Car Decorations

Indian weddings are known for their royalty and pompousness. Most of the populace would love to decorate their weddings with the most colorful decor items and accessories. Earlier the groom used to ride a fully embellished white horse as a part of wedding procession. A modern take for the groom to enter the wedding venue is by getting down from an extravagantly decorated car, gone were the days when people used to decorate the wedding car in a flamboyant way, now they make sure that the groom enters the wedding hall in a car decorated with enough panache and bride to have a beautiful farewell or exit ceremony. Whether you are going for a vintage car or a contemporary one, the right Indian marriage car decoration can make a huge difference. The designs can vary according to your taste.

Car decorations for weddings are trending nowadays, be it simple, elegant for the people who love simplicity or classy sophisticated decorations for those who like extravagance.

Reach out TBG’s Wedding Car décor team if you want your wedding car decorated with flowers, to discuss your requirements and to get the most stunning car flower decoration ideas and for the grooms to enter the wedding hall in swag.

Prices: ₹3,000 onwards