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Why Bridal Diet Plans are not a good practice?

Marriage is one special day in all our lives. We spend months planning our marriage venue, caters, guest list, and many more. In major cases, brides what to stay fit on their wedding day and go for pre-bridal diet plans. More than 80% of Indian brides spend most of their time to take up a wedding diet plan.

But, why? Why you are looking for a fake beauty! Going for a one-month diet plan is no way a healthy practice for your health. There are people who take diets very seriously and go for diet pills, skip their meals, or even make themselves starve for one full day.

If you’re the one looking for a bridal diet plan to lose weight, then here I have listed some of the cautions that may occur due to sudden weight loss.

Change in metabolism rate

Metabolism rate is defined as a set of chemical compounds or reactions present in a living organism that functions to create or break the energy required for a living being. In simple terms, metabolism rate is that which your body burns calories or spread energy.

There are several ways our body metabolism burns the calories like through BMR, everyday activities, and exercises. It is well known that metabolism plays a major loss with body weight. Obesity is not only about the food we intake, but genes do matters. A sudden diet and exercise will reflect greatly in your metabolism rate.

Bridal diet chart
Diet and metabolism rate

Sudden starving, or diet will affect your immune system by damaging the intestinal tract. Instead of avoiding the food, make small changes in your food intake that maintain your BMR level and stay fit.

Nutrient deficiencies may show up in skin

A proper diet should involve equal sharing of all the nutrients in a measured quantity. If you’re cutting particular food products for a longer term then it shows up on your face. Lack of nutrient like iron deficiency ends up skin problems like itchiness, sore tongue, dark circles, and hair loss. And protein deficiency can lead to skin texture changes like scaly looks, rough red skin, and many more. Lack of Vitamin A and Vitamin K can lead to skin color changes and bruising.

Nutrient deficiency and skin problems
Nutrient deficiency and skin problems

While Vitamin B deficiency can lead to red rashes around your lips and gives a sore feeling. To avoid all these face skin problems, take up balanced nutrient food.

Problem with fertility

It is always better to get knowledge about things before taking up. There are both advantages and disadvantages of taking up a one-month wedding diet plans. Though you can lose the quality of weight in a month, there are certain problems that carry for the lifetime.

If a woman as a healthy BMI rate with regular mensuration, then gradual weight loss with proper nutrient will not reflect a great impact on her fertility. At the same time, if too much weight is lost in a short period then it will lead to starvation mode and shutting down the essential nutrients involved in the reproduction of vital functions.

Problem in fertility
Problem in fertility

Going for a gradual, and healthy weight loss will help to improve the fertility of the bride if she is overweight. Make sure that the women as a good BMI rate to avoid negative effects. As low BMI range can lead to irregular or no menstruation and in some cases, it may lead to an inability to get birth to a baby through its effects on ovulation.

Loss of hair fall

When dieting goes crashing then it can end up in negative effects on your body where hair fall is one among them. There are several reasons for a hair fall like stress, lack of sleep, or over emotional but, there are chances to regain the lost hair. It is all about a lack of nutrient deficiency, which tends to results in excess hair loss.

Loss of hairfall
Loss of hair fall

This might look common, but losing hair at the time of your wedding is not a good experience. This can even double your stress level at your marriage days.

Ruin your energy level

Incorporating exercise in your routine will make your metabolism stable and slowly gets adapted to its lifestyle. A proper diet needs all kinds of nutrients in it such as fiber, protein, calcium, etc., so, make sure that your bridal diet chart has balanced and proper nutrients in it.

Diet may ruin your energy
Diet may ruin your energy

To maintain a stable energy level you need to have three main nutrients protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Even, a small imbalance in the nutrient range can ruin your energy level. Being with a low energy on your wedding day is something you will never prefer.

Other cautions of bridal diet plans

In spite, all the medical causes of wedding diet planning, there are other cautions you need to remember before starting a diet. The first and foremost thing is that you will make your self-confidence low that is, you might achieve your desired weight loss for your wedding but later, when seeing your wedding photos, you will think like “I’m too fat now, I can never be as thin as on my wedding day!”. This will definitely put your hope down.

Bridal diet plan
Bridal diet plan

Other than that, it will put pressure on your head, all your focus goes on losing weight before your wedding instead, of having fun. In the chase of running behind false happiness, you will forget to enjoy the real one.

Above all, weight loss is not mandatory for perfect marriage. It is not required that you need to sketch out a perfect figure on your wedding dress. Make your presence beautiful with your real figure with confidence. Don’t hook for a temporary happiness, instead make a practice of regular exercise in your day to day circle to maintain the metabolism. Post the one-month bridal diet plan you may also end up in doubling the original weight. So, carry out a stable and healthy food and exercise throughout your life for a healthier life.

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7 Attractive Indian Themed Wedding Cake Designs for Your Big Day

Wedding cakes are no else importance in an Indian wedding ceremonies. A newly weds couple celebrate their marriage by cutting a cake which is quite normal and popular in India. Cake cutting gives a joyfull feel for both the couples and the family. It plays a vital role in all parts of the wedding ceremonies like engagement, reception and many more. So, couples give more importance in choosing their wedding cakes.

Each couple feel that their wedding cake should be special and sole from others wedding cakes. There are different lumps in choosing a cake like flavours, designs, toppings, theme, and decorations.

In this article, I have clubbed some of the mouth watery and tempting wedding cake images and ideas. Add the one of your choice to the wedding list.

1. Royal Wedding Cake

Every groom is a prince and every bride is a princess on their wedding day. This royal red and white flavors of wedding cake designs with layers of tiers will give a royal wedding touch on your special day. The center red tier implies the crown of the prince which is decorated with pearls and white stones. Red roses on the top enhances the beauty of the cake.

Royal wedding cake
Designed by- Soma Sengupta
Royal wedding cake
Designed by- Everylittleshaadithing

2. Peacock Themed Wedding Cake

We always adopt for a theme in all parts of our wedding, similarly if you prefer to go ahead with a themed based wedding cake then you can go for peacock themed. The beautiful shades of peacock feathers will give a colorfull tiers of wedding cake. Have a look at the peacock themed wedding cake images.

Peacock wedding cake
Designed by- AC Ellis
Peacock wedding cake
Designed by-Patrice Shillingford

3. Saree Themed Wedding Cake

The importance of following the tradition is reflected in wedding cakes also! this is another type of  themed wedding cake. Saree plays a vital role in a bride’s wedding diary, so the cake implies the same. The first wedding cake carries a full theme of a South Indian wedding in it. The top layer is designed with the couples traditional dhorti and saree with kalasam above and the bottom tier is decorated with mallipoo designs.

Designed by- karthika shravanth

This wedding cake design implies a hand woven red and gold silk saree placed above green board. which is decorated with gold jewellery and mallipoo. To add beauty to the design the bride and groom photo is placed at the center.

Traditional wedding cake
Designed by-

This is another style of saree themed wedding cake decorations which as a silk saree in the center with gold jewellery like necklace, earrings, and bangles surrounded by. This theme cake can be used for bride welcoming ceremony.

Saree wedding cake
Designed by-K.Js Divine cakes

4. Personalized Couple Idols Wedding Cake

Why dont we go for a couple idol wedding cake to celebrate our own wedding day? there are many wedidnd cake toppers available, but couple idols are something unique especially a South Indian idols. Lets come out of the barbie dolls toppers and try out this interesting toppers to our wedding cakes. If you prefer for a distinctive wedding cake decoration for your wedding then this would be the right choice.

Couple wedding cake
Designed by- Cakesdecor

Celebrating the couples is the primary goal of a wedding cake then why don’t we implement it in the cake as well? Yes, go for a personalized wedding cake toppers for your special day and make it even bigger. There are many different themes of personalized wedding cake designs available, pick the one that best figures out your wedding outfits.

personalized wedding cake
Designed by- photographick

5. Traditional Wedding Cake

Culture and tradition is followed all parts of the wedding, same as in wedding cake. A four tier wedding cake designed in the theme of the prince crown in the bottom and princess saree on the top layer. This implies that the groom promises his bride to carry her in his shoulder forever. The top tier of the cake is designed with kalasam and impression of the couple hands holding together. A single cake carries many promises and story in it.

South Indian wedding cake
Designed by- cakesdecor

6. Generous Elephant cake

Elephant are always considered to be a sign of royalty. Generally, prince comes in a giant decorated elephant to marry the princess. So, why don’t we imply that in the wedding cake to resemble a royal marriage touch. A cusions of beds with elephant on the top and three tiers of elephant carrying the bride and the groom will really give you a royal and eyecatchy cake for your wedding.

Wedding cake toppers
Designed by- Tiers of happiness
South Indian wedding cake
Designed by- Aakash Gaikwad

7. Simple printed tier cake

If you prefer to stay simple yet a stunning wedding cake then you can go with this printed style cake design. The layers of the cake is given a matt finish to highlight the beauty of the golden prints.

Wedding cake designs
Designed by- Cakesdecor

There are different printing styles and patterns available, you can choose the best design of your wish. You can go for a parrot caged themed printed wedding cake design.

Wedding cake decorations
Designed by- Beth

These are the top 7 trending wedding cake designs which you need to try out for your wedding ceremonies. Hope, you enjoyed reading this article, comment below the cake design you liked in the comment box.

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Top 10 Reasons of Not Having the Desired Weight Loss

There’s one thing common to all the brides across the world. As soon as our wedding date is fixed, we hop into the nearest gym or fitness club to get that much-required weight loss and get a perfect shape for the wedding dress. Your sleep goes up for the toss when you see the needle in the weighing machine isn’t stopping at your desired number, even after doing whatever the gym instructor have been asking you for the last one or two months.

Your pre-wedding fitness regime includes a lot many factors than just your daily workout plans and diet. So all you South Indian brides, have a look at the probable reasons given below, which are might be coming in between you and your desired weight.

Pre-Wedding Fitness Regime for South Indian Brides

1. Mothers and Aunts saying, “Don’t step out. You’ll be tanned!”

exercise in gym

Mothers and aunts of the would-be brides often advise not to step out of the house as they’re worried of getting the sun tan, or even evil eyes; once the wedding date gets fixed. But this will not work for you in case you want to wear a fishtail lehenga for your wedding reception party.

You will definitely, have to, step out of your home and do some physical exercise and burn those extra calories. In case you want to skip the sun and not go out for jogging or running in a park or in open air space, then go to a fitness club or gym and grill yourself in a thorough workout regime. Mix cardio and resistance training or weight training in the regime and follow it daily without a miss.

2. Lifting weights will turn my figure manly!

weight lifting

Get the myths out of you! Doing resistance training like lifting dumbbells, and other forms of weights is equally important as running on treadmills or doing cardio. Doing weight lifting boosts your metabolism and thus you tend to burn the stubborn fat more. You get those much-craved curves as added bonus apart from losing weight.

3. More Hunger for Newly Joined Gym Members

Join gym for weight loss

Talking about the gym, one often feels more hunger just after joining a rigorous workout schedule. That’s quite normal, so don’t panic. You need to keep the energy store of your body full in order to recover from the gym’s hard workouts unless you’ll feel fatigued.

But make sure that you consult your trainer or nutritionist at your gym so that you can maintain the required calories without throwing the results of the workout in vain.

4. Mom pampering you like she won’t see you anymore!


Keep that extra pampering by mom at bay. Make her realise that it’s not like you won’t get to eat at your husband’s place. You need to follow a strict diet and avoid food having excess oil, butter or even clarified butter.

5. Say no to cappuccino even if your fiancé insists!


Avoid meeting your fiancé quite often at coffee shops, for the simple reason you can’t have so much of caffeine in your system. As for tea, switch to the healthy green tea that will actually help to burn your belly fat. Avoid the milky sugary tea as much as possible.

6. Give your incessant ‘getting hitched’ parties a break! Let there be one and for all


If every time you go to invite a friend puts you in a position to throw a party then hold on. You really don’t have to hold individual parties or treats of getting the wedding date fixed. Rather get a grand treat for all the friends. This way you not only keep your wallet warm but also avoid eating the restricted diet multiple times.

7. Street Foods while Wedding Shopping is a Blunder!

Street food

Weddings call for frequent shopping and while doing so you end up gobbling loads and loads of street foods. This not only adds on pounds of fat on you but also harms your health internally which reflects on your dull skin and poor hair. So, better you carry a small tiffin box of fresh fruits or nuts and biscuits as munchies for the hours’ long shopping days.

8. Check for Sugar Content in Health Drinks


It’s good to have healthy drinks like the packaged fruit juices, etc. But always check for the sugar content or added sugar numbers available on the product’s label. This thing can put all your hard work up for a toss. The fruits juices with extra glucose should be avoided.

9. Over Stress or Wedding Jitters


Wedding jitters aren’t just for men. The brides suffer from too much of anxiety, stress or wedding jitters as the marriage date approaches. This takes a toll on their health and might even be a hurdle in getting the desired weight loss. So, just talk it out to your fiancé or best friend and fill yourself with all good and exciting thoughts.

10. You’re eating healthy BUT more than the required amount


It is important that you eat healthy throughout the day. But as mentioned earlier, you can’t afford to overeat and make your daily workouts a failure. Try to monitor the total calorie intake for each day. Get a nutritionist or dietician who’ll help you with this. Also, these days you get various mobile apps to guide you on this.

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16 Best Breakfast Options you should try just One Month before your Wedding

Breakfast is ‘breaking fast’. Being the first meal of the day, it definitely carries a lot more importance than the other meals. With just one month to go for your wedding, you become fussy and avoid eating a lot of foods which you usually die for.

But even if you are dieting strictly in order to lose weight, you can never skip breakfast. Doing so will not only create alimentary or digestive ailments but also make it difficult to lose weight quite ironically, as the body tends to retain the fat due to lack of calories. Here is a list of the foods that you should ideally include in your breakfast.

1. Oats to get that Fish-Cut Lehenga Figure


Oatmeal or Oats definitely top the chart here! With full of fibre and all the required nutrients, this is a wholesome food that keeps you full for a long time and thus helps you with dieting in a much healthy way. Oats is great at controlling the cholesterol level without draining you of energy.

Eating oats reduce your waistline as you feel full and skip those extra junk snacks in between your meals. So brides, who are hoping to get fish cut lehengas for your wedding reception, make oats an integral part of your diet chart. 

Interesting Ways of Having the Bland Oats

In case you find it too bland and boring to have plain oats every day, you may caramelize some banana slices and add them to your oatmeal as shown in the above picture; or crush a few bars of chocolate, or spoons of chocolate sauce, or some tangy fresh fruits like oranges, strawberries, kiwis, etc.; or simply a generous amount of honey and jam!

2. Hatch The Eggs


Eggs are a great source of high protein, iron, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids. They offer us the disease-fighting nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin. So having two eggs a day can fetch you a great health.

Like oats, Egg is also a super food. It makes you feel full, so you stay away from the high-calorie quick bites in between the meals and avoid the excess calories to get that desired shape.

Be it egg boils or sunny side ups (like the one shown in the picture above), French toasts for omelettes, make egg an integral part of your breakfast. You may have eggs on alternate days.

Being a good source of protein eggs are important for people who are on a low carb and high protein diet. Eggs are really helpful in weight loss without losing out the nutrients.

3. Brown Bread for Toasts

brown bread

Whenever possible try to use brown bread for your morning toasts instead of the regular white bread. While manufacturing white bread, the flour gets more processed and that’s why the germ and bran of the wheat grain get removed, leaving only the starchy endosperm which is of least nutrition.

Having brown bread will make you avoid the added sugar and high fructose corn syrup of white bread consuming which on regular basis may cause diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

4. Multi-grain Bread and Biscuits

multi grain bread

Talking about toasts and bread, you should also try having multi-grain bread whenever possible. Multi-grain bread is made using more than a single type of grain. They include oat, barley and a few more apart from the regular wheat. Thus they contain vitamins like B1, B2, B3, E; folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron apart from the dietary fibre.

So you can understand what nutritional value a multi-grain adds to your health and thereby gives you that much required natural inner glow on your face and skin before your wedding.

5. It’s Good to Be Nuts


Almonds help in maintaining the blood sugar, blood pressure levels and also cholesterol levels low. Walnuts help with the health of heart as they are rich in Omega 2 fatty acids, and also strengthen bones. Although high in calories, cashew nuts are full of essential minerals and good fats.

Want to impress your in-laws by being a highly active and intelligent daughter-in-law? NUTS will help you in this mission! Have a handful of almonds or any of the other nuts and feel the change in you.

6. Honey Who’ll Never Hurt You


Honey is rich in Vitamin B and other necessary minerals. It has low glycemic index, which is why it doesn’t affect the blood sugar levels like sugar does. So you can use it as a substitute of sugar in whichever food you want. It can be an excellent dressing element for your toasts, milk, confectionaries, etc.

Having honey improves our voice. So if you are a to-be bride have honey to sing in a sweeter voice to your fiancé or husband.

7. Edible Rings of Medhu Vada

medhu vada

Medhu Vadas might be a fried food, but quite a popular choice for breakfast menu. Made of urad dal which is rich in iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, protein and Vitamin B; this is a great food to have, especially for the vegetarians. You can make this fried snack with the help of air fires so that it requires the least possible oil and becomes a totally healthy food, in every way.

Eating vada improves moisture in your body naturally and thus you don’t need a frequent spa for getting silky smooth skin. So try to love this edible rings while you are already in love with your solitaire!

8. Yummy Venn Pongal Filling Tummy


Pongal is a highly nutritious and yummy food. It is one of the best options to have for breakfast. It’s a dish where rice is boiled in milk with added lentils or moong dal, jaggery and bit of cumin; and usually served with sambar or coconut chutney.

Interestingly, eating Pongal reduces stress and thereby reduces hair fall.

9. Mixed Vegetable Stew or Sambar


Nothing can be easier than this South Indian mixed vegetable stew. Just take some fresh vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, okra, French beans, sweet potatoes, eggplant, etc. and brim it for a while. Season it with a pinch of salt, cinnamon powder and a few curry leaves.

Nothing beats the good effects of eating seasonal vegetables on our health, skin and hair; so sambar is definitely something to swear on, for all you South Indian brides-to-be.

10. Desi Pancakes or Appam


We Indians have our own version of pancakes in form of appams. These are made from a batter of fermented rice and coconut milk. Extremely easy to make, appams are a popular choice in Indian breakfast menu.

In case you are thinking of a light yet healthy breakfast then appam is the solution for you.   

11. From North To South, Upma All Pervasive


Upma is a common breakfast food which is very much fond by children. Whether among North Indians or South Indians, Upma is pretty much popular nutritious food. It is a thick porridge made of semolina or coarse rice flour with some added vegetables and nuts.

This can be a good change in your daily breakfast when you get bored of stuff like oatmeal and protein shakes. With high nutritional value, it will keep your daily calorie count in check too.

12. The English Way Of Assorted Fruit Platter

fruit platter

One should always try to have at least one fruit a day. Raw fruits are better than the canned fruit juices as they are rich in fibre content. Try out the different fresh seasonal fruits every day. Try to make a fruit platter of assorted fruits like kiwis, oranges, apples, berries, etc. and have and include them in your daily breakfast. This way you’ll get a lot of vitamins and fibre.

It’s known to all, how fresh cut fruits and juices help us in getting a glowing and beautiful skin and hair; which is so very important for anyone whose marriage is round the corner.

13. A Glass of Fruit Juice

fruit juice

At times a glass of fresh fruit juice is all you need to feel fresh and kick start your day. Try different fruits on a weekly basis, if not daily. Try to avoid the canned ones with preservatives in them. Instead get your juice done at your home by simply using your juicer.

Flush out the toxins out of your system and get a flawless glowing skin with a daily glass of fruit juice in the morning. Especially in summers, it gives you a refreshing start.

14. Puttu


It’s a steamed rice cake very popular in South India. Being easy to make with coconut flavour, this is a common breakfast food which is healthy as well.

This is yet another interesting twist to the regular breakfast menu. Quite popular among South Indians, puttu is a filler (just like oatmeal) and great to start a day with.

15. Oats Idli for the Calorie Conscious

oats idli

Who doesn’t like those lovely soft supple idlis? But for those who are on a diet control mode can go for Oats idlis instead of the regular ones. Have them with sambar and coconut chutney.

People who are on low carbs diet should certainly try the oat idlis instead of the regular fermented rice idlis, or the white idlis. This way you not only get the required fibre but also keep the calories in check.

16. Last But Not the Least MILK


MILK should have topped the chart, isn’t it? It’s the one food with all the nutrients. Considering this fact, many of us just rush to the workplace after gulping one glass of milk; which we shouldn’t be doing.

Having milk gives you almost all the required nutrients. Being rich in protein, B12, etc.; milk will help you in attaining a healthy glowing skin and hair. This is a super food which every nutritionist or dietician will suggest to have at least once in 24 hours.  

Losing weight in a short time often gives brides panic attack. But with TBG nutritionist, it becomes a healthy and easy-going thing. In case you are a would-be South Indian bride, taking too much tension about getting the right weight in a healthy way, then TBG is the answer for you. Contact us and we’ll guide you thoroughly.

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Why Organic foods are not the only Healthy option for Brides?

There has been a sudden upsurge in the consumption of organic foods amongst us with the growing health awareness. There are people going overboard to get all organic fruits and vegetables; especially South Indian brides who are to be married off soon, are really concerned about having a healthy living to get a healthy glowing skin and hair. But what you need to know is that you can actually do without visiting organic retail outlets and getting huge bills.

1. Lacto-Fermented Vegetables

Lacto-Fermented Vegetables

Lacto-fermented veggies, such as pickles, kimchee and sauerkraut, are potent detoxifiers. Although their name may sound intimidating, these crisp, tangy veggies are not difficult to make or eat. These veggies have very high levels of probiotics, which break down and eliminate toxins from the body. Making lacto-fermented veggies takes nothing more than salt or any of the fermenting agents, vegetables and filtered water.

2. Respite In Form of Oats

Respite In Form Of Oats

If on one hand we have major food crops affected by the chemical injects, then on the other hand we also have respite in form of oats whose cultivation is yet not affected by the chemical fertilizations and pesticides. Oat is a whole grain food which is highly rich in fibre content. It is extremely nutritious and helpful if losing weight. Oats give you all the much required nutrients and also keeps your tummy full so that you don’t feel the hunger to grab the fast food bites.

3. Add Some Not So Popular Yet Nutritious Foods In Your Bridal Diet

bitter gourd

You can play a trick on your diet by including the food items which are not so popular, be it for the taste or lesser availability or even due to difficulty level in preparation; yet they are highly nutritious. Bitter gourd or bitter melons, unknown green vegetables, millets, etc. are good examples of such foods.

4. Digestive Foods Which You Usually Ignore

digestive foods

Adding digestive foods like zucchini, digestive biscuits, wholegrain food, fishes, clarified butter or ghee, etc. in your daily diet will add up the nutritional values in your system, and also make you a healthier being with better immunity.

5. Protein Rich Food Items

Protein Rich Food Items

Get a high protein and low carb diet. Add more and more protein rich food items in your daily food diet chart. Make sure foods like milk, fish, almonds, chicken, egg, etc. are decent part of your regular diet.

6. Fresh Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables

Fresh Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables

It is very important that you buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. Being the seasonal ones, they are grown without much application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Thus you not only get an economic grocery shopping by avoiding the expensive organics but also get to utilize the nutritional benefits of those seasonal foods, and get a healthy glowing skin before your wedding.

7. Breakfast And Snacks Food Items

Breakfast And Snacks Food Items

Add multi-grain breads and other types of whole grain foods in your breakfast and snacks. Adding multi-grain will add protein and fibre in your diet, eventually giving you a fit and strong physic.

8. Smoothies Which Are Great In Nutritional Value

healthy smoothies

You can actually make some really tasty and healthy smoothies in your kitchen in no time. Make a thick paste out of some fruits, vegetables and nuts in a blender with milk or juice. Add naturally sweet fruits with a dash of cocoa powder, tobasco sauce or alcohol.

9. Commonly Grown Foods Which Are Not Commercially Exploited

grown foods

It is for the wellness of not only your skin but also your health, try to get fruits and vegetables which are not commercially exploited by the usage of chemicals. You might be surprised to know that most of the commonly bought vegetables like potato, tomato and onion; are grown throughout the world during all seasons by utilizing different chemicals.

You think we missed out anything? Feel free to suggest! Use the comment section below and let others know if there are other potential healthy alternatives for organic foods.

Image courtesy: Pixabay, Flickr, Wikimedia commons, Wikipedia