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8 Unique Nethi Chutti Design Every Bride Needs To Know!

Nethi chutti is one of the essential bridal jewellery ( known as Maang Tikka in North India). It plays an important role and a beautiful piece of ornament which gives a complete bridal look. With a lot of nethi chutti designs in the trend, it is very difficult for a bride to choose one out of hundreds. In this article, we have clubbed 8 unique nethi chutti designs that will give a stunning look to all the brides.

 1. Single Layered Kemp Nethi Chutti

Kemp style nethi chutti is one of the traditional yet the most preferred design of all time. Let it be manga shaped or contemporary designs with red stones, it gives a flashy and lovely look for all the South Indian brides.

2. Board Pendant Nethi Chutti

If you’re looking for a simple and elegant way then this type of nethi chutti would be the right choice. This type of nethi chutti design suits for all face cuts.

3. Layered Stone Nethi Chutti

Layered nethi chutti is one of the most preferred design by modern brides. You can see a variety of layered maang tikka design with golden balls, white pearls, red stones, etc., this layered style gives a classic and stunning look on your wedding day.

4. White Stone Nethi Chutti

Get rid of the usual gold plated nethi chutti and try out this different style of whitestone nethi chutti. The chutti in the center and the string covering your forehead will give you a vintage bridal look.

5. Traditional Kemp Nethi Chutti Design

This style of nethi chutti is the most preferred one by South Indian brides. Nothing can replace the beauty and traditional look that it gives. The Sun and the moon with the kemp stones add essence to the bride. Though new designs do invade this style of nethi chutti always stays in fashion even after ages.

6. Kundan Nethi Chutti

Most of the brides love to adorn for kundan jewellery as it gives a royal look. The bright Kundan nethi chutti is available in single and multiple layers. Have a look at the inspiring Kundan maang tikka!

7. Single Pendant Nethi Chutti

This type of nethi chutti is preferred for the wedding reception. If you’re opting for a grand Kanchipuram silk saree or lehenga then this is the best option if you do not want to overdo things. You can also make your single nethi chutti into pendant one by covering the string beneath the hair.

8. Mughal Style Nethi Chutti

Mughal style nethi chutti commonly known as the Jhumar Tikka is one of the most favourite design of North Indian Brides. Now, even our South Indian brides have started flaunting this nethi chutti style.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this article. Try out any of this nethi chutti design for your big day. Also, comment below your favourite style in the comment box.

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How to Select Bridal Jewellery Based on Personality

It may sound cliché but it is true that fashion is an extension of an individual’s personality and the
reflection of personality in fashion extends to almost any attire, accessory or jewelry items a person
chooses to wear; whether it’s casual, formal or even bridal. Keeping this in mind; this blog aims to
concentrate on bridal jewelry that matches the different personalities of different brides and in keeping
with the subject; listed below are varying trending bridal jewelry items for brides with varying
personalities. Scroll down to know more.

Top 10 Stunning Bridal Jewelry Pieces for Brides of Varying Personalities
Indian women are evolving with the times and in this day and age; women in India have an opinion
when it comes to bridal fashion and that opinion is often in keeping with their individual tastes and
personalities. When women shop for bridal jewelry; the emphasis is on finding the kind of jewelry pieces
that best suit their personality and the top ten jewelry items listed below is sure to attract different soon
to be brides with different personalities. Scroll down to peruse through and know more about these top
10 bridal jewelry picks that could very well be an extension of your personality.

Bridal Jewelry for the Traditional Bride
Customs, culture and traditions are an inherent part of life in India; and many women are so deeply
rooted in customs and traditions that it becomes an extension of their personality. These women prefer
to dress in Indian ethnic wear on a regular basis and on their wedding day they prefer the most exquisite
traditional bridal wear with traditional bridal jewelry. There is no dearth of fabulous jewelry options for
these women as most Indian jewelry makers and designers put great emphasis on traditional motifs and
form during the jewelry designing process. Listed below are four beautiful traditional bridal jewelry
pieces for the traditional Indian bride.

1. The Traditional Matha Patti

When on a quest for traditional Indian jewelry to match your traditional personality; one cannot forget
the exquisite matha patti. When translated from Hindi to English; the “Matha Patti” simply means
headband but this gorgeous Indian bridal jewelry item is far from simple. Traditional Indian jewelers
painstakingly create these exquisite headpieces and when you find the one that suits you best; nothing
can stop you from looking the part of a gorgeous Indian bride.

2. Kundan Choker with Kundan Mang Tika

By definition; Kundan jewelry is an intrinsically traditional form of jewelry making that involves
fashioning jewelry from pure gold and various gemstones. Kundan jewelry mainly pertains to exquisite

neckpieces and the picture above is an excellent example of traditional Kundan bridal jewelry made
specifically for the traditional Indian bride.

3. Kangan and Churi

Translated from Hindi to English; “Kangan and Churi” literally means bracelets and bangles and these
accessories for the hands are of great importance to the traditional Indian bride. It is important to note
that the “Kangan and Churi” holds symbolic value to traditional Indian women even after marriage and
as such is an important bridal jewelry purchase for soon to be brides with a traditional personality.

4. Nose Ring or Nathni

The nose ring or “Nathni” truly completes the look of traditional Indian brides which is what makes it
an important purchase for soon to be brides with a traditional personality.

5. Temple Jewellery for The Traditional South Indian Bride

The South of India has a whole set of customs and a distinctive culture of its own. Women in the South of India place high value on tradition and culture and this often becomes an extension of their personalities. South Indian Temple jewellery is set apart for the fact that it is primarily made from pure gold and often features elaborate heavy gold neckpieces, kamarbandhs, payals and bangles that go perfectly with the South Indian Kanjeevaram Saree. The fact that many South Indian brides stick to this whole look combined of traditional elements is indicative of traditional personality that values cultural heritage.

Bridal Jewelry for the Modern Bride

As mentioned before; many Indian women are breaking the mold when it comes to conventional perceptions of what an Indian woman should be. Superficially; this is most evident in the sartorial choices of the modern Indian woman and these fashion and style choices often extend to her bridal attire. Listed below are 3 great examples of jewelry items that are perfect for the modern Indian bride.

6. Diamond Necklace for Engagement



While the traditional bride can’t get enough of traditional gold jewelry; the modern bride is more likely to covet precious diamonds for her wedding day or even flaunt these exquisite pieces on her engagement day. This diamond necklace is a perfect example of the appeal of diamonds for women with a forward bent of mind and a modern personality. This ethereal cluster of diamonds that perfectly accentuates the neck of a modern bride is definitely high up on the list of modern bridal jewelry worth wearing and makes for an enchanting engagement accessory.

7. Diamond and Emerald Necklace

The appeal of diamonds and other precious stones is strong for the modern Indian woman and this diamond and emerald necklace is the perfect example of bridal jewelry items soon to be bride with a modern bent of mind should be on the lookout for.

8. Minimalistic Nose Rings





The idea of a traditional “Nathni” may seem too cumbersome for a soon to be modern Indian bride but it’s safe to say that these minimalistic nose rings will suit this personality type just fine.  

9. One Statement Piece



Modern women generally prefer jewelry that is minimalistic however Indian weddings and the expectations that come with it; leave little room for a minimalistic approach to bridal jewelry. As such; modern women can revel in the stunning effect of one statement piece of bridal jewelry that more than makes up for the lack of other adornments. This exquisite necklace with uncut diamonds and colored stones is an excellent example. Encrusted with dazzling gemstones; it is sure to capture and keep the attention of onlookers.

Bridal Jewelry for the Fusion Bride

Many Indian women perfectly encapsulate both modern ideas and traditional values which often becomes an extension of their personality. This state of perfect fusion extends to their sartorial choices inclusive of bridal attire and jewelry. Listed below are 2 items of fusion jewelry that is sure to capture the imagination of such women.

10. Contemporary Kangan





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 7 Accessories that Usually Overlooked by Brides in their Wedding 

Indian weddings are known to be a grand affair with multiple ceremonies and celebrations lasting days. The guest lists go into the hundreds and even thousands. Every detail of each function is intricately planned by the bride, groom and their parents to ensure that their family and friends have a great time.

A wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. it’s also a day where stress can play havoc if you’re not prepared. Since the big fat Indian wedding is not an easy event to survive unscathed, so let’s get planning for it.

Bridal Accessories
Bridal Accessories usually overlooked

Are you a Complete Bride with all Bridal Accessories ??

Once after choosing your wedding outfit, the most important thing that should be on your list is Bridal accessories. Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day and you can’t achieve this without the best Indian wedding accessories to complement your outfit.

After all, a wedding is the special event where you can accessorize as much as you want. Also, How much ever you accessorize the bride, that much she shines on her Big Day. don’t you?

There are so many things to buy and arrange for your wedding. It’s obvious to overlook few of those wedding accessories. However, it’s the small details that make your wedding unique and special, so run through some important adornments that should present in your checklist to make sure you’ve got all the Bridal accessories you need.

1. Maang Tikka or Matha Patti

Maang Tikka is a precious Hair jewellery item which is cheerfully adopted by a woman and it fetches her centre of attraction due to its elegant appearance and lavishing lustre.

The maang tikka is worn at the centre parting of the hair with a classy pendant falling over the forehead. A good looking gemstone can be accompanied with gold maang tikka which complements the overall appearance of a bride.

Maang Tikka
Maang Tikka or Paapidi Billa

Brides were accessorizing their head with Heavy Matha Patti earlier days with Surya and Chandra billas on either side of Hair Partitions. This Matha Patti gives Grandeur look to the bride. Since the brides whoever wants to be simple but elegant can stick to heavy Maang Tikka instead of Matha Patti.

Matha Patti
Matha Patti

There is a chance that you may forget this elegant jewellery during your wedding due to hurry in that wedding events and wishing wedding guests who wanted to visit the bride before the wedding.

What to do If you don’t have Matha Patti?

Don’t be panic, in case if you forget the Maang Tikka. Try to accessorize your head with Any necklace with pendant hanging and secure the necklace ends with pins. You can even try Pearl String as Matha Patti.  Gemstone Pendant certainly works great with this Fix. I promise you to seem like a princess with this trick.

Necklace as Matha Patti
Shriya Bhopal wore Diamond Necklace with emerald pendant as Matha patti in her wedding

2. Nose ring (Nath)

This has got to be one of the most overlooked accessories for the wedding day. A nose ring is worn through the left nostril by Hindu women on the wedding.

Not only on the wedding but also on other auspicious occasions makes the Woman’s face more prettier. It is perhaps one of the most ethnic Indian ornaments, worn through a piercing in the nostril.

Nose Ring
Nose Ring

It is generally made out of gold and silver, as big as a bangle or as small as a nose pin, with precious stones studded. The Nath generally having a chain on one side connecting it to the hair behind the ear.  Mostly these Bangle size  Hoop Naths are must wear nose ring for North Indian bride.

The spot for the nose pierce is linked to the reproductive organs of a woman. For that reason, women get piercing done before their wedding itself.

Nose Ring
Hoop Nose Ring in Bangle Size

In case if your nose piercing is not yet done and you are unenthusiastic towards Nose Piercing then, Pressing nose rings are the best option. Don’t miss out this nose-rings since it gives a complete bridal look.

What to do If you don’t have Nose Ring?

If you forget about this nose pin, you can easily resemble the nose ring with Stone studded bindi tikka. The stone as a nose ring that sparkles like a diamond stud with photography lights.

Pressing Nose ring
Pressing Nose ring

3. Anklets or Payal

Anklets are chains that are worn around the ankles, most often attached with a bunch of chiming beads. It may be a slender chain or it may be thick multi-layered design. It is generally made of silver as wearing on your feet is considered to be auspicious.

Since Gold ankles should be worn by only Royal Ladies on their feet, Silver or Kundan fancy anklets are preferred by most of the brides. Most importantly, No One will allow the Hindu Bride without anklets at their feet since it got it own significance in every tradition.

Don’t compromise with these heavy anklets during your wedding because anklet makes their mark when your toe rings are adored at the wedding and consequently enhances your feet’s beauty.

Anklets with mehendi

What to do If you don’t have Anklets?

You can simulate any fancy or oxidized necklaces pairs  or studded chains since they seem like real anklets.

Kundan necklace pair as Anklet

3. Matilu and Champaswaralu or Ear Chains

Matilu known as Maattal in some places in south India are chain shaped jewel used to hook in the hair from the earring stud. These matilu are worn from the front of the ear which supports your heavy Bridal Jhumkas or earrings. These Matilu  are most often made up of  Gold & diamonds.

Matilu Ear accessories

Likewise, Champaswaralu also Chains those will be attached from ear stud or hair from the back of the ear. These Champaswaralu are multi-string chains available with or without hangings.  The pearl or Gemstone like ruby or emerald studded hangings are trendy now a days. These ear accessories gives feminine look any bride.


Never miss out these Ear accessories because they enhances your beauty during side photo-shots.

4. Haathphool

Haath means Hand + Phool means Flowers

These are a type of jewelry meant to be worn by the bride in her hands. Four or five rings are worn on the fingers from which chains emerge attaching them with a central motif which further is connected to a bracelet by another chain. These are most often made of gold and studded with Kundan work or precious stones.

Haath Phool

These Haathphool are available in simple designs as well , they are simplified further with a single ring instead of five rings attached from a bracelet. HaathPhool also available  with a studded chain with ruby or emerald or Polka dots to grab even more attraction.

two Finger Rings
Two Finger Rings

Also, two finger attached rings became popular for Sangeeth or Reception events. These haathphool hand accessory looks great when you hold coconut or ‘Thalambralu’, Because those are very  the significant traditional events in most of South Indian weddings.

Haath Phool During wedding
Haath Phool During wedding

5. Waist side Hip Chains or Waist Accessories

This is generally a simple or elaborate ornament meant for the bride to wear on side of her waist. This emphasizes the femininity of her waist and improves her overall figure. These are different from Waist Belts or oddiyanam because waist belts are wore around the waist where as these Hip chains are wore just one side of the Hip.

These Belly Hip chains are just like multi layered chains with hooks attached on both sides. These  side chains can be paired with Waist-belts or you can wear the hip chains alone to get a resplendent bridal look .

waist side chain
Hip Chain

What to do If  you don’t have Side Hip Chains?

In case if you overlooked these Hip chains, try any pearl  strings or step chains or  plain or pendent necklace can be wore as hip chains by securing the both  ends with safety pins. Pair these string chains with Waist belt rather single to get the complete look.

Pearl strings as Side Hip Chain
Pearl strings as Side Hip Chain

6. Hair accessories Juda pins or Hair Clips

Most of the south Indian brides go for Floral or Gold Poola-Jada for the wedding with some pretty  studded Jooda pins. What about pre-wedding and post wedding ceremony hair styles??  which ever hairstyle you go for Pre-wedding or Post-wedding ceremonies, these Hair accessories are so important besides the flowers.

A pretty embellished pin adds some charm to a bun or hairstyle. Jooda pin for the bridal bun, Jada Chains for Open Hair styles, Fancy Hair clips for the braid for South Indian brides must have hair accessories.

Hair Accessories for Brides
Hair Accessories for Brides

These are some of the Bridal accessories you may overlook in your wedding but they add their significant mark for you as a bride. Hence, Make a list of all your bridal accessories and check them while shopping and just before you leave for your D-Day. So that you can sparkle in your wedding with all bridal Accessories.

Do you find this post useful? Comment below and share it with to-be brides if you don’t want them to miss out anything during their wedding…

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Other than this there are many more bridal accessories which are used by modern brides. Watch the below video to know more about the trending bridal jewellery which is preferred by today’s bride.

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How to Mix and Match Different Bridal Jewellery Types to Look Traditional & Trendy

Every soon to be bride wishes to look her best on her wedding day and women take all sorts of fashion measures to achieve this goal. Indian brides on the other hand; have so much to work with when it comes to bridal wear including but not limited to bridal jewellery.

It is quite common for most Indian brides to take the traditional route and opt for exquisite traditional bridal jewellery on their wedding day but many brides do opt for a different look which often involves mixing and matching bridal jewellery pieces for a traditional yet trendy outcome.

This blog aims to present effective suggestions for soon to be brides looking for tips on how to effectively mix and match different pieces of contemporary and traditional jewellery. Read further to know more.

10 Stunning Trendy and Traditional Bridal Jewellery Ideas

When it comes to fashion; the best way to make an effective presentation is with pictures that drive home the point being made and this blog aims to do just that. Scroll down for stunning pictures that are suggestive of ways to mix and match bridal jewellery for a look that is both traditional and trendy. Corresponding information with all pictures will serve as added guidance. Read further to know more.

Statement Pieces

One way to go against the grain and achieve a bridal look that is both traditional and trendy is to opt for statement piece bridal jewellery. By definition; a statement piece bridal jewellery item is the “piece de resistance” that the rest of your bridal jewellery merely compliments. Technically; “less is more” is a fashion fundamental that has been an essential truth for a while now and statement piece bridal jewellery can help carry off the “less is more” bridal look.

1. An antique brooch like mang tikka with a brilliant and precious gemstone is yet another way for modern-minded soon to brides to carry off a bridal look that is both trendy and traditional. The trick here is to go minimal in terms of other jewellery and let your mang tikka steal the limelight for you.

statement pieces

2. This is yet another approach to letting the “less is more fashion” fundamental work for you. While the matha Matha Patti is indicative of the statement piece; it is easy to see how almost no other bridal jewellery pieces are needed to complete this bridal look.

statement pieces_1

It is easy to see how the bridal jewellery ideas above help you to achieve more with fewer pieces of cumbersome bridal jewellery. These ideas are sure to appeal to trendy soon to brides who wish to incorporate traditional elements into their bridal look without going overboard.

The idea here is to look the part of a millennial bride who appreciates the aesthetic and trend value of traditional Indian jewellery. Piling on bridal jewellery is definitely a thing of the past for modern Indian brides.

Colour Blocking

Colour blocking with an emphasis on trendy pop colours is another way to mix tradition with trends. While you may choose to incorporate the colour blocking trend into your bridal ensemble with your bridal garments; there is scope to do the same with trendy jewellery.

3. Make note of how these colourful bangles can add a fun and festive feel to your bridal trousseau. This brilliant idea wherein you can use widely available glass bangles for a colour blocking effect makes for a trendy addition to your traditional ensemble for your sangeet ceremony.

color blocking_1

Go Beyond Gold

Gold jewellery is the overwhelmingly common bridal jewellery of choice for most Indian brides but if you are on a quest for traditional yet trendy bridal jewellery and you are looking to mix and match your accessories accordingly; you need to think beyond gold.

One way to do that is to consider the resplendent appeal of diamonds and platinum. The combination of diamonds with platinum makes for elegant bridal jewellery and when you stick to diamond and platinum jewellery pieces made with an emphasis on traditional designs; you have it all; trend and tradition.

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4. This resplendent diamond studded bridal jewellery combination of jhumkis, Matha Patti and bangles is an excellent idea for bridal jewellery mixing and matching that is both traditional and trendy. When combined with appropriate bridal attire; this is one definitive way to look the part of the trendy Indian bride.

women in saree

5. Mixing and matching trendy and traditional jewellery can work for the contemporary South Indian bride too and the picture above bears ample evidence. Make note of how this beautiful splendid bride is bedecked in traditional jewellery from head to waist; traditional jewellery like kamarbandh and bajuband among others with a conspicuously contemporary and trendy design concept.

bridal jewellery_1

6. A stunning diamond choker necklace is one way to go beyond gold and incorporate current trends into your traditional bridal ensemble. A diamond studded choker like the one above will also effectively serve as the piece de resistance of your bridal look.

diamond choker necklace_1

7. This is yet another look to add to your bridal fashion goals if your agenda for the day is to mix and match traditional and trendy bridal jewellery. The bridal tiara is a rather new concept for Indian brides however when worn right; it is a stunning and trendy bridal accessory that can be mixed and matched with traditional bridal jewellery pieces. Make note that the best tiaras are platinum studded with diamonds or other precious and semi-precious stones.

bridal fashion

From the examples above it is easy to see how going beyond gold and thinking out of the box can help you achieve the perfect traditional yet trendy Indian bridal look.

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Fusion Bridal Jewellery

When trying to incorporate both trendy and traditional elements into your bridal look; consider fusion bridal jewellery. Fusion bridal jewellery is easily available and is the go-to option for many soon to be brides.

8. This necklace and earring set is an excellent example of fusion bridal jewellery and you can go one step further by pairing it up with a traditional mang tikka or matha Patti on your wedding day.

fusion bridal jewellery

9. Here is yet another example of fusion jewellery studded with diamonds and centrepiece emeralds that will make for great bridal fashion. Once again; bring in the traditional by mixing and matching other jewellery pieces with a conspicuous traditional design element.


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10. Fusion jewellery often incorporates design elements from around the world and the bridal necklace and earring combination shown above does just that. Studded with semi-precious stones and African glass beads; this could easily be the piece de resistance of your bridal look.

fusion jewellery

Fusion jewellery works best for Indian bridal ensembles when effectively paired with traditional bridal jewellery pieces. It is a sure shot way to add some trendy variation to your traditional bridal look.

In conclusion; all of the pictures above make a good case for upping the ante by incorporating trendy elements with your traditional bridal look. This is the goal for most Indian brides of this day and age and this blog is replete with suggestive ideas on how to achieve this goal.

The reader can either benefit from replicating the looks detailed above or being inspired to try something new. One way or the other; this blog sets the tone for mixing and matching bridal jewellery to arrive at the perfect traditional yet trendy bridal look.

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Advantages of Hiring Over Buying. A Jewellery Rental Guide for Every Bride

A wedding is the time of celebration and expenses. After all the money spent on décor, food, venue, invitation, and dresses, it’s the time for jewellery to take the splurge. Every bride wishes to sport a designer wear with a matching heavy jewellery. After all, it’s her big day, and the deal cannot be ignored but can be negotiated.

Well gone is the time when brides emphasize to buy a brand new bulky wedding jewellery. Renting is a new trend among the modern brides! With a lot of saving, renting has many more advantages over buying new. With multiple varieties available to match your costume to saving a big hell of money are the few gains of renting one, rather buying many.

Reasons to rent a Jewellery over buying

Here are the few benefits of renting a jewellery rather buying a new one. Let us discuss some of the major attractions here

1. Rent is the new trend

After all the décor, chairs, the venue is for rent, why not the wedding jewellery. It not only gives you ease of your bank balance but also caters you needs and desire.

2. Budget sorted

Being practical and realistic are the new symptoms of a bride. When you are not going wear the heavy piece in your daily wear, what is the point of spending heavy amount? Renting the jewellery piece gives you the option to get some other wedding services.

3. Pocket-friendly

Both wedding dress and jewellery can take your budget more than to 60, 000 rupees. There should be a limit, get a designer lehenga and rent the desired jewellery. It’s almost the equal fraction of the allocated budget. It’s like you having the cake and eating it too.

4. Set you free from the aftercare

The sparkle flashy wedding jewellery needs to care like a baby. It’s so huge that if you wore it to a party or family get together, you are sure to look like Christmas tree. And that’s absolutely stupid! The care it demands of regular polish and cleaning will take your entire saving budget. Set yourself free, and rent a fresh piece matching your lehenga.

5. Stay tension free

Stay tension free after the wedding ceremony. Relax and doesn’t stress your mind about “where is the jewellery kept” of course rented too need to care, but until it’s not made of precious stones, it doesn’t attract the people. So be hassling free and rent your jewellery for the wedding day.

6. Invest the remaining time

When the days look short and all your pending works seem to be incomplete, some extra time is the bliss. After pending a whole day with the people, wedding managers and shopping for your dresses, purchasing a brand new from the market is the stabbing thing. With a selection of matching your attire, all the time looks killing. While renting the whole, can save a lot of time, which surely you can invest in other important things.

There are the few benefits of renting afresh pair of wedding jewellery rather than buying a mega price one.
One may get the jewellery on rent for the big fat Wedding day the reasons being very simple as already mentioned. Some tips for choosing the wedding jewellery are as mentioned in the upcoming points in the article. If you follow these simple things, you are bound to look like a princess on your special day and rock it.

You may have come across a well-known saying wherein it’s mentioned that a female’s life starts post her marriage. Well, this is definitely real and hence you should do all in your power to make it the most unforgettable and delightful day of her life. However, selecting jewellery isn’t going to be always easy and among all the duties that you’d have to experience during the planning, this may very well be most difficult. So, if it’s your marriage or marriage of your family/friend around the corner, these guidelines would be able to help you choose the ideal marriage jewellery:

Know what you’re going to wear

Before you even think of purchasing marriage jewellery it is important to know what you’re going to be dressed and what jewellery on the marriage day. Therefore, before choosing jewellery ensure to validate the wedding dress as the jewellery needs to focus around it, therefore, looks good. The jewellery must not get noticed on its own. Instead, it needs for making you take a position out!

List out a spending budget that you would shop from:

The next step would be for making a record of jewellery shops in your area that you would not mind renting the jewellery from. If not in your area you must not think twice to go somewhere else in order to get the job finished. Also, nowadays there are many websites that only deal with marriage jewellery and you may even get them on renting basis. Therefore, take a look at various marriage websites too if you’re looking at some stylish and delightful jewellery.


Now that you’ve found your store, you would need to check out the various designs on offer. See to it that the jewellery you take on rent must make you look wonderful and as previously described it must allow you to take a special stand.

The jewellery must be comfortable

Another essential aspect that you need to consider when you think of purchasing marriage jewellery is that of their overall convenience. Only buy jewellery if you’re going to be completely relaxed with it. When we say relaxed, we’re discussing both luxury as well as convenience in using it.

Hence, following the above tips, you can either buy the jewels either for your wedding or on special occasions. Use this article as a reference when you plan to buy anything and simply glitter on the special day.

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8 Reasons Why Renting Bridal Jewellery is a Better Option than Buying

There is no contesting the fact that the average Indian wedding is an expensive affair.  One wedding can mean over a hundred big and small expenditures and many Indian couples and their families are looking for smart ways to cut down on expenditures when the opportunity presents itself. One brilliant way to make a saving during a wedding is to explore the option of rental bridal jewellery instead of purchasing elaborate bridal accessories that one may not get too many opportunities to wear in the future.

Rental bridal jewellery doesn’t merely come with the promise of a significant saving on wedding costs but can often be a way for a bride to look her best in the kind of bridal jewellery that may be beyond her budget. These are just two great reasons to consider rental bridal jewellery on your wedding day; 8 more are listed below. Read further to know more.

Reasons for Renting Bridal Jewellery

Making a saving on wedding costs without having to compromise on bridal fashion is reason enough to consider rental bridal jewellery however if one needs more; there are reasons enough listed below.

1. Bypass the Purchase of Elaborate Bridal Jewellery Pieces You May Never Wear Again

This matha patti is indicative of jewellery limited to bridal wear and as such; is best rented and returned after the wedding is over.

While Indian bridal jewellery is beautiful, intricate and stellar examples of traditional craftsmanship; it’s fair to say that many bridal jewellery pieces are simply way too over the top for any other occasion apart from your own wedding. Think about it! Where could you wear an elaborate headpiece like the matha patti featured above if not at your own wedding? You probably would not even be able to wear a matha patti such as this one at another wedding without being accused of trying to upstage the bride. Having considered the fact that elaborate bridal jewellery pieces such as these are pretty much unused after you wedding; you might want to consider renting elaborate bridal jewellery which allows you to look the part of a bedecked and bejeweled Indian bride without making a purchase that could only serve for one time use.

2. Save for Your Honeymoon

Renting wedding jewellery could mean more money to spend on your honeymoon.

Renting bridal jewellery allows you to make a significant saving that could mean even more money to spend on your honeymoon. Honeymoons are a great time to splurge on shopping and various holiday activities and cutting down on bridal jewellery expenditures could mean having even more money to enjoy your dream honeymoon. Renting bridal jewellery allows you the opportunity to put your dream bridal look together without compromising on your dream honeymoon. In this day and age; finances play a significant role in any couple’s life and smart financial decisions can start with the wedding day itself.

3. Jewellery Wedding Gifts

It’s better to rent bridal jewellery such as the elaborate bridal pieces displayed above when you consider the fact that jewellery will find its way into your bridal gifts.



Owning jewellery is considered a smart financial move by many Indians as precious jewellery often has great resale value and can serve as a tangible asset. Having made this point; it is important to draw your attention to the possibility that your bridal gifts could very well include jewellery and accessories that can be worn for special occasions and even serve as valuable assets. The fact that your wedding gifts would also include monetary presents is another opportunity to invest in jewellery that is both valuable and wearable instead of splurging on bridal jewellery that is simply for one time wear. Rent bridal jewellery as bridal gifts and monetary presents would mean that you will own plenty of jewellery anyway.

4. Kundan Jewellery Rental

Kundan bridal jewellery similar to the bridal set displayed above has a lowered resale value and renting Kundan jewellery is the smarter choice when compared to purchase.

Kundan jewellery is highly sought out by Indian brides for its intricate and elaborate design value however while Kundan jewellery is expensive owing to the craftsmanship involved in handcrafting these pieces; it has little resale value. There is a good chance that you would like to look the part of traditional Indian bride; bedecked and bejeweled in traditional Kundan jewellery however renting Kundan jewellery is a smart decision owing to its lowered resale value.  

5. Save For Your Marital Home

If you are looking at starting a nuclear family with a home of your own, renting bridal jewellery means more funds to spend on your marital home.

With the growing number of Indian nuclear families; there is a good chance that you would be looking for a marital home of your own in the near future and cutting down on bridal jewellery costs means more funds to spend on an apartment, furniture and interior décor. Elaborate Indian bridal jewellery comes with price tags that run into Lakhs and even Crores. Renting Indian bridal jewellery means saving a significant amount of money for your marital home.


6. Opportunity to Invest in Other Financial Endeavors

The image above is indicative of expensive Indian bridal jewellery and when you choose to rent these elaborate bridal accessories; you make great savings that can be invested in financial endeavors with greater monetary rewards.

Modern Indian women are well aware of the importance of smart investments and are sure to appreciate the fact that renting bridal jewellery will allow funds for investments in other financial endeavors with greater payoffs. To large extent Indian women no longer depend on their husbands for all their financial needs and are often significant financial contributors in a family unit and making a saving with rental bridal jewellery makes way for funds that can go into other financial endeavors.

7. Offset Other Wedding Costs

You are bound to make a significant saving to take the heat of other wedding costs when you choose to avail of exquisite rental bridal jewellery instead of making expensive jewellery purchases. The image above is indicative of the exquisite bridal jewellery available for rent.




Bridal jwellery is expensive and when combined with other wedding expenses; makes the Indian wedding a very expensive affair. Often times the bride and her family cover these costs and renting Indian bridal jewellery instead of making expensive purchases in the accessories department can help take the heat off other wedding costs. It could very well increase the budget for the reception, venue and decoration.

8. Savings for a Future Family

Expensive bridal jewellery such as this bridal set of mang tikka and Jhumkis can be easily rented and the money saved can go into started a new family.

Any smart couple should start a family with a significant amount of savings for future additions to a family especially couples who intend to add to the family right away. Saving on wedding costs with smart measures like renting bridal jewellery is a great way to get started. Marriage extends well beyond a grand wedding ceremony and finances have a significant role to play in a happy marriage. Renting bridal jewellery means one could make significant savings without compromising on bridal fashion.

In conclusion; it is easy to see that renting bridal jewellery is a great idea for various reasons and if you are a soon to be bride; this blog is your cue to explore rental bridal jewellery options right away!



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10+ South Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets – Complete Bridal Jewellery Guide

Cover Image source - Happily Ever After

The two things that get the most attention for any bride are her wedding dress and the wedding jewellery. Her bridal jewellery becomes the talk of the night for the majority of the ladies in the banquet hall. Thus brides give special attention while selecting the bridal sets for their wedding.

10 latest South Indian Bridal Jewellery Set Designs Online

You, as a South Indian bride-to-be, should take a glance at the wedding collections given below. They are complete bridal jewellery sets that you may have for your muhurtam and wedding reception party.

1. Single Necklace Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Single Necklace Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

In every set, you will find one common design pattern. Here it is the half-moon pattern that is being incorporated in almost all the jewellery items. The bangles and bracelets come in their unique designs. This is a set of American diamonds and pink colour zircon stones.

2. Three Necklaces Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Three Necklaces Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

This set is giving you more options. You can combine them for both your muhurtam and reception looks. With one choker, a pendant with chain, and a long necklace you are getting multiple beautiful options. Even the Kamar bandh (waist accessory) is strikingly beautiful.

3. Pear-shaped Pendant and Double Necklace Complete Bridal Set

Pear-shaped Pendant and Double Necklace Complete Bridal Set

This pear-shaped pendant set looks too exquisite. With matching maangtika, bajubandh, kamarbandh and billais, this is something worth having for the wedding purpose. Multiple options have been given for bangles and kadas.

4. Light Weighted Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Light Weighted Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Many brides try to avoid the heavy bridal jewellery. They look for light weighted exclusive bridal collections which not only look great but also easy to carry for a long time. The above set fits best for such brides.

5. Intricately Designed Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Intricately Designed Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

This set comes with an extremely intricate design for its each and every piece, whether the pendant, chocker, long necklace, kamarbandh, earings, kadas or the jada billai. This is a brilliant exquisite bridal set for any bride.

Jewellery Artist Quote: The bridal collections, similar to the one above, are more popular with the NRI South Indian brides. They come up with a stand apart statement for their elite stature.

6. Droplet Pendant Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Droplet Pendant Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

This one is a comparatively simple designed set whose prime pattern is a droplet. It’s been consistent among the maangtika, billai, bajubandh, kamarbandh and earing.

7. Double Neckpieces Rhodium Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Double Neckpieces Rhodium Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

This one has rhodium plating and comes in beautiful intricate design. It uniquely stands out as a bridal set and sure to make heads turn for any bride.

8. Rhodium and Gold Plating Combined Neckpieces Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Rhodium and Gold Plating Combined Neckpieces Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

This is an interesting bridal collection with a combination of both gold and rhodium plating on some intricate designs. It looks beautiful and unique and fits for the wedding occasion.

Jewellery Artist Quote: This dual combination of yellow and white metals has come up as the latest jewellery trend among the bridal collections. More and more South Indian brides are checking designs with such a look. 

9. Traditional Gold Plated Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Traditional Gold Plated Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

For brides who want the traditional gold look, nothing can be better than this set of bridal jewellery. It offers two sets of maangtika, three traditional South Indian neckpieces and a beautiful jada billa. Everything in this set has the traditional South Indian touch in it.

Jewellery Artist Quote: The traditional yellow metal look is by far the most sought after look by the South Indian brides. Have a look at the coy South Indian bride below. She is flaunting the traditional yellow metal look for her bridal jewellery. Whether it is the Nakshi pendant, the Kasu Haram or Kasulaperu or coin chain, or any other piece; everything is adding oodles of glamour to her.

10. Simple Yet Intricate Choker and Necklace Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

Simple Yet Intricate Choker and Necklace Complete Bridal Jewellery Set

This beautiful bridal jewellery set is simple yet intricately designed for brides who love to keep it minimal. It doesn’t look too heavy unlike the usual bridal collections.

Jewellery Artist Quote: Modern brides usually want to keep it minimal yet stunning. Check out this beautiful bride below wearing such complete bridal jewellery set. She is wearing the traditional mango maala, kamarbandh, bajubandh, and all other items intricately designed using multiple stones and gold plating.

What all Jewellery Items are Included in a South Indian Bridal Jewellery Set?

1. Long Necklace

[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”564″]long necklace[/media-credit]

Apart from a small choker, this bride is wearing a traditional South Indian long necklace which has a Nakshi design pattern. This one is a slightly heavy look for brides who do not want to go overboard for a loud bridal look.

2. Kamarbandh

[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”564″]kamarbandh[/media-credit]

This is a beautiful South Indian traditional kamarbandh having Nakshi or temple jewellery design pattern in it. Kamarbandh is an intrinsic part of a traditional South Indian bridal look.

3. Maangtika

[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”564″]Maangtika[/media-credit]

The overall look of this South Indian bride is quite elegant and minimal. All the neckpieces are light and simple, even the earrings are simple jhumkas; but the maangtika stands out as the statement maker. Made in temple jewellery design it’s a comparatively bigger jewellery item the bride is wearing.

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4. Bajubandh and Bangles

Bajubandh & bangles

Bangles have a huge importance in the Indian culture. It’s like a must have accessory for any bride or married woman. For wedding, brides usually go for the red or green glass bangles, or even golden. Some even get colourful contrasting bangles, like the one wearing in the above pic.

Bajubandhs are usually worn on upper arms and are metallic in nature. The bride here is wearing a traditional golden bajubandh.

5. Nose Pin

[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”447″]Nose Pin[/media-credit]

Certain jewellery items hold a lot of femininity in them. Nose pin is one of them. It’s like an indispensable part of South Indian bridal look. The bride here sports a small traditional golden and beaded nose pin.

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Aparana says, “I have always loved wearing nose pins. Nose pin is one accessory which I will never do without. I have a wide range of nose pins but for my wedding, I wanted only the best bridal nose pin and so I called up TBG. I think I got the best one!”

6. Nose Pin with Chain

[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”564″]Nose pin with chain[/media-credit]

Even for nose pins one gets a lot of varieties. This South Indian bride is sporting a small nose pin with a beautiful beaded chain that gets locked in the hair. Such nose pins adds oodles of femininity in any bride making them all the more beautiful.

7. Billai

[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”564″]Billai[/media-credit]

This is traditional South Indian billai worn by a South Indian bride. Each of them is put at the intermediate knots of the plait.

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Akshaya says, “I had heard about the beautiful poo jadais and hair accessories that TBG is famous for, and got some really beautiful billai for my wedding from them.”

8. Jada Billa

[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”526″]Jada Billa[/media-credit]

This is a single chain jada billai, yet another traditional hair accessory worn by South Indian brides for a hard-core traditional bridal look for their wedding.

9. Choker

[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”564″]Choker[/media-credit]

The bride here is wearing a single choker of diamonds and emerald. The bridal set is giving her a minimal yet stunning look.

Here’s what Veenamani had to say: As a girl I have a fetish for emeralds more than any other stones, so for my marriage ceremony I got in touch with the TBG team who arranged some stunning emerald bridal set for me. I simply loved it.   

With these and many more in its store TBG offers the best ever complete bridal jewellery sets for rent. In case you are a to-be bride, you should definitely contact us and tell us about your requirements.

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Why TBG South Indian Bridal Jewellery Set Rentals are Popular?

TBG is the one name for all the bridal needs of the South Indian brides. Any South Indian bride can do all her wedding arrangements through the various services offered by TBG. From wedding saree to bridal makeup, hairstyles, bridal jewellery and bridal Mehendi; everything is being offered in by TBG.

As a South Indian bride, your wedding look gets the perfect touch with the varieties offered by TBG. The TBG online portal brings to you the exclusive and vast collection of traditional South Indian bridal jewellery sets as well as latest modern jewellery. Have a look at the possible varieties you may like to opt from, for your gala wedding.

5 Popular South Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets for Rent

1. Traditional South Indian Jewellery Set: The Mango Mala

Mango Malai Bridal Jewellery Sets

Here is a complete set of traditional South Indian bridal jewellery set comprising the ancient mango mala, baju bandh, kamar bandh, jhumkas with chains, maangtika and also hair accessories. All are having the traditional temple jewellery look which is typical to the South Indian culture.

2. Modern Bridal Jewellery Set: Diamonds and Rubellite

Diamond and Rubellite Bridal Jewellery Set

Here is a fancy and modern bridal jewellery set for all you South Indian brides who are gearing up for their wedding. As you can see, all the jewellery pieces in this set have a very modern touch in their design; you make an upbeat statement for yourself in this diamond and rubellite set.

3. Traditional Nakshi And Temple Jewellery Bridal Set

Temple Jewellery Sets for Brides

This is a traditional South Indian jewellery set having an antique touch. The design is what we call Nakshi  Temple jewellery. Nakshi design carries designs or carvings of Gods and Goddess in them.

4. Uncut Diamond Necklace Set For South Indian Brides

Uncut diamond Jewellery Sets for Brides

This exquisite uncut diamond necklace set fits best for the wedding reception for any South Indian bride. This big glittering stones shine you on your special day. TBG always come up with the best quality stones for their jewellery collection.

5. Guttapusalu Haram: Jewellery Having Pearls And Coloured Beads and Stones

Bridal Jewellery Sets for South Indian Brides

This traditional temple jewellery set has an intricate work with small beads and coloured stones. The floral pattern coupled with the mango design has been thought to blend the modern and traditional designs together.

Why is TBG’s South Indian Bridal Jewellery Rental is Popular?

The TBG rental jewellery has gained popularity cause of the economic and reasonable rates yet having the best quality. The credit to hold a wide range of modern and traditional bridal jewellery, keeping in view various taste and preference of South Indian brides.

How TBG connect the Brides to the Jewellery Owners?

As soon as the bride contacts TBG, our bridal consultant sends relevant pictures of their works and stock and also connects her with the jewellery owners. Next, the bride is supposed to select the pictures or designs they like and then they collect the desired jewellery set from the owner’s physical shop. At times the owner also couriers the set to the brides.

Do let us know about your views, suggestions and queries on jewellery rentals via the comment section below. Feel free to reach out us for your wedding arrangements. TBG team will offer you only the best possible arrangements for your wedding, keeping your taste and preference as the priority.  

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Top 10 Stunning Nose Pin Designs for South Indian Brides

Some jewellery comes with a high dose of femininity! Like kamarbandh, anklets and more than anything, the nosepins. The look of any traditional Hindu South Indian bride remains incomplete without a nosepin. But many seem to be scrupulous about getting the right nosepin for themselves.

South Indian brides go apprehensive while choosing nosepins that will suit the shape of their nose and accentuate her facial beauty. So here are some beautiful nosepins which will make you spoiled for choice, for your wedding and reception looks.

10 Nosepin Designs for South Indian Brides

#1 Diamond Studded Nosepin with a tiny Pendant

diamond studded nosepin design
This is a highly exquisite nosepin design as you can see, not very heavy and yet coming with a strong statement for the bride. The design is very simple with small leaves and an extended tiny pendant. This will look good on a bride even with a small nose.

#2 Traditional Beaded Nosepin

Traditional Beaded Nosepin design

This is a beautiful traditional beaded nosepin that adds beauty to a heavily bejewelled South Indian bridal look. Even in case you have not so chiselled nose, this nosepin will work magic for you.

#3 Simple Gold Plated Bridal Ring Nosepin

gold plated nosepin

This simple nosepin is a very common choice among the South Indian brides who do not want to experiment much for their nose accessory and keep it minimal.

#4 Nosepin Having Antique Jewellery Design

Antique Nosepin Design

As you can see this particular nosepin has got a very antique look to itself. So South Indian brides opting for Temple Jewellery or Nakshi Jewellery can opt for this one.

#5 Nosepin Having a Big Loop and a Chain

Nosepin with a Big Loop and Chain[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”564″]

South Indian brides who want to get a bold statement for their nose accessory may get this beautiful nath having a big loop and a beaded chain that ties it to the hair.

#6 Nose pin with Smaller Loop and Beaded Chain Extension

Nosepin with a small chain and loop[media-credit name=”source” link=”” rel=”nofollow” align=”aligncenter” width=”564″]

Look at this beautiful loop and chain nose pin. The loop isn’t that big and fits best for diamond, heart, and oval shaped faces. Actress Anushka Shetty looked stunning in it while playing the role of Devasena in the record breaking movie Bahubali 2- The Conclusion.

#7 Septum Nosepin

Septum Nosepin Design

Check out this beautiful traditional golden septum nose pin flaunted by Devasena (Anushka Shetty) in the blockbuster Telegu movie Bahubali 2-The Conclusion. It’s adding dollops of cuteness to that beautiful face.

#8 Stones Studded Septum Nose pins

Stones Studded Septum Nose pins[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”518″]

Such nosepins are very popular among South Indian women. Beautiful septum nosepins studded with beads, pearls, rubies and emeralds are often found accentuating the traditional and rustic beauty of South Indian brides.

#9 Trendy Mini Nosepin

Trendy Mini Nosepin

South Indian brides who want to add a tinge of latest trend to their bridal look so far nose pins are concerned, may go with this type of nose pins. They are fashionable and you can wear them at any occasion afterwards.

#10 Single Stone Nose pin

Single stone nosepin[media-credit name=”source” link=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”484″]

This single stone nose pin fits perfect for people who have a small nose or for those who don’t have a sharp nose. This solitaire nose pin makes a statement itself by adding elegance and simplicity to your face.

Hope by now you are quite aware of what kind of nose pin you want for your wedding. TBG has evolved as a pro online bridal store in a very short span of time. So for any bridal need, whether its jewellery or wedding garments or other bridal services; contact the TBG team and get the best of the services.  


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10 South Indian Jhumka Designs you MUST TRY

Jhumkas are the basic of any traditional look in India. Jhumkas or the traditional Indian earrings are intrinsic part of any bridal look in South Indian weddings. A South Indian Hindu bride just cannot come to the mandap without wearing her bridal jhumkas. So here are some popular bridal jhumkas which you can pick for your wedding purpose.

1. Diamond and Gemstone Jhumkas

diamond and gemstone jhumka design

2. Gold Plated long Junk Jhumkas

diamond and gemstone jhumka designs

3. Heavy Weight Diamond Jhumka with a Single Stone Ruby

diamond jhumka designs

4. Antique Traditional Jhumkas

antique jhumka designs

5. Pearl Embellished AD set Jhumkas

pearl jhumka designs

6. 2-steps Jhumka

2 step jhumka designs

7. 24 Carat 3-steps Matte finish Jhumkas

3 steps matte finish jhumka designs

8. Zircon Jhumkas for Modern Brides

zircon jhumka designs

9. Light Weight Pearl and Stone long Jhumkas

pearl long jhumka designs

10. Dangler Red Stone Gold Plated Jhumkas

gold plated jhumka designs

TBG is one of the most sought after online bridal store in India when it comes to South Indian weddings. From arranging bridal jewellery on rent to arranging the wedding dresses, or getting the best makeup artist and hair stylist; TBG tops it all. So what are you waiting for? Get through the TBG team via any of the virtual contacts and get the best South Indian bridal services.