took care of all the minute details to make sure nothing went wrong. He wanted everything to be perfect. My close friend was also a great encouragement to me. She was with me and assisted me in every stage of wedding planning,” says Savitha.

South Indian Bride 4

A lot of family members pitched in to make Savitha feel like a princess. “With every element of my wedding, there was always someone very skilled and reliable to take care of it for me. My talented cousin is the one I owe most of my pretty bridal outfits to. She has great taste and experience. What was important to me was that I wanted to wear what was not yet in the market. So I told my cousin, and she helped me with the most cutting-edge, trendy outfits to wear. And as for my jewellery, my mother’s expertise in gold jewellery came in really handy during my wedding,” says Savitha.

South Indian Bride 6

With so many different people she could lean on, was Savitha worried about any element of the wedding? Not really. “I really didn’t have anything to worry about because all my artists and designers knew me and were conscious of my taste while working, so they provided the best quality services for me. I completely relied on them and I trusted all of them so there was no need for me to freak out about any of it. I didn’t even have a trial makeup session with my makeup artist. I told her, ‘I just want you to make me look beautiful,’ and she experimented and found the look that suited me best. She endeavoured to give me a flawless and stunning look, and worked wonders with her airbrush makeup.”

South Indian Bride 8

Savitha’s immaculate wedding will always stay crystal clear in her heart, but she also has some lovely pictures to show her grandchildren. “I’m also very thankful to my photographer for making beautiful memories of our special day. She always believed in the concept of ‘not taking the photograph, but making the photograph’.  Her keen observation brings everything in our wedding to life again when we look at the pictures,” says the happy newly-wed.

South Indian Bride 10

From the worry-free smiles on the faces of the bridal couple, it is clear that their wedding was a fabulous experience for both of them. “Almost a year has gone by, but it feels like just yesterday. We had totally eight events, and all of them were so perfect, so magnificent! Every single thing was done to our taste and requirement. My dream really comes true.”

South Indian Bride 2

So how can we go about handling our bridal planning as coolly as Savitha? “What I would like to tell brides today is to plan everything calmly and well ahead of time,’ she says. ‘Then you will have no need to worry. Note down the few ideas you start getting as soon as the wedding is fixed. Pinterest is an awesome site for ideas – outfits, jewellery, decoration, overall theme, everything. You can find amazing ideas for your wedding. So don’t get stressed out and forget to enjoy your own wedding.”

South Indian Bride 7

Favourite memories? Savitha’s wedding seems so beautiful that she would have savoured every minuscule part of it. And she did. “I don’t have one precious memory in particular. The whole experience was beautiful. The memory of every moment is a treasure to me.”

But one remarkably sweet coincidence must be mentioned here. “My father surprised me with a Mercedes for my wedding, and it had the number plate 1819, which are the two dates of my reception and wedding. Then it turned out that my fiancé had also bought me a car, and it had the number plate 1905 – the date and month of my wedding!”

South Indian Bride 9

Well, with reminders on two car plates, it won’t be easy to forget their wedding anniversary, would it?! Haha, joke. Who could forget such a beautiful wedding? Especially when it’s with the love of your life!

So this is the story of Savitha & Kishore. Do you like this story? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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One in a Million – The Wedding of Anu George & Sachin Louis

The dreamy wedding story of the chirpy and enterprising bride Anu George Canjanathoppil to Sachin Louis on the 24th of October 2016 in Bangalore, revives our dreams of the perfect fairytale that springs from an arranged marriage.

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“Yes, mine was actually an arranged marriage. Some of my colleagues expressed surprise when they heard that my marriage was arranged because they saw me as an independent and dynamic personality. But I actually feel that having your family find a suitable life partner for you is possibly one of the best ways,’ says Anu. ‘My parents had been wanting me to get married for eight years, and I kept refusing without even knowing why.”

Finally, when her brother insisted that she talk to this person that he had narrowed down on from more than one lakh potential grooms on an online matrimonial site, Anu finally said yes. So he really was one man in a million, you see,’ she laughs. ‘After that first conversation with Sachin, something clicked. I felt like right then, I had made myself emotionally available, and so I decided to give it a shot.”

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Then follows the cinematic account of the couple’s first meeting. Anu had gone home to Kerala to celebrate Onam with her family and was surprised by the arrival of her relatives.

Soon after, she was surprised again by the arrival of Sachin’s father and later, Sachin himself, whose arrival was so unexpected that she dropped the plate of pappads she was carrying, which he hastily rescued from a perilous drop to the floor. (Sigh, this is just like a scene from a movie!)

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A period of courtship followed, too soon end in the positive answer that both families were waiting for. So now that the couple could imagine spending their lives together in bliss, the wedding arrangements went ahead in full swing.

What really worried me while planning my wedding was the fact that it was happening far away from where I stayed, so normally challenging wedding planning to become twice as hard. Thanks to my past experience in event management, I had a fairly good idea of all the things that had to be done, and so the mammoth tasks didn’t overwhelm me,” she says.

A surprising fact is that Anu was in the U.S. for work till nine days before her wedding, and there was very little time for her to shop for jewelry (which she picked out in hardly fifteen minutes while shopping with her mother) or decorate the church (which had a funeral service only half an hour before the wedding was scheduled).

Despite all these time constraints, Anu managed to participate in planning her own wedding, and not just arrive in time to walk down the aisle.

“My friends and I decorated the church ourselves with rented-out metal buckets filled with baby’s breath flower buds. The night before the wedding, my family and I sat up tying ribbons on the buckets. We also filled plain water glasses with twigs and tiny tea lights for the centrepieces. It was so much fun! I wouldn’t have had it any other way,” she smiles.

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And here’s something to give us major wedding outfit goals. This super creative woman actually designed her own wedding sari. From shopping for the material, designing it, and getting it tailored, Anu George was in charge of creating her own wedding sari. ‘I really didn’t want to wear something right off the shelves that had no special meaning to me,’ she says.

“I wanted everything in my wedding to be personal and meaningful to me, and also to others.  For example, the ‘thank-you’ gifts were plant seeds, which could remind our guests of us every time a flower bloomed in their garden.”

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When it came to the challenges of wedding planning, Anu George confesses that she was a very ‘chilled-out-bride’.  Of course, every step was a challenge, and different things demanded her attention at different stages. But Anu had love and support every step of the way. ‘Sachin’s family was very supportive.

The whole wedding was organised in partnership with them. And Sachin was one in a million, as I mentioned earlier because he understood the value of my job and knew how much a part of me it was, to move to Delhi after marriage. And my family and friends were there for me throughout.

Even friends who flew in from all parts of the world worked in collaboration with each other prior to their arrival, and one of my closest friends who couldn’t be there for the wedding kept sending pictures of ideas for decorations and outfits,’ says Anu.

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As for what she wants to tell future brides, Anu George says, “I think what really worked for me was that no one gave me advice, knowing how I’m comfortable being myself. If you are not comfortable, you are not beautiful – you need to be comfortable with what you’re wearing, what you’re doing, and what kind of setting you want. Don’t do it for other people, do it for yourself. And don’t stress out and miss all the fun. It’s your day.”

But Anu also adds, “The reason I wanted a low budget wedding was because I kept in mind the many suffering children who lack basic food and education and would benefit from all the money I would otherwise have wasted. In fact, the first time we met, Sachin told me he loves to spend, and that shocked me. I work for an anti-trafficking organisation, so I’m sensitised to the suffering of people who have nothing. That’s the reason I told him how I felt about spending too much on a lavish wedding, and we both resolved that our wedding wouldn’t be a waste of money. I feel that as much as your wedding is about you, it shouldn’t be only about you. I had everything I wanted, and I never felt inadequate. The knowledge that I didn’t waste any money on unnecessary things for my wedding was what made me feel truly beautiful.”

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The stellar moments of her wedding that Anu treasures include the coming together of all her friends from different circles to choreograph a dance to perform the day before the wedding, walking out of the church holding hands as a married couple for the first time, and the moment that she and Sachin exchanged rings. “I would say that the feeling of Sachin putting the ring on my finger was one of my favourites.”

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Everything just felt right, you know. And the first time I walked into his house is still fresh in my mind. It was everything I imagined. But to those girls who believe in fairytales and castles, I would say that even a simple home can make your heart flutter because that’s where the one you belong with belongs. It’s a feeling that’s beyond magical.’

So this is the story of Anu & Sachin. Do you like this story? Tell us your views about Anu & Sachin’s simplicity in the comment section.

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