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7 Best Bridal Makeup Tutorials That All Brides-To-Be Should Watch

Most of the brides would have faced a tough time in searching for a perfect place for their wedding outfits and accessories. But other than that, attaining a flawless makeup is a big success for any bride. The wedding you have seen all over Pinterest may be out of their budget.

One of the best ways to get the ideal makeup of your wish is doing it by yourself or convincing a trusted friend to do it for you. This may sound daunting, but it’s much easier than you think. If you find out the right products and techniques that help you achieve the bridal makeup goals.

In this article, we’ve rounded up our favorite bridal makeup tutorials that will help you to have a classy look on your big day.

1. Anaysa- Bridal Makeup

The popular YouTuber Anaysa’s bridal makeup is one of the best videos that all brides-to-be should watch. The 7-minutes video is a short yet a brief step by step tutorial for beginners. The finished look gives a bright blush with a stunning smokey eye and a pop of bright red lipstick.

2. Aishwarya Kaushal- Complete Bridal Makeup

Bridal looks are always distinctive from normal makeovers. Aishwarya Kaushal has done a straight forward and approachable Indian Bridal Makeup tutorial. This is a long and detailed 30 minutes video which covers every step from primer to makeup setting spray.

3. TBG Bridal Store- Get Ready With Me

Every bride wants to look unique and best on their big day. This makeover is a Kerala themed bridal look for which the bride opted for a traditional silk saree with heavy naga jewellery sets. The bright and classic look of this bride gives a signature bridal luminosity.

4. Smitha Deepak- Bridal look

If you’re looking for an inspiring bridal looks then Smitha Deepak channel is the right place. This video is one of her inspiration from Deepika Padukone’s Bangalore reception look. The step by step procedure will help even the amateurs to rival the professionals.

5. Jitu Barman- South Indian Bridal Makeup

The professional makeup artist and a versatile Youtuber Jitu Barman’s videos on makeup are always unique and mesmerizing. In this video, Jitu Barman has brought the actress, Tanvi Sharma, through which he has achieved a perfect South Indian bridal look with traditional hairdo and accessories. The sultry smokey eye and glossy lips give a complete look to her.

6. GoGlam 90- My Wedding Makeup Tutorial

This tutorial video gives a simple bridal makeup look which you can do it on your own. The major focus is given to the eye which is embellished with glittery eyeshadow and dramatic lashes. This video gives a look that feels natural yet a classy one in a very elegant way.

7. Jitu Barman- Muslim Bridal Makeup

This tutorial from Jitu Barman gives bridal goals for all the brides-to-be. The bold face foundation and humid smokey eye give a stunning look for the bright orange lehenga. The Maang tikka and nose pin give a complete Muslim bridal look to the bride Farhana.

With this, we end our list, explore the trending bridal looks by watching these videos and get a perfect and classy look on your big day. Hope you all enjoyed reading this article, comment below your favorite tutorial in the comment box below.

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11 Makeup Hacks that All Girls should be Aware of

Every girl loves to look perfect but many won’t have the time to maintain a perfect outlook due to several commitments. We have brought up some tricky makeup hacks that you can implement in your makeup application to make it much easier and most probably a time saving one. In this article, I have listed some top 17 makeup hacks that will definitely help in your day to day routine.

#1 Use Makeup Setting Spray

Makeup Setting Spray
Makeup Setting Spray

If you prefer for your makeup to last for a longer time then it is advisable to go for a makeup setting spray. Before starting your makeup application spray this liquid all over your face to create a shuttle base for your makeup.

#2 Use Concealer for Liner

Eye concealer for liner
Eye concealer for liner

Going wrong with liner is the biggest tragedy but it is much more difficult to correct the mistake. So, here I have a trick to overcome this, yes use eye concealer to correct the liner mistakes and create a perfect eye makeup look.

#3 Use Lipstick as Eye Shadow

Lipstick as Eye shadow
Lipstick as Eye shadow

We all love to try different eye shades matching our outfit but it won’t work out perfectly with darker shades. Use your matte liquid lipstick as eye shadow by just following the above picture.

#4 Fire your Dry Eyeliner

Fire your dry eyeliner
Fire your dry eyeliner

Worried about your dried eyeliner? we have got an old yet an interesting makeup hack tip for you. Keep the flame on your eyeliner tip using the candle and let it melt a little bit. This will make your dry eyeliner to moisturize and makes it easier to apply.

#5 Fix the Clumpy Mascara

Clumpy Mascara
Clumpy Mascara

If your mascara gets clumpy or dry then follow this trick to regain it back. Add a few drops of contact lens solution or eye drops to the mascara and shake it a bit. In sometime your mascara will turn it into a brand new tube and ready to reuse.

#6 Double the Eyelash Density

Double your eyelashes
Double your eyelashes

Why you need to go for false eyelashes when you can make it your own lashes! apply one layer of mascara to your eyelashes and let it dry then dab some baby powder over the lashes and give a second layer coating of mascara, once it gets dried you can see your eyelashes to be thicker than before.

#7 Use your Liquid Makeup Completely

makeup hacks
Courtesy-Twitter| @wethefashion

Don’t throw away your used over tubes just because it seems to be empty. You can cut the tube into half and scoop the makeup from the tube and store it in a plastic pots. This makeup can help you for few days through which you can save money on makeup.

#8 Get Back your Broken Eye-Shadow

Get Back your Broken eye-shadow to new
Get Back your Broken eye-shadow to new

Worried about your broken makeup palette, then follow this trick to retain it back. Take the shattered pieces of the palette into a container and crush up the chunks using a spoon then add few drops of alcohol to moisturize the powder and bind it well then transfer the cream into the makeup palette and allow it to dry. Once it is half dried use a paper towel to dab and cover it with a flat surface and press it for sometime this will sop up the alcohol into the towel. Leave the palette to dry for a day and then your palette will be ready to reuse.

#9 Reuse Mascara Brushes

Reuse mascara brushes
Reuse mascara brushes

If you want to reuse your mascara brush that you really like then don’t throw away it when your mascara is gone. Clean the brush using tissue papers and use it again with other types of mascara.

#10 Create a Perfect Cupid

Lip liner for perfect lipstick
Lip liner for perfect lipstick

Use your lip liner to to draw a outline in your pout area and then mark a vertical line on inner lips using the liner then gently apply your lipstick all over the lips you will get a perfect matte finish lips.

#11 Prime your Lips with Concealer

Concealer for lipstick
Concealer for lipstick

It is not that primer alone can give a great look for your lipstick, even concealer and foundation can double your lipstick look. All you need to do is just use a wet makeup sponge and apply concealer onto your lips. Then after few seconds apply the lipstick of your choice on top it with lip brush. This will make the lipstick color muted or dull.

Hope you all enjoyed reading the article of general makeup hacks every women should know about and try this 11 makeup hacks for girls on your day to day routine and make the best use of your makeup products.

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21 Pre-Bridal Makeup Tips and Tricks Every Bride Need To Know

A wedding day is the most important part in every bride’s life. A day to cherish and remember forever. The one day you can go back again and adore at the beautiful photographs of you and your better half. This makes the point that you need to look at your best, with the perfect bridal makeup and hairdo on your wedding albums even after years.

It is common, that we do not want to go things wrong on our wedding day. We plan even the single items to be neat and clear without any faults same as when it comes to makeup. You are the main core attention in your wedding so you need to concentrate more on your wedding dress, hairstyles, accessories and above all a perfect bridal makeup to have a pleasant and lavishing look on your big day.

In this article, I have divided the bridal makeup tips and tricks into three partitions such as pre-makeup tips, eye makeup tips, lips makeup tips.

Tips for a perfect wedding makeup Application

Tip 1: Stay oil free

Use oil-free products to prevent an oily shine building up in your face. For a better maintenance, have oil free blotting sheets in hands. Avoid rubbing or wiping, instead blot it smoothly on your face.

Stay oil free

Tip 2: Practice better

If you are planning to do own makeup on your wedding then take a full-fledged practice several times before your wedding day. A better practice will give you a better result. At the same time, have a bit higher makeup than usual to maintain a better look on the stage.

Practice better

Tip 3: Add primer everytime

Apply primer every time after face wash. A primer is applied before the foundation to give a smooth base for the makeup. It not only hides the flaws but also helps to hold on the makeup and stay fresh for a longer time.

Face primer

Tip 4: Try not to use fingers

Avoid using fingers while applying foundations instead use a makeup brush or sponge. This is not only about staying hygiene but it gives a perfect finish and avoids fingerprints on your face. Dab the foundation gently on the face this is to roll the foundation evenly on the surface.

Use sponge for better finish

Tip 5: Handling concealer

There is a small trick in handling the concealer. Apply the concealer after the foundation to avoid the heavy made up look. Do not use the face concealer to your eyes. Use a creamy one to last long for one full day.


Tip 6: Natural Blush

If you prefer to have a natural look with your makeup then try a cream blush. This gives a fresh and pleasant look. Use some translucent powder over the blush for a longer stay. Carry a smile while applying the blush on the cheeks.


Bridal Eye Makeup Tips

Tip 7: Use eye primers

It is always suggested to apply an eye primer before starting the eye makeup. This will help to keep the shadows from smudge free.

Eye Primer

Tip 8: Care your eyebrows

Use a proper eyebrow pencil to fill in the eyebrows. Give time for your eyebrows to grow roughly and then do the threading process. Also, make sure that the eyebrow shade is two times lighter than your natural color.

Eyebrow Pencil

Tip 9: Choose right shades for eyeshadow

Choose the right shades for a perfect combination. Start with a darker shade on the outside and lighter on the inside. If you made a mistake while applying the shades, then remove it using the earbud with a makeup remover liquid. Avoid wiping it with tissues paper then you will also remove the foundation and concealer.


Tip 10: Fake lashes

Use fake or artificial eyelashes to make your lashes longer and mesmerizing. This will also give you a sexy and glam look to your eyes. Treat your natural eyelashes by applying mascara before attaching the artificial ones. Once the glue gets dried, curl the lashes and apply the mascara.

False eyelashes

Tip 11: Use waterproof

Try to use waterproof makeup and eye products for your wedding to avoid smudges.

Waterproof makeup

Bridal Lips makeup Tip

Tip 12: Care your lips

Maintain your lips by applying lip bombs and lip cares. Make sure your lips are dry before applying the lip balm. Use a lip liner to make an outline to your lips then apply the lipstick. The outliner will help to keep the lipstick to stay longer. For thin lips, you can use a shimmer at the lower lips to give a fullness feeling.

Care your lip

Tip 13: Carry a small makeup kit

It is always advisable to carry a makeup kit containing lipstick, translucent powder, earbuds, oil blotting sheets, and wet tissues.

Makeup bag

The tricks and tips shared above a general makeup guides that suit for every occasion. However, it is important for a bride to have a great look at their wedding as it going to be cherished for a lifetime. So, go for the best eye, lip, face makeup products. For better results start your practice and maintenance 3 months pioneer to the wedding day.

There are certain things pre-bridal things you need to concentrate on before starting your practice. Some of them are listed below.

Tip 14: Get the wedding theme

Every wedding as a theme, so as your wedding. Before finalizing your makeup look, find out your wedding theme like wedding stage decoration, location, climatic conditions. This will help you to choose a makeup that goes along with the environment.

Marriage theme

Tip 15: Start with a diet

Once you find out the marriage themes then start with a diet plan initially. Avoid junk and fried foods as it may end up with acne problem. Better take fresh fruits and vegetables for a better glow on your wedding day.

Plan a diet

Tip 16: Find out the look

Choose for the best look online that suits your best on your big day. Keep in mind, while choosing the model makeup, make sure that matches your skin tone and type. So, make sure the makeup you finalize suits you well.

Idol makeup

Tip 17: Choose the right MUA

Though you are an amazing makeup artist, it is better to go for a professional makeup artist because it is your day to enjoy and get pampered and also you need to be stress-free to enjoy the day.

Right makeup artist

Tip 18: Take a trial

If you are so concerned about choosing an anonymous makeup artist then go for a trial makeup. Taking a trial will help you in a better understanding of the artist work and how you would be looking on your wedding day. Also, this will avoid you from worrying about the look and make you stress-free.

Take trial makeup

Tip 19: Sort out the allergy products

Be keen in choosing the products for the makeup. Avoid the products or brands that are an allergy to your skin and take the things that suit you. For a better safeguard, take the trial session a month pioneer to the wedding day.

Makeup allergy

Tip 20: Hairstyle and Accessories trial

Like, makeup trial, it is also important to take up a trial session for hairstyles and accessories. While taking the makeup trial session, do check out the hairstyle that suits the makeover. Also, carry your accessories to check whether the jewellery complements you and project a perfect bridal look.

Hairstyle and jewellery trial

Tip 21: Stay away from pimples

If you get a pimple on your face before your wedding day then take small measures like applying tea tree oil on it to cover a pimple naturally. Avoid touching the pimple as it will end up in many breakouts.

Pimple free look

Follow these 21 tips and tricks to get a bright glow on your wedding day. Comment below if you have any query regarding the tips mentioned above.

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All You Need to Know About Airbrush Makeup

Makeup is an art that has been perfected over the course of time. Makeup started simple and rather rudimentary and can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Sumer. However, a lot has changed since then. Today makeup and cosmetics have been perfected in more ways than and this not only pertains to the quality and variety of makeup but also the process of makeup application.

The process of makeup application itself is varied as the intention is to create different facial aesthetics. Makeup artists are always coming up with new ways for effective makeup application and airbrush makeup application is one such new way.

Owing to the quickly growing popularity of airbrush makeup alongside the fact that it is a rather new concept; many have been asking the question “What is Airbrush Makeup”? This blog aims to provide all the relevant information pertaining to airbrush makeup. Read further to have all your questions answered.

What is Airbrush Makeup?

In recent times; makeup has been mostly applied by the fingers or by means of special makeup brushes, and sponges. Airbrush makeup is a unique concept owing to the fact that it is sprayed onto the skin.

Airbrush makeup is applied by means of an airbrush which comprises of 3 primary components; a compressor that results in a uniform and controlled flow of air, a vent or a hose which is connected to a gun like a trigger.

The device is often adjusted to change the air pressure for makeup applications of varying kinds. This device can generally handle broader, detailed, heavier or lighter makeup application techniques.

It is important to note that the popularity of airbrush makeup was initially limited to the entertainment business. Airbrush makeup was first used in the movie Ben Hur in 1959 however it is still a rather new concept for special occasion makeup application such as wedding makeup.

Having made this point; it is important to note that airbrush makeup is growing in popularity among brides on their wedding day. This method of makeup application is increasingly being used to create exquisite bridal looks.

Read further to know more about airbrush bridal makeup including pictorial illustrations of different examples of airbrush makeup for wedding.

Air Brush Makeup for Wedding

Airbrush Makeup for Wedding
Airbrush Makeup for Wedding

Bridal airbrush makeup is trending in a big way as mentioned before. This is primarily due to the airbrush makeup benefits that are more than just one. Some of these benefits are as listed below.

Watch the below video to know the benefits of airbrush makeup.

A Natural Look

A Natural look with Airbrush Makeup
A Natural look with Airbrush Makeup

Traditional makeup can have a heavy and put on look whereas airbrush makeup is perfect for the bride that wishes to look natural; with an even skin tone on her wedding day. Even as airbrush makeup is sprayed onto the skin; these millions of droplets of makeup formula tightly bond with the surface of the skin.

Unlike traditional makeup that ultimately settles on the surface of the skin resulting in the heightened appearance of open pores and wrinkles; Airbrush bridal makeup results in a uniform and even skin tone.

Additionally; makeup application errors are more commonplace when makeup is applied with the help of sponges or brushes; airbrush makeup mostly negates the chances of uneven makeup application.

Finer Aesthetics

Finer Aesthetics with Airbrush Makeup
Finer Aesthetics with Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup for weddings almost always results in finer aesthetics. As mentioned before the airbrush or device that is used to spray makeup onto the surface of the skin can be easily adjusted to create broader or finer makeup strokes, it can also be easily adapted for lighter or heavier application and as such airbrush bridal makeup almost always results in finer aesthetics.

Airbrush make up can be effectively used to highlight the eyes, lips and cheekbones in the form of eye shadow, lip colours and blush. Additionally; airbrush makeup can be highlighted, layered, shaded and contoured; just like traditional makeup.

Better for the Camera

Better Pictures with Airbrush Makeup
Better Pictures with Airbrush Makeup

Almost all weddings are captured on a video camera and we live in a world of multiple megapixel and HD cameras that hone in on the smallest details of an image.

Traditional makeup which settles on the skin with time; exacerbates the appearance of the finest wrinkles and open pores which is then magnified through the lens of a new age video camera while airbrush makeup looks smooth, even and yet natural; even on video.

It is easy to see that one of the benefits of airbrush makeup is that a bride looks good on her wedding day and in her wedding videos and pictures.

Stays on Longer

Airbrush Makeup Stays Long
Airbrush Makeup Stays Long


It is no secret that the average Indian wedding is a long drawn out affair which is never good news for the bride caked in traditional makeup that seems to degrade with time. In such circumstances; bridal airbrush makeup seems like the logical idea as it stays on for 12 to 24 hours depending on various factors.

Makeup that stays on longer is always welcome bearing in mind that an Indian wedding is a long process with various rituals and customs for the bride to carry out to perfection and look like a million bucks while at it.

Other Airbrush Makeup Benefits for Brides

The application technique of airbrush makeup is uniquely ‘globular’; this results in a fine mist like dispersal of makeup on the skin.

This proper dispersal of makeup on the surface of the skin results in an even, natural and a light layer of makeup that is barely noticeable.

Different airbrush makeup formulas can easily create different looks just like traditional makeup.

Waterproof airbrush makeup is almost always more effective than traditional waterproof makeup and works better for Indian brides in the warm and humid Indian climate.

Application of airbrush makeup is often considered more sanitary as the artist’s hands do not come in contact with the wearers face.

How to Do Airbrush Makeup?

How to do Airbrush Makeup
How to do Airbrush Makeup

Many amateur makeup artists and hobbyists find themselves asking the question “How to do Airbrush Makeup”. The answer is simple and complicated all at once. It does take a lot of practice to perfect airbrush makeup application and the right airbrush makeup tools are compulsory. Once you have the right tools or in other words the airbrush makeup kit; you can take necessary steps to perfect this technique.

The compulsory airbrush makeup kit consists of a mini-compressor, an airbrush gun, cleaning brushes, hose pipe and a wench. One can easily buy these kits online and they are often certified for quality and come with a warrantee period of one year.

You do need to have a basic understanding of makeup on the whole even if you have been limited to working with traditional makeup; to perfect the skills of airbrush makeup application. The primary characteristic of airbrush makeup is a freehand technique alongside adjusting air pressure and distance of the airbrush from the skin to create different makeup effects.

Plenty of YouTube videos and other online sources can be of great help when picking up the basics of airbrush makeup applications. Fortunately, this skill can be self-taught and perfected with practice and time. The airbrush kit is not the only set of tools you will be working with when learning airbrush makeup applications.

The makeup formulas of different kinds and the measures of each that you have to use to create different makeup effects; is something you need to acquire further knowledge about. Once again; online sources can come to the rescue.

In conclusion; it is safe to say that airbrush makeup is a nifty and trendy makeup solution for Indian brides and the long drawn out big fat Indian wedding. Additionally; learning airbrush makeup and perfecting the skill is all about having the right tools, seeking out online tutorials and lots of practice.

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10 Latest Makeup Trends in India to Follow in 2018

Just like clothes, shoes and accessories; makeup is subject to changing trends. Every year and every few months, new makeup trends and tricks find their way into the spotlight. This is definitely welcome as it efficiently breaks the monotony of putting on the same makeup every time you step out of the house.

Changing makeup trends can apply to a complete look or individual areas of the face like nude lips and smoky eyes. Makeup trends are definitely subject to individual preferences which mean that some people may be comfortable with stunning and dramatic makeup while others might prefer something subtle; one way or the other, makeup trends for 2017 and 2018 has enough for both.

10 Latest Makeup Trends in 2018

1. Lip Gloss

lip gloss

If you’ve had enough of liquid matte lips in the last few years; you would be happy to know that the easy to apply and reapply lip gloss is back in a big way. Late 2017 brought back lip gloss and we will be seeing more of it in 2018.

The color story is bound to be gelato colors which also happen to be the reigning fashion trend for 2018. Lipgloss in shades of pink and red; ranging from light to darker shades are destined to rule. img

2. Less is More

less in more

Less is definitely more according to the latest makeup trends in India and this will be a reason for relief during the warmer months. 2018 will be the year to let your natural beauty shine through and healthy radiant skin will be valued even more than top of the line baking, strobing or contouring products.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean a completely makeup-free look. Minimal makeup will be effectively paired up with bold eyes or scarlet lips and no one is complaining. img

3. Statement Lips

statement lipss

2017 and most of 2018 is the time for statement lips on both pale and darker skin tones. Evening wear will be effectively complemented by statement lips in bold colors with a dash of glitter but common sense will prevail; so you won’t be seeing much of this look during the daytime.

Statement lips will definitely be the trend to make your own for parties and festive events and the emphasis is on contrasting statement lips with understated makeup for the rest of your visage. Less is more applies here too; barring the lips. img

4. Natural Brows

natural brows

Put your tweezers, powders and pencils away for a while as the latest makeup trends in India and around the world is calling for natural and straight; almost boyish brows. If you wish to celebrate after hearing this; we don’t blame you. This new trend is sure to save you a lot of time, effort and discomfort that comes with achieving dramatic arched brows that have been the trend in the last few years.

This trend is sure to work just as well in the office where you are expected to tone it down a few notches with makeup and will also have looking in keeping with the times when you are out and about having a good time. If you have great natural brows; that’s half the battle won but you can seek out external help with tinted gel to hold your brows and fill them out as well. It’s definitely not all natural but it’s almost there. img

5. Say Goodbye to Flawless Eyes

say good bye to flawless eyes

If you have had enough of looking the part of an Instagram model with flawless eye makeup; this is sure to be good news for you. 2017 was and 2018 will be the year for eye makeup with dramatic flaws. In keeping with this trend; it best to apply black liner that is interrupted or applied simply to the center of eyes. The picture above will make the trend adequately clear to you. There is an element of grunge in this trend that is sure to be welcomed by younger women.

Additionally; this trend doesn’t require an application of eyeliner which can cost a bit of time and effort. This look goes perfectly with nude makeup which gives the impression that you care enough to apply makeup but not nearly enough to get it right. img

6. Monochromatic


Makeup products that are multi-use can be of great advantage to you according to the latest makeup trends. The idea here is to go for a completely monochromatic look that is stunning and dramatic. As mentioned earlier; dramatic makeup may not work for everyone so the emphasis remains on finding a shade that is best for you.

With this look you can use the same shade of makeup to highlight and contour most of your visage. You can give this look a pass if you wish; as you can go for the largely makeup-free look that is also trending at the moment. img

7. Pink and Even More Pink

ping and more pink

Girls are taking pride in being girls and that is adequately displayed in the resurgence of pink makeup shades. The idea here is to get a flushed look with pale pink on all of the face including nude pink lips and subtle but dramatic gelato pink highlights for the eyes. The picture here could sufficiently help break down this look.

This look can be effectively contrasted with an androgynous pantsuit or it can be used to compliment an ultra-feminine pastel pink dress. img

8. Hyper Glossy Liquid Eye Liner

hyper glossy liquid eyeliner

If you have top of the line liquid eyeliner and you have mastered the art of application; its good news that liquid eyeliner is back since 2017 and we are going to be seeing a lot of it in 2018. The emphasis is on the shiny liquid liner which is best applied with a winged effect for dramatic eyes. img

9. Metallic Shades

metallic shades

The latest makeup trends in India also calls for metallic shades that are sure to beautify women with darker skin tones. We are predicting a fair dose of bronze, gold and silver shade makeup with an emphasis on the lips and the eyes. This trend is sure to be seen complimenting evening wear at parties and social events. img

10. Burgundy Mascara

burgundy mascara

Look out for lots of burgundy mascara as dictated by makeup trends for this year. Burgundy mascara is bound to give your lashes a rich look and feel depending on the quality of the product and getting the trend right depends on getting the right product. Burgundy mascara is sure to be big among Indian women this year. img

In conclusion; these are some of the trends that we have seen coming to prominence in late 2017 and as we predict; will continue to hold favour in 2018. It is important to reiterate that adopting any of these trends depends on your personal comfort and individual style.

We have made a conscious effort to put together makeup trends that range from subtle to dramatic; allowing every individual to adopt a trend or trends according to their personal taste. These trends are also intentionally easy to recreate at home with an emphasis on including every girl and woman with a passion for makeup.