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5 Different Types of Poo Jadai Designs for South Indian Weddings

Poo means ‘flower’ and Jada means the tail made after tying up the hair. South Indian wedding is incomplete without the bride getting Poo Jadai.

Poo Jadai is also called as Poo Jadai alangaram or Poo alangaram.

What is Poo Jadai Alangaram?

Poo Jadai

Poo jadai designs or the floral designs made on the hairdos of the brides are of high importance in any South Indian wedding.

It is an essential accessory for any South Indian bride. They give colour and fragrance which add to the rustic beauty of the South Indian brides. A South Indian bride looks incomplete without a poo jadai in her hair.

To get ideas about the how to get poo jadai without migraine watch the below video and follow it for your jadai.

The braids and buns of the brides are decorated with possibly the best poo jadai designs to accentuate the beauty for the most special event of their life.

Poo jadai designs for South Indian weddings get special attention. These days’ South Indian brides appoint poo jadai experts to get the best poo jadai designs for their weddings.

A poo jadai is not just for brides but any lady can go for a beautiful poo jadai design during a wedding or any other function.

Beautiful Poo Jadai Alangaram Designs for South Indian Weddings

#1 Traditional and Contemporary Designs

poo jadai design images

Traditionally jasmine jadais have a predominant place in the South Indian weddings.

With time, even roses, lilies and orchids have also taken a strong foothold. You may include various flowers to make the traditional wraps of the poo jadais, as shown below.

Off late apart from the wraps made in different patterns and multiple flowers, netted patterns have been pretty much prevalent with the South Indian brides, be it Tamilians or Telegu; as shown in the pic below.

poo jadai brides images

#2 Poo Jadai Designs with Metal or Beaded Hair Accessories

poo jadai bridal images

If you want to get a bit dressier, you may add metal jewellery or other beaded jewellery to make a difference in your poo jadai.

Usually, temple jewellery comes with such hair accessories to make your hairdo look more traditional and gorgeous. Have a look at the design shown below.

#3 Assemble your Poo Jadai with various other Accessories

poo jadai brides designs

The poo jadai designs which involve decorating the bride’s long plait with beautifully patterned flowers, pearl strings, beads, golden billas, golden jada, etc; have the rich heritage in the South Indian culture.

You will hardly find any South Indian bride without the floral decorations in her hairdo. Flowers are heavily used to give the bride an exquisite look. You may even fix small jewelled combs of different designs, in the spaces in between the flowers of your poo jadai as shown in the pic below.

#4 Full-Length Trails of Poo Jadai

poo jadai alangaram images

There are no strict norms as to how to get the best poo jadai designs. You can do various combinations with trails of garlands, single flowers, beaded hair accessories and other stuff to get the most stunning poo jadai design for your wedding purpose.

Readymade and well-stitched flower patterns are being tied along the entire length of the long plait of the bride. Some of the poo jadai designs include flower wraps around the braid while some also involve single piece flowers stuck in between the knots formed in the braid.

Have a look at the poo jadai trail used in the hairstyle as shown below.

#5 Poo Jadai Design matching with your Wedding Sari

poo jadai matching with sari

Apart from these, you may also think about synchronising your poo jadai designs with the bridal Kancheepuram silk. You can co-ordinate the poo jadai with the colour of the saree by getting matching flowers as shown in the pic below.

Even if you do not dress up in a heavy silk, or wear heavy jewellery, you can make a great bridal statement for yourself by getting the best of the best poo jadai designs.

You can always ask for our TBG Poo Jadai experts and we will help you to get the best poo jadai designs for your wedding. These flower accessories and economic yet come with a lot of beauty.

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20 Amazing Poo Jadai Designs that will Make your Day

Indian Weddings, especially South Indian Weddings are bright, colourful and dramatic. Whether it is the wedding venue or the bride, or other people taking part and celebrating the wedding ceremony; everything and everyone seems to carry some brightness with them.

Talking about South Indian Weddings, the unique thing about the look of any South Indian bride is her Poo Jadai or the floral patterns with metallic accessories used to do the decorate the hair or plait of the bride. Here are some beautiful samples if the poo jadai works done on South Indian brides. Have a look.

Watch the below video, to see the different collection of wedding poo jadai for brides.

1. Poo Jadai With Red Flowers Matching Your Red Bridal Saree

Poo Jadai
Red flower poo jadai

2. Two Layered Poo Jadai With Yellow Roses And White Jasmine

poola jada
Two Layered Yellow Poo Jadai

3. Full-Length Bridal Poo Jadai For The South Indian Bride

Poo jada
Full-Length Bridal Poo Jadai

4. Poo Jadai Mandalas With Intricate Work Of Multiple Flowers

poola jada
Intricate bridal poo Jada

5. Bridal Poo Jadai With Beaded Metal Hair Accessory

Poola jadalu
Beaded Metal Bridal Poo Jadai

6. Gorgeous Bridal Poo Jadai With Beads And Semi-Precious Stones

poo jadai
Beads And Semi-Precious Stones Poo Jadai

7. Elegant Poo Jadai Having Beautiful Single Pink Flowers

flower poo jadai
Elegant Pink Poo Jadai

8. Poo Jadai Of Two Layers With A Metallic Floral Trail

poola jada
Metallic Floral Trial Poo Jadai

9. Simple Poo Jadai With Two Rings Of Flower Petals and Buds

Poo Jadai
Rings Of Flower Petals and Buds

10. Single Flower Poo Jadai Throughout The Plait

poo jadai design
Single Flower Poo Jadai

11. Traditional Poo Jadai With Jasmine Flowers

poo jadai design
Traditional Poo Jadai With Jasmine Flowers

12. Modern Bridal Poo Jadai With Bright Orange Artificial Flower Petals

poola jadalu
Modern Bridal Poo Jadai

13. Uncommon Bridal Poo Jadai Design With Rings

poo jadai designs
Uncommon Bridal Poo Jadai

14. Two Tyre Poo Jadai With A Long Beaded Metallic Trail For The Plait

poo jadai
Metallic Two Tyre Poo Jadai

15. Traditional Bridal Poo Jadai With Red and White Flowers

Red, pink and white poo jadai
Traditional Bridal Poo Jadai

16. Netted Poo Jadai Design For The South Indian Brides

poola jada images
Netted Poo Jadai Design

17. Netted Poo Jadai For The Bridal Bun With A Metallic Trail For The Plait

poo jadai for brides
Metallic Trail Netted Poo Jadai

18. Simple Yet Uniquely Designed Bridal Poo Jadai

poola jada
Uniquely Designed Bridal Poo Jadai

19. Bridal Poo Jadai With Multiple Artificial Floral Patterns

poo jadai
Multiple Artificial Floral Patterns

20. Simple And Clean Poo Jadai Design For South Indian Brides

bridal poo jadai
Simple And Clean Poo Jadai

Liked these poo jadais? Want to see more for your wedding? TBG accounts for the best ever poo jadais for South Indian Weddings. Use the comment section below and let us know if you have any query on the poo jadai design for your wedding. TBG team will offer customised bridal poo jadais exclusively for your wedding.