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15 things your daughter in law wants to tell you but hides from you

Marriage is not about two hearts tieing knots, it is also about accepting new relationships into our life. Especially for a bride, it is very challenging and life turning point to accept and understand the in-laws, family traditions and many more.

But, at most important there is one big relationship that is a bit hard to handle is the relationship between the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. All girls will have a big dream about their new life with the new relationships in their mind. Like, she might have felt of getting a second mother to take care and love her.

At times, there are situations for difference of opinion and understanding which might spoil the whole relationship. There are certain things at a daughter-in-law will not be able to open up with you (mother-in-law). If you have a daughter-in-law or going to get one in some months, then it is best to know about some important things that she wants to tell you but unable to convey or day it to.

This article is all about, some of the things that your daughter-in-law wants to tell you but hides from you. This will help you to maintain a good relationship with your mother-in-law.

1. Give value to her opinions

Don’t think that she does not know anything. Give time to listen to her points in the discussion. This will give her the comfort of sharing her thoughts with your confidently. Though the points do not work out, listen to it and make her understand the reality of the situation.

She just feels happy and comfortable, that you value her opinions and respect her feelings.

Give value to her opinions
Give value to her opinions

2. Let her choose the jewellery on own

It’s her wedding, so let her choose the jewellery she wants. Never force her to wear gold jewellery for the wedding. If she is fascinated by the latest designs in imitation jewellery and prefers to wear it for the wedding, then simply allow her to go on her wish.

Let her choose own jewellery for a wedding

3. Allow her to wear lehenga for reception

Wearing lehenga will no way going to degrade your family traditional values. It is just a new type of dressing style. Try to take things in a lighter way and upgrade to the latest trends. If she prefers to wear lehenga for reception then allow her to go with it.

Allow her to wear lehenga for reception

4. Listen to her thoughts

Lack of listening is cause for major problems so, try to open your ears to listen to her thoughts. If you respect her thoughts for 10 percent then she will try to respect your words for 100 percent. Its all about mutual respect sharing.  

Listen to her thoughts
Listen to her thoughts

5. Treat her like your daughter

Make her the feel like your daughter then there is no way for the problems in the relationship. Show the love to her as you show it to your own daughter. When your relationship with her is smooth and cool then marriage life of your son will be happy and smoother.

Treat her like your daughter

6. Your compliment means a lot

Compliments or a positive comment from an unexpected person is something very precise. It is always special for a girl to get the compliment from the new family members. So, make her feel that she is extra special and deserve to it.

Your compliment means a lot
Your compliment means a lot

7. Never talk bad about her parents

Make a point on this, never ever talk bad or disrespect her parents. No child bear to hear bad about their parents from a new person. So, never even throw a word bad about your daughter-in-law parents.

Never talk bad about her parents
Never talk bad about her parents

8. Comfort her with your care

Show her the love and care which you show to your son, then she will show the double the love to you. Spend some time with her and talk with her which she will really love it and expect from you always.

Comfort her with your care
Comfort her with your care

9. Let her visit her parent’s house

If you respect her parents she will love you more than her parents. So, send your daughter-in-law to her parent’s house even if forgets. This will strengthen the relationship between you and daughter-in-law.

Let her visit her parent's house
Let her visit her parent’s house

10. Give space for the couple

There always a difference between the love between the mother, son relationship and husband and wife relationship. So, never try to keep both the relationship in the same place. The love shown by your son to you is different from the love towards his wife.

Give space for the couple
Give space for the couple

11. Never criticize her if she does not know cooking

“What does your mother taught you? You don’t even know to prepare rasam?”. This is commonly asked questions by the mothers-in-law. But, try not to ask this type of questions to your her as it will definitely make a distance between both them. At case, you can guide or teach her in cooking good food.

Never criticize her if she does not know cooking

12. Make your relationship with daughter in law stronger than with your son

Make your son jealous of your relationship with her wife. This kind of jealous and little cute fights is really cute and pretty in a family. This will definitely make a happy family with smiling fights.

Make your relationship stronger

13. Accept her fault

No one is perfect, same as your daughter-in-law. If she does any mistake or fault then try to teach her and correct her flaws. Keep you in the times, when you were a daughter-in-law and the problems you faced. Neither put your daughter-in-law in that odd situations. Build a healthy friendship with her. This will no way degrade your personality.

Accept her fault

14. Remember your son has also had faults

It is not her mistake all times, your son might also do mistakes. Accept it and give your support to her when things go wrong. A cup of coffee can solve any problem, talk to her and find a solution to the problem.

Remember your son has also had faults
Remember your son has also had faults

15. Take steps to build the relationship with your daughter in law

A strong relationship builds, only when the love is shared from both the end. Take steps and try to build that relationship with your daughter-in-law and lead a happy joint family.

Take steps to build the relationship

Starting a new life with unknown peoples is really difficult which you would also face in your marriage life. So, don’t put your daughter-in-law in that odd situation. Let her do mistakes and learn from that. 

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10 Brilliant Couple Photography Ideas

Love is a beautiful thing and many couples opt to document milestones in their love story with special couple’s photo shoots. These photo shoots have become even more popular with the advent of photo sharing social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

These special couples photo shoots are intended to tell a love story and sites like Facebook and Instagram are the medium through which many couples choose to relay their shared experiences to friends and family. The occasion and intent of these photo-shoots vary and while many couples may opt for a pre-wedding photo shoot, others may like to chronicle many years of togetherness with an anniversary photo-shoot.

Often times these special photo sessions incorporate special themes and ideas and it’s not uncommon for a couple that is contemplating a special photo session to be on the lookout for couple photo shoot ideas. This blog aims to meet that need with multiple creative couple photography ideas that many can recreate as illustrated below or simply draw inspiration from.

Watch this video to know more about the 10 brilliant couple photography ideas and try it out with your partner.

10 Stunning Creative Couple Photography Ideas

The ten 10 stunning couple photography ideas detailed and illustrated below include themes and suggestions for various occasions such an anniversary, a pre-wedding photo-shoot, a post-wedding photo-shoot, a couples photo-shoot for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day or a surprise proposal. These ideas and suggestions are geared towards recording memorable moments for posterity and as mentioned before; relaying your very own love story to friends and family.

1. A Wedding Announcement


The picture above is a brilliant example of creative couple photography ideas that makes for a great wedding announcement on social media. Make note of the mysterious silhouettes that promise the grand unveiling of a soon to be a married couple in all their wedding finery. This idea can be effectively replicated as it is or can serve as a source of inspiration for your very own wedding announcement; made known through the medium of photography.img

2. Just Married


When you want to share your new marital status with the world and show-off the love of your life; the picture above can serve as a source of inspiration for newly-wed couple photoshoot ideas that are hard to beat. Make note of the photo background with an open door in the backdrop that is symbolic of an entry into a new home and a new life.img

3. Explore the Outdoors (19)

Nature has always served as a source of nourishment for young love and your time spent in the outdoors; exploring or simply soaking in the beauty together; is best documented with a special couple’s outdoor photoshoot. The picture above is just one of multiple creative couple photography ideas in the lap of nature that you can draw inspiration from.img

4. Couple Travel Photos (26)

Your shared vacations as a couple or even your honeymoon can prove to provide plenty of opportunity for a romantic couple’s photoshoot. The picture above is just one of many creative couple photoshoot ideas that can be worked into your time spent vacationing or honeymooning with your significant other. Such photos are a great way to announce to the rest of the world that you are experiencing marital bliss or the time of your life with the one that matters most.img

5. Be Spontaneous


The best and most romantic couple photos are often the ones that are not pre-planned. Your best bet is to allow your photographer to capture candid and spontaneous couple moments. If something seems like a fun idea; have it captured by your photographer whether you decide to keep the shot or not; is for you to decide later.img

6. Explore Your Quirky Side


If all there was to a couple was romance and mush; it would get pretty boring, pretty soon. Most couples have a quirky side and they often share lighthearted fun moments together. These moments are perfect for your couples album and Facebook and Instagram photos and should be captured by a professional photographer.img

7. Go Retro


One way to get stunning couples photographs that look great in your personal photo album and in frames on your wall is to go retro with Black and White and Sepia tones. These pictures have a vintage feel that will retain their appeal many years from now.img

8. Flaunt Your Raw Passion (24)

Passion and intimacy needn’t be restricted to the bedroom when couples can flaunt their passion for each other tastefully through professionally shot photographs. The picture above is a great example of couple photography ideas that put conspicuous emphasis on the shared passion between two individuals without excessive PDA. The emphasis here is on expression and attitude.img

9. Explore Photography Tricks


If you desire couples photos that are unlike anything you have seen before; you might have to ask your photographer to explore photography tricks both during the shoot and on the editing table. The picture above is a great example of the point being made.img

10. Love in Real Time


Go back to the beginning of your love story by borrowing from the concept of dating and getting to know each other for the first time. This popular example of creative couple photography ideas relies on taking the photoshoot to the streets of your city, outdoor cafes and scenic sidewalks. This is one way to tell a story of a blossoming love through professionally shot photographs.img

In conclusion; it is important to note that all of the ideas and suggestions detailed above leave plenty of room for adaptation and experimentation. Every couple can play around with these couple photoshoot ideas to successfully execute a photoshoot that best relays their love story. These couple photography ideas are also very suitable for different couples at different points in their relationship. If you are ten days away from getting married; there is an idea for you here and if you are celebrating a few successful years of commitment; there is something for you too. The primary agenda is to help every couple document their relationship with gorgeous photographs.


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Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial: How to do a Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eyes are intrinsically attention-grabbing and there is no doubt that the aura of mystery surrounding dark eyes is hard to replicate with any other common makeup technique. Smokey eyes is an oft-repeated evening look and if you have been envying the other girls looking ravishing with smoky eyes at the club or the last party you went to; it would be good news to know that you can recreate the smokey eyes look and variations of it with some practice, for the next time you step out for an evening soiree.

If one of your overwhelming makeup related questions is “how to do smokey eye makeup”; you are just where you need to be. Detailed below are multiple tutorials for various smokey eyes looks that you can perfect at home with some practice. To make things simple and to include as many smokey eye tutorials for beginners as possible; the emphasis here is on picture and video tutorials. Scroll down to know more.

How to do a Smokey Eye – 20 Step Smokey Eye Tutorial Guide

1. All Day Smokey Eye Look

All Day Smokey Eye Look
All Day Smokey Eye Look

This step by step pictorial smokey eye makeup tutorial is just what you need for an all-day smoky eyes look. This look is easy to replicate if you pay close attention to this step by step pictorial guide and this look works equally well for both morning and evening social gatherings.


2. Smokey Eyes Made Easy for Beginners

Smokey Eyes Made Easy for Beginners
Smokey Eyes Made Easy for Beginners

This is the perfect pictorial guide for those who have beginner level skills in makeup application. Simply follow the steps in order as made clear by this pictorial guide and stun all onlookers as you step out of your home with perfectly enchanting smokey eyes.


3. Purple Smokey Eyes Tutorial Video

Check the video here

The link above will lead you to an Instagram video tutorial for irresistible purple smokey eyes that is sure to get you plenty of admiring gazes at the next party you attend.

4. Glittery Gold Eyes

Glittery Gold Eyes
Glittery Gold Eyes

If you are looking for smokey eyes with an ultra-glamorous twist; it is difficult to beat the effect of gold glitter. This pictorial tutorial is just what you need for the perfect glittery gold smokey eyes look for special evenings.


5. Glitter and Dark Eyes

Check the video here

If the idea of overwhelmingly gold glitter eyes is not your style and you justifiably prefer a look that is much more subtle. This link to an Instagram video tutorial will teach you how to combine glitter and dark eyeshadow to create a smokey eye look that is both glittery and mysterious.

6. Rock Chick Smokey Eyes

Rock Chick Smokey Eyes
Rock Chick Smokey Eyes

You may not have all the makeup essentials needed to get the perfect smokey eyes according to the tutorials above but this tutorial answers the question “how to do a smokey eye without an advanced makeup kit”? This pictorial guide takes you through the steps of getting edgy smokey eyes with a simple kohl pencil.


7. Subtle Smokey Eyes

Check the video here

If you wish for subtle smokey eyes that do not attract a lot of attention; this Instagram video is the perfect tutorial for light smokey eyes.

8. Pictorial Guide for Bronze Smokey Eyes

Pictorial Guide for Bronze Smokey Eyes
Pictorial Guide for Bronze Smokey Eyes

This easy to follow pictorial guide for bronze smokey eyes needs no further explanation but one can’t help pointing out that this is a stunning party look.


9. Light Smokey Eyes for Blue Eyes

Light Smokey Eyes for Blue Eyes
Light Smokey Eyes for Blue Eyes

This self-explained image tutorial is the perfect version of the smokey eyes look for those with blue eyes and a desire to keep it subtle and classy.


10. Smokey Eyes With a Combination of Nude and Black Shades

Smokey Eyes With a Combination of Nude and Black Shades
Smokey Eyes With a Combination of Nude and Black Shades

This pictorial guide is just what you need for a smokey eye look with a twist. This look efficiently combines nude and black shades to create irresistibly attractive eye makeup.


11. Contoured Smokey Eyes

Contoured Smokey Eyes
Contoured Smokey Eyes

Contouring makeup really adds definition to the face and this leaf lined smokey eye look is an excellent example.


12. Black and White Shading

Check the video here

This video tutorial is the easiest way to learn how o create smokey eyes look using black and white shading.

13. Smokey Eyes Minus Dark Shades

Smokey Eyes Minus Dark Shades
Smokey Eyes Minus Dark Shades

If you are looking for a smokey eye look minus the overwhelmingly dark shades; this pictorial guide for smokey eyes makeup with predominantly nude shades is just what you need.


14. Shimmery Silver Smokey Eyes

Shimmery Silver Smokey Eyes
Shimmery Silver Smokey Eyes

Where there’s gold there has to be silver and that’s exactly why this silvery shimmer smokey eyes tutorial had to be added to this list.


15. Smokey Eyes With a Halo Effect

Smokey Eyes With a Halo Effect
Smokey Eyes With a Halo Effect

This pictorial guide is the perfect tutorial for smokey eyes with a silver halo effect that is just right if you are looking for a unique and stunning look.


16. Rose Gold Eye Makeup

Check the video here

This YouTube tutorial is the perfect guide for smokey eyes with rose gold shades. Rose gold makeup shades are trending in a big way at the moment and this shade perfectly complements pale and lighter skin tones.

17. Dark Linear Eye Makeup

Dark Linear Eye Makeup
Dark Linear Eye Makeup

Use this pictorial guide to create the perfect smokey eyes with an emphasis on dark linear effects.


18. Subtle Shadowing Smokey Eye Makeup

Subtle Shadowing Smokey Eye Makeup
Subtle Shadowing Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eye makeup doesn’t necessarily have to be overwhelmingly dark and this pictorial guide for smokey eyes with subtle shadowing is sufficient proof of this fact.


19. The Dashed Line Effect

The Dashed Line Effect
The Dashed Line Effect

Use this pictorial guide to get stunning smokey eyes with a dashed line effect. This look is undoubtedly perfect for an evening event.


20. Nude and Black Smokey Eyes

Nude and Black Smokey Eyes
Nude and Black Smokey Eyes

A play with colors is encouraged when applying creative makeup and this smokey eye look with nude and black shades is a great example of the excellent results of makeup artistry and creativity. Follow the pictorial guide to replicate the same look.


These videos and pictorial guides for smokey eyes makeup application take some practice. Do not expect to recreate a look on the first try however carefully following the application steps in each tutorial is bound to get you the perfect results after a few attempts.

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TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Priyanka Bhurat

My journey into makeup world started 5 years ago. Makeup world fascinated me since I was a teenager (12-13 years old). I use to doll up every child nearby my home for school functions or weddings.

Soon it turned to be my passion which gave me immense pleasure.after marriage wen I was gifted with a female child I grew her hairs long and learnt a lot doing on her. Today I am a specialist in bridal and can do 100+ variety of hairstyles and different looks of makeup.

I really love the confidence my brides get when I doll up comes secondary as a by-product.

Do you like this story? Do you feel inspired? Please share your views in the below comment section.

Do you have a story to share? Click here and share your story with us. You can also send your story through email –

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TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Karpagam Ravi

My name is Karpagam Ravi, and I am a bridal makeup artist. I own an artistry brand called Purplebleed Makeup by KP, which I started 4 years ago.

Since my school days, I used to follow a couple of international makeup artist blogs and practice it on myself. This is how I started, and I am very proud to say that I am a self-taught makeup artist. One thing I learned by following these blogs is how these artists do makeup, hairstyling and draping by themselves.
I have done 80+ weddings and I have never had even a helper to do it. I did all the styling by myself, and in some of the weddings, I did makeup for the bridesmaids too.

A few years back, I found that bridal makeup is an expensive one and not affordable for all. So I started charging the least and I still charge my clients very nominal rates. Now, I update myself on a daily basis and I make sure I maintain my standard in the makeup I do for each and every client.

Do you like this story? Do you feel inspired? Please share your views in the below comment section.

Do you have a story to share? Click here and share your story with us. You can also send your story through email –

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Top 10 Tips On How To Pick The Right Outfit With Matching Accessories And Hairstyle

Shopping becomes a prolonged affair for most of the girls or women. Men are always complaining that we take a huge time whenever it’s our turn to get ready, whether for a casual outing or a special event. In the process, many of us end up doing some terrible fashion faux pas which we regret for a really long time. So here are some important tips on how to get that right look with your outfit and accessories.

How To Pick The Right Outfit?

1. Understanding The Occasion

saree as per the occassion

The most important point to remember before you pick any outfit is the place and occasion you will be going in that dress. You can’t go all bling for a formal office meeting, right? Likewise, going all bland for a wedding or party is just not done! For wedding, you need sarees like heavy silks or sequined chiffons.

Workplace calls for a sophisticated corporate, sometimes glamorous but not too loud outfits. Similarly, you can play around with your style statement whichever way you want while going for night out or other casual occasions. You might have a definite style statement for your daily college routine or workplace but people don’t expect to see you in the same avatar even at a bachelorette party or at a night club.

2. Day And Night Factor

day and night factor

While dressing up for any occasion you also need to consider the fact whether you are going for a daytime event or a night outing. Certain colours which make you look bright in daytime might make you look dull by the night, on the other hand, certain shades are more convenient for a night outing rather than a daytime programme; for example black. You need to play around with different colours and contrasts to look perfect for that particular time of the day.

3. Not To Mess Up In Mix And Match

blouse designs

While doing the mix and match for the different elements of your outfit make sure you are not making a rainbow out of you. Do not add too many elements of different vibrant colours which will eventually make your look go gross. Pick certain shades and play around with them.

For example in case your saree has two or three colours then your blouse should be in the colour that will grab the maximum attention yet make your saree look stand out. Also you can make a standout statement by getting a simple monochrome blouse with some stunning embroidery or embellishments.

A blue kanjeevaram silk saree with golden border and pallu definitely calls for a golden blouse. Always get the blouse or dupatta or salwar in the contrasting colours to that of the saree or the kurti’s.

4. Try Out The Seasonal Colours

seasonal sarees

This tip will definitely make your job much easier next time you are out for shopping. The best way to pick dresses is to go with the seasonal colours. Summer, monsoon, autumn, spring and winter- they all come with their own palette of colours.

How To Pick The Right Accessories (Jewellery/Footwear/Handbags)

5. Understanding Your Garment

jewellery as per the garment

Matching accessories doesn’t necessarily means you need to get them in the same colours as your garment. First of all understand your dress. Not all jewellery and footwear go with all kinds of dresses.

6. Which Footwear For What


When it comes to sarees, it’s always better to get heels. Flat slippers can make you stumble upon heavy pleats of the saree. Likewise beautiful mojris look best with salwar suits. Things like sports shoes, wedges heels, boots, flip-flop and floaters are strict NO for sarees.

Talking about corporate office look you may choose from the various work shoes available in market these days. If it’s about a single piece dress for dinner date, then high heel and strappy stilettoes will get you a stunning personality.

7. Different Jewellery For Different Outfits


Different outfits call for different kinds of jewellery. But even in then different sarees call for different jewellery. You need to understand the fabric and go accordingly. Some sarees look best with oxidised metal jewellery while some might call for the yellow metal. For western outfits, it’s always light weighted minimal jewellery look.

8. Handbags Making The Ultimate Statement


Your handbag makes a huge impact on your overall look. Handbag is the one of the most important accessories you carry, so make sure you carry a right one. For sarees get clutches or potli bags. For casuals you may prefer totes and with the office look you may get messenger bags or ones on the similar line.

Hairstyles Turning Heads

9. Considering Your Facial Shape

Before starting off with any hairstyle wait a while to check the shape of your face. A round face needs a different kind of hairstyle compared to a square face or heart shaped face. But in case you have an oval one, you really don’t have to think much because most of the hairstyles suit this kind of shape. Consult a hairstylist once a while to get the latest trends in haircuts and hairstyling that might look good with your face.

10. Different Hairstyles For Casual Days And Special Events


Special events like parties and big pujas at home, definitely call for special stunning hairstyles and not just a bun or pony tail like the casual days. Try out the different embellished hair accessories available in the market to make a standout statement to your high bun or long plait.

Following these important tips would definitely fetch you a great wardrobe. In case you still need guidance, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp, Facebook or even phone call. We’ll be right there for you!

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Why Choose TBG?

Why should you choose India’s first and largest online bridal services association? Let us lead you through why TBG Wedding Store is the best bet for your wedding.

✓ One Stop Shop

TBG is an umbrella brand of everything bridal. Be it makeup and hair, designer blouses, or even jewellery rentals, TBG is really on top of its game, with a wide range of products to suit each unique bride’s taste and an astounding array of packages for big budgets and small. Why shop for every element separately when it’s all at your fingertips in the click of a button!

✓ Quality Check

TBG artists are chosen only after a strict screening process to make sure that our brides have only the best of India’s professionals to serve them on one of the most important days of their lives. Bringing to your service the top-notch artists from every profession, TBG’s quality check will make sure you get your money’s worth and a smile on your face!

✓ Assured Service

Once booked by a bride, a TBG artist cannot cancel at the last minute before the wedding, in which case a fine will be paid to the bride and another artist allocated at first notice. Rest assured, brides, that your makeup artist will not abscond on the day of your wedding!

✓ Smooth Communication

Brides love TBG for the ease of planning their wedding. From booking an artist depending on the time and place of your wedding to following up on your trial makeup and hair or dress fittings to the actual D-day, TBG saves the bride the pain of following up with the artist and keeps the communication process smooth and easy.

✓ Branded Products only

We at TBG think that brides deserve nothing less than the very best! After all, they are the centre of attention! Regular checks ensure that our artists use only the top brands as promised in the packages. So say no to fear of cheap or allergic products used on you!

✓ Deals and Discounts

TBG is a bride’s guide to the best deals and discounts in the wedding industry! Be it festival discounts or seasonal deals, you can be sure that TBG is offering you the best deals in South India! Save a little money on your wedding and use it on your honeymoon!

✓ Security Checks

When it comes to high-end products, especially jewelry rentals, it never hurts to make sure. TBG is known for its credibility in background checks and ensures that all jewelry rentals are validated before and after delivery to the bride.

From the mouths of Brides…

‘Thank you guys for making my wedding a huge success! My makeup artist…..she was wonderful and my hairstyling was amazing too! I was so worried about my hairstyling because of my thin hair, but my stylist was great and gave it volume and shine! Your online website was so helpful for deciding the right packages! Thanks for making me look good on my wedding!’ -Kavitha Rajendran, TBG Bride, Chennai

‘I arrived from U.K only three weeks before my wedding and I thought I’ll be very stressed but when I found your website and fixed all the packages through skype, all I had to do was go for the trial makeup and blouse fittings! I was really stress-free! I loved my makeup and reception wear by TBG. I always make sure I recommend TBG when one of my friends gets married. You can get everything in one place, and at a cheaper rate than outside too. Great job, TBG!’ – Ramya Ponraj, TBG Bride, Madurai.

‘I love my reception lehenga designed by TBG fashion designer. The designer designed a beautiful lehenga which was just perfect for me. I was actually worried because I’m not a very lean bride, but it was just too good.’ – Kalyani Sekar, TBG Bride, Sivakasi

‘The TBG bridal consultant really helped me and guided me to choose the right package. I was worried about finding artists in my locality, but they sent an artist all the way to the wedding location and my makeup and hairstyling were amazing I loved it soo much. Thank you!’ – Nivedha Sriram, TBG bride, Hyderabad.

‘Me and my sisters and cousins rocked the aisle as bridesmaids thanks to TBG makeup artist team…you guys rock!’ – Reshma John, TBG Bridesmaid, Bangalore.

‘My wedding was a big success, I didn’t have to worry about anything…TBG custom package took care of it all! I was especially worried that the makeup would turn out to look very artificial, but my artist understood me and gave it a very natural look! Thank you TBG! It’s so convenient to get everything in one place!’ – Sai Gayathri, TBG Bride, Chennai.

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Top 25 South Indian Bridal Makeup Tips You Just Cannot Miss Out On

It’s your wedding. With the word ‘wedding’, enough is said, to make one understand you are talking about the most important day of your life. Off late South Indian brides have become extremely conscious of their bridal look. Following are the top South Indian bridal makeup tips which you just cannot miss to look the most stunning South Indian bride.

1. Getting the Right Brand of Long Lasting Bridal Makeup Kit According To Your Skin Type

bridal makeup tips
bridal makeup tips

Before even thinking about the kind of bridal makeup looks you want for the Muhurtam and reception of your wedding, the first and foremost task you need to do is making sure that you get the right brand of long-lasting bridal makeup kit for yourself which suits your skin type. Look out for long-lasting, smudge-free and waterproof cosmetics.

2. Only Tried and Tested Brands, No Experiments on the D-day

best makeup
Tips on bridal makeup

Make sure you stick to your usual tried and tested brands so that you don’t have any worries of skin allergies on a prime day. You never know how your skin will react to a new product or brand, so don’t goof up on your wedding day.

Best bridal makeup artist & packages from TBG – Starting @10,000 INR only.

3. Starting Off With Exfoliation Is a Must

Exfoliation removes the dead cells and thereby offers you a smooth skin to apply the makeup. Your makeup doesn’t look cakey if it gets a prelude of exfoliation followed with cleansing.

4. Age Old Formula of Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing

bridal makeup tips
Bridal makeup tips

Once done with the exfoliation it is always great to follow the age old regime of cleansing, toning and moisturising. Toning is extremely important after exfoliation which opens up your skin pores.

Toner tones up your skin and keeps you away from fine lines and wrinkles. Finally, end the regime with a good moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated.

5. Multiple Trial Sessions for the Best Bridal Makeup Look

trial makeup session

It is extremely important that you go through a few trial sessions to have a practical experience of how you might look like, going by the bridal look you are imagining for yourself.

It might happen that a particular bridal makeup doesn’t go with your face structure or skin tone or the season’s trend. So sit with your bridal makeup artist and discuss the perfect look for yourself on your D-day.

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6. Choosing the Right Primer

right primer
Primer on face

Applying a nice primer even before you start off with the base makeup is important as it acts as a base to which your makeup clings to and thus lasts longer; also helps in covering the acne and creases on your skin.

Choose the best primer for your bridal look depending upon your skin type from the wide range of smoothing, oil-controlling, or colour correcting primers available in the market.

7. An Alternative to the Stereotype Foundation

Applying a tinted moisturiser is best recommended for naturally flawless and glowing skin. This way you get a natural yet glamorous look for yourself. Tinted moisturisers offer lesser coverage compared to the foundations and that plays the trick.

8. Getting the Right Foundation

foundation types
Right foundation for face

In case your skin changes with the season then, try what is best suited for the season when you are getting married. Like, in dry seasons if your skin goes way too dry then it’s better to have a cream based or oil based foundations.

But usually, it’s better to get a water based one which is more long lasting and offers a fresher look. Talking about shades, try a few drops on your hand to get the right shade for yourself.

You may also like – How to make the most of your South Indian Bridal Makeup Look

9. Bridal Makeup Matching Bridal Outfit and Accessories

bridal outfit
Bridal makeup matching bridal outfit

Before starting off with the bridal makeup look make sure that whatever colour makeup you are using is going with your bridal outfit.

Your blush, lip colour, eye shadows, and everything else should be in accordance with your wedding sari or bridal lehenga or whatever outfit and accessories you are carrying. Violating this major rule will only make your look go horribly wrong!

10. Keeping One Feature at a Time for Highlighting

Always go for only one feature at a time. You may choose either of eyes and lips for the two different days of muhurtam and reception. Highlighting both in the same go will only make you look gross.

In case you need to change multiple outfits for different rituals, use colours like gold, bronze, and neutral shades of brown and pink; whether for eye shadows or lipsticks. It’s important to mention here that if you are willing to get a bridal look having a blood red pout, then it’s better to keep your eye makeup as minimal as possible.

11. Avoid Using Fingers, Use Blenders

use blenders

There’s a reason why so many blending tools or beauty blenders (as they are called), are being invented, whether it’s the brushes or sponge blenders of different shapes and sizes.

These days you have airbrush kits which give you the best possible blending. Using fingers may end up your makeup go cakey.

12. Correct Bronzer as Per Skin Tone

Bronzer in makeup
Bronzer in makeup

You might prefer to get a cream based bronzer which is a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone or complexion so that it doesn’t give you a heavy look.

13. It’s Your Wedding, Blush Blush Blush

blush for makeup
Blush for makeup

Avoid the powdery look of a traditional blush by applying a cream blush or cheek stain. They can be easily applied with the help of a blush brush or a beauty blender.

14. All Makeup Blended Well

south indian bridal makeup
South Indian bridal makeup

Bridal makeup usually looks bit louder with so much of colour makeup used. But make sure the entire thing is being blended well. You can’t indulge in having harsh lines, not even a single of them for your bridal makeup look.

15. Not to Forget the Fixing Powder

fixing powder
Fixing powder

Fixing Powder offers you a waterproof base that so as to withstand sweat. Considering the climate of South India, brides should never ever skip the fixing powder. You can easily apply it with a powder brush.

16. Get the perfect blend with airbrush

Airbrush for makeup
Airbrush for makeup

Airbrushes give you the perfect blend. Whether foundation, blush or eye shadows; you can have the perfect blend and touch with the airbrush. So instead of buying multiple blenders and sponges for different elements, you can have just one airbrush for all. Its maintenance is also devoid of any hassles, so perfect in every way.

17. Where to Highlight and Where to Contour

highlight and contour
Hightlight and Contour

The simple trick to do the highlighting is to look for the pop-up places where the light hits, like the tip of a nose, temple area, cheekbone, brow bone and inner corners of eyes.

On the other hand, the sides of your nose, jawline and the hollows of your face needs the dark shades from a contour kit to five your face a well-sculpted look.

18. Well Defined Eyebrows

well defined eyebrows
Well defined eyebrows

Getting a pair of well-defined eyebrows gives you a facelift. Always be cautious of your brow shape. It should be well plucked as per your face shape. Once in the right shape, you can dress it using an eyebrow makeup kit.

19. Eyebrow kit to make your brow more prominent

Not all of us have voluminous and dark eyebrows. So, there are eyebrow kits which help us in getting the right colour and volume for the eyebrows. There are already a number of brands from which one can choose as per preferences.

20. Not To Forget The Eyelashes

eyelashes for makeup
Eyelashes for makeup

You shape up your brow, and leave out your lashes? Not done! Use an eyelash curler from any brand available and get that u-curve to your lashes before applying a generous coating of mascara on them.

21. Right Way of Applying Mascara

Make sure you put more at the ends of the lashes rather than the base. This will give you a more natural look.

22. Stick fake eyelashes to create voluminous dramatic eyes

eyeleshes for eyes
Eyeleshes for eyes

Fake eyelashes add volume to your eyes. They become more dramatic and in case you are highlighting this particular feature, then fake eyelashes is a must. Get the right size in proportion to your eye shape.

23. Glitter on eye-shadow

Glitters or shimmers, when applied over eye shadows; create a stunningly glamorous effect. So any South Indian bride opting for a shiny look is advised to dab a bit of glitter all over the eye shadow.

24. Contact lenses in Hazel or Light Brown

contact lenses
Contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses bring out the best dramatic effect in South Indian brides. Especially the hazel lens adds some sort of mystic element to the beautiful eyes of the South Indian brides.

25. Last But Not the Least: Healthy Routine for Healthy Glowing Skin

beautiful glowing bride
Beautiful South Indian bride

Above everything, the one thing that you should start doing with a few months to your wedding is following a healthy routine. No matter how much glamorous makeup you put up using shimmers and cover up your blemishes with concealers, nothing stands like the natural glow.

This is possible only if you eat healthily, drink plenty of water and sleep enough. So more than relying on makeup start following a healthy lifestyle and get that naturally glowing skin.

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7 Hairstyles for Brides to Make Them Look Instantly Cuter in Lehenga

Just draping a bright gorgeous lehenga with matching accessories isn’t enough to make you look the most ravishing bride. Once you are done with the wedding lehenga, the foremost thing that needs to be taken care of is a good hairstyle on lehenga for the bride.

It is very important that you make a clean yet eye catchy hairdo, ignoring which will only make your look go gross. Here are some lehenga hairstyles brides can try out for different occasions.

7 Different Hairstyles for Lehenga Choli

Check out the best hairstyles for lehenga choli for this wedding season and choose the one you like.

1. Lifts on Either Side with Front Parting

Whether you are the manamahal or the bride, or the bride’s best friend, or a close relative at the event; you have all the right to be the photographer’s favorite.

In case you have a thick mane to tame, the best way to flaunt it is by making a small front parting followed up with two small lifts on the either sides; and then finally locking the ends with bobby pins at the back. In place of the lifts, you may also try thin braids or just keep interlocking the hair stresses, gradually pulling them at the back of your ears and finally locking them with pins. Let the loose end of your hair fall on the front to complete the look.

lehenga hairstyles for brides

This is a perfect bridal hairstyle with lehenga you may go for any season. Go for this hairdo with gorgeous lehenga and be a graceful thevadai manamahal.

Try our Bridal hairstylists for your wedding functions, or you can learn hair styling skills from the experts in our hair styling workshop.

2. The Retro Beehive Look

In case your kalyanam or wedding has a retro theme, going for the high beehive look can be a really interesting option for you.

Extremely ease to create, this look makes you elegant, classy and makes a voluminous effect for your hair. All you need is a large bumpit and a few bobby clips or a single small clutch clip for this bridal hairstyle.

best lehenga pictures

Take a portion your hair from the crown area, let it fall in the front and then lock it with a small clutch. Take the bumpit and fix it in the middle of your head. Now open the clutch and pull the section of hair back, gently placing it over the bumpit. Cover the bumpit with the hair as neat as possible. Let the ends fall back and fix your hair by clipping it with the bumpit at its ends.

Now lock the hair section set over the bumpit either with bobby clips or other small pins or even with a tiny embellished clutch clip. Finally, you may spray a little bit of hair spray so that the style sticks around tightly.

Try our Wedding fashion designers and get the latest design lehengas for your wedding.

3. Braids with a Twist

Braids have been the most common hairstyle for Brides in most marriages. But instead of going for the traditional braids, you may go for French braids or fish tail braids with flower trails or single flowers tucked in between them.

Add a new twist to your French braid by loosening the braid-lines on the crown area a bit with a hair comb, to get a messy French braid look. This is yet another catchy yet easy Bridal hairstyle with lehenga you may settle for in any event.  There is no harm is experimenting with the twists of braids in your own style.

hairstyles with lehenga picture

4. Buns in New Ways

Apart from the traditional braids, buns too have been there as one of the most sought after hairstyles for any event. You may play around with the bun in different ways.

Make a middle partition and leave the front hair loose. Take the hair from the middle and tie it up into a messy bun. Tuck the loose ends nicely behind your ears with bobby clips.

You may also go for a side parting and let loose some straight or wavy or curly locks, depending on your preferences. Apart from these bun styles, you may also make a soft bun after ironing your hair and let the crown locks fall low on the forehead, sideways; as shown below.

hairstyles with lehenga choli

Liked the makeup in the above picture? Try the best bridal makeup artist in your city.

5. Half updo for Wavy Hair

Being the manamahal it is your right to look the most gorgeous lady on the day of your kalyanam. Backcomb your hair and then pull the portion on the crown back, make a puff and then finally lock the strands bunch with two three bobby clips.


hairstyles with lehenga for brides

6. Long Hair with Curled up Fringes

Iron your hair after making a small side part, and then curl up the fringes of your long stresses with rollers or curlers. If you want, you may apply a little bit of hair spray to set the curls.

lehenga hairstyles

7. Bold Statement with Permed Messy Hair

Want to be the sensuous sassy bride? Go for cropped choli for your wedding lehenga. Perm your hair and then let it fall loose in a messy manner. Make a small middle parting and wear a big maangtika to complete the look.

best hairstyles with lehenga


Try out these hairstyles and turn your kanavar as the ultimate arvalaraka of your beauty for a lifetime. Don’t miss out on any chance of being the thevadai manamahal of his dreams.

So what are you thinking of? Comment your views in the below section and tell us your opinion.

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Best 5 Bridal Beauty Tips To Get That Extra Glow On Your Wedding Day

A healthy skin is very important for you to look great on your wedding day. The bright makeup for brides looks gross on any face, if it is dull. Start taking care of your diet and fitness regime well before your wedding comes.

Do follow at least one type of cardio, eat plenty of fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables; and have ample water throughout the day. Apart from flushing out the harmful toxins out of your system, water also keeps you hydrated and that keeps your hair and skin healthy.

Apart from maintaining the internal health you need to maintain personal hygiene and beauty regime on a daily basis to keep your skin and hair clean and healthy. Do not avoid your daily shower and maintain a cleansing, toning and moisturizing regime daily before going to bed at night.

Never go to bed with the makeup on, always clean off the makeup thoroughly before going to sleep. Avoiding this might put adverse effects on your skin. Keep these in mind and leave the rest on the hairdo and makeup for brides that will make you look at your best on your D-day.

#1 Covering up the blemishes with concealer

bridal beauty tips

Next that comes under bridal beauty tips, is covering your flaws. You can always take help of concealers to hide your skin flaws. Concealers can be used to cover any spots and blemishes on your face and neck. You can even use a coloured concealer like yellow or green to cover the reddish blemishes on the skin and also brighten up yourself.

#2 Get the extra glow with highlighter

tips for bridal makeup

Speaking about beauty tips for brides, you can get that extra glow with a highlighter. Apply slight touch of a good, branded highlighter on the higher planes of the face which include the check bones, the bridge of the nose, the chin, the center of the forehead, and the area above the upper lip.

#3 Get the sharp chiselled look with a bronzer

Bronzer is used to contour YOUR face and make it look chiselled and sharp in the photographs. Opt for an angular brush, and apply a few strokes of bronzer on to the sides of the chin (avoid the center), on the sides of the forehead, and on the two sides along the nose bone (avoid the top).

bridal beauty tips for future brides

Here is a great beauty tip for brides for the right application of bronzer. While applying the bronzer, suck in your cheeks in and apply the bronzer on the top part of the contours, near to the ear. While doing so, avoid applying all along the entire length of the contours. Also, make sure you do not go overboard while applying the bronzer that can spoil your entire bridal makeup.

#4 Shine with the shimmer

makeup tips for brides

Shimmer can get you a fresh and dewy look. Applying a sheer gold shimmer along the top of the cheekbones, the Cupid’s bow curve of upper lips, and under the eyebrows will add an extra glow on your face.

#5 Last but not the least: Fixing makeup with primers to make it long lasting

makeup tips for south indian brides

Do not forget to get a good primer in your bridal makeup kit. Apply the primer two minutes post moisturizing your face and neck, and then thoroughly blend it all over. Primer helps to maintain the base makeup involving the concealer and foundation. It keeps the makeup in place for longer duration. This is mandatory when one talks about bridal beauty tips.

Also, watch the below video to get general bridal tips a bride should follow to get extra glow in they wedding.

Please comment your suggestions or queries in the comment section below.

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