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8 Unique Nethi Chutti Design Every Bride Needs To Know!

Nethi chutti is one of the essential bridal jewellery ( known as Maang Tikka in North India). It plays an important role and a beautiful piece of ornament which gives a complete bridal look. With a lot of nethi chutti designs in the trend, it is very difficult for a bride to choose one out of hundreds. In this article, we have clubbed 8 unique nethi chutti designs that will give a stunning look to all the brides.

 1. Single Layered Kemp Nethi Chutti

Kemp style nethi chutti is one of the traditional yet the most preferred design of all time. Let it be manga shaped or contemporary designs with red stones, it gives a flashy and lovely look for all the South Indian brides.

2. Board Pendant Nethi Chutti

If you’re looking for a simple and elegant way then this type of nethi chutti would be the right choice. This type of nethi chutti design suits for all face cuts.

3. Layered Stone Nethi Chutti

Layered nethi chutti is one of the most preferred design by modern brides. You can see a variety of layered maang tikka design with golden balls, white pearls, red stones, etc., this layered style gives a classic and stunning look on your wedding day.

4. White Stone Nethi Chutti

Get rid of the usual gold plated nethi chutti and try out this different style of whitestone nethi chutti. The chutti in the center and the string covering your forehead will give you a vintage bridal look.

5. Traditional Kemp Nethi Chutti Design

This style of nethi chutti is the most preferred one by South Indian brides. Nothing can replace the beauty and traditional look that it gives. The Sun and the moon with the kemp stones add essence to the bride. Though new designs do invade this style of nethi chutti always stays in fashion even after ages.

6. Kundan Nethi Chutti

Most of the brides love to adorn for kundan jewellery as it gives a royal look. The bright Kundan nethi chutti is available in single and multiple layers. Have a look at the inspiring Kundan maang tikka!

7. Single Pendant Nethi Chutti

This type of nethi chutti is preferred for the wedding reception. If you’re opting for a grand Kanchipuram silk saree or lehenga then this is the best option if you do not want to overdo things. You can also make your single nethi chutti into pendant one by covering the string beneath the hair.

8. Mughal Style Nethi Chutti

Mughal style nethi chutti commonly known as the Jhumar Tikka is one of the most favourite design of North Indian Brides. Now, even our South Indian brides have started flaunting this nethi chutti style.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this article. Try out any of this nethi chutti design for your big day. Also, comment below your favourite style in the comment box.

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