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How to Select Bridal Jewellery Based on Personality

It may sound cliché but it is true that fashion is an extension of an individual’s personality and the
reflection of personality in fashion extends to almost any attire, accessory or jewelry items a person
chooses to wear; whether it’s casual, formal or even bridal. Keeping this in mind; this blog aims to
concentrate on bridal jewelry that matches the different personalities of different brides and in keeping
with the subject; listed below are varying trending bridal jewelry items for brides with varying
personalities. Scroll down to know more.

Top 10 Stunning Bridal Jewelry Pieces for Brides of Varying Personalities
Indian women are evolving with the times and in this day and age; women in India have an opinion
when it comes to bridal fashion and that opinion is often in keeping with their individual tastes and
personalities. When women shop for bridal jewelry; the emphasis is on finding the kind of jewelry pieces
that best suit their personality and the top ten jewelry items listed below is sure to attract different soon
to be brides with different personalities. Scroll down to peruse through and know more about these top
10 bridal jewelry picks that could very well be an extension of your personality.

Bridal Jewelry for the Traditional Bride
Customs, culture and traditions are an inherent part of life in India; and many women are so deeply
rooted in customs and traditions that it becomes an extension of their personality. These women prefer
to dress in Indian ethnic wear on a regular basis and on their wedding day they prefer the most exquisite
traditional bridal wear with traditional bridal jewelry. There is no dearth of fabulous jewelry options for
these women as most Indian jewelry makers and designers put great emphasis on traditional motifs and
form during the jewelry designing process. Listed below are four beautiful traditional bridal jewelry
pieces for the traditional Indian bride.

1. The Traditional Matha Patti

When on a quest for traditional Indian jewelry to match your traditional personality; one cannot forget
the exquisite matha patti. When translated from Hindi to English; the “Matha Patti” simply means
headband but this gorgeous Indian bridal jewelry item is far from simple. Traditional Indian jewelers
painstakingly create these exquisite headpieces and when you find the one that suits you best; nothing
can stop you from looking the part of a gorgeous Indian bride.

2. Kundan Choker with Kundan Mang Tika

By definition; Kundan jewelry is an intrinsically traditional form of jewelry making that involves
fashioning jewelry from pure gold and various gemstones. Kundan jewelry mainly pertains to exquisite

neckpieces and the picture above is an excellent example of traditional Kundan bridal jewelry made
specifically for the traditional Indian bride.

3. Kangan and Churi

Translated from Hindi to English; “Kangan and Churi” literally means bracelets and bangles and these
accessories for the hands are of great importance to the traditional Indian bride. It is important to note
that the “Kangan and Churi” holds symbolic value to traditional Indian women even after marriage and
as such is an important bridal jewelry purchase for soon to be brides with a traditional personality.

4. Nose Ring or Nathni

The nose ring or “Nathni” truly completes the look of traditional Indian brides which is what makes it
an important purchase for soon to be brides with a traditional personality.

5. Temple Jewellery for The Traditional South Indian Bride

The South of India has a whole set of customs and a distinctive culture of its own. Women in the South of India place high value on tradition and culture and this often becomes an extension of their personalities. South Indian Temple jewellery is set apart for the fact that it is primarily made from pure gold and often features elaborate heavy gold neckpieces, kamarbandhs, payals and bangles that go perfectly with the South Indian Kanjeevaram Saree. The fact that many South Indian brides stick to this whole look combined of traditional elements is indicative of traditional personality that values cultural heritage.

Bridal Jewelry for the Modern Bride

As mentioned before; many Indian women are breaking the mold when it comes to conventional perceptions of what an Indian woman should be. Superficially; this is most evident in the sartorial choices of the modern Indian woman and these fashion and style choices often extend to her bridal attire. Listed below are 3 great examples of jewelry items that are perfect for the modern Indian bride.

6. Diamond Necklace for Engagement



While the traditional bride can’t get enough of traditional gold jewelry; the modern bride is more likely to covet precious diamonds for her wedding day or even flaunt these exquisite pieces on her engagement day. This diamond necklace is a perfect example of the appeal of diamonds for women with a forward bent of mind and a modern personality. This ethereal cluster of diamonds that perfectly accentuates the neck of a modern bride is definitely high up on the list of modern bridal jewelry worth wearing and makes for an enchanting engagement accessory.

7. Diamond and Emerald Necklace

The appeal of diamonds and other precious stones is strong for the modern Indian woman and this diamond and emerald necklace is the perfect example of bridal jewelry items soon to be bride with a modern bent of mind should be on the lookout for.

8. Minimalistic Nose Rings





The idea of a traditional “Nathni” may seem too cumbersome for a soon to be modern Indian bride but it’s safe to say that these minimalistic nose rings will suit this personality type just fine.  

9. One Statement Piece



Modern women generally prefer jewelry that is minimalistic however Indian weddings and the expectations that come with it; leave little room for a minimalistic approach to bridal jewelry. As such; modern women can revel in the stunning effect of one statement piece of bridal jewelry that more than makes up for the lack of other adornments. This exquisite necklace with uncut diamonds and colored stones is an excellent example. Encrusted with dazzling gemstones; it is sure to capture and keep the attention of onlookers.

Bridal Jewelry for the Fusion Bride

Many Indian women perfectly encapsulate both modern ideas and traditional values which often becomes an extension of their personality. This state of perfect fusion extends to their sartorial choices inclusive of bridal attire and jewelry. Listed below are 2 items of fusion jewelry that is sure to capture the imagination of such women.

10. Contemporary Kangan





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