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10 Everyday Things that make you miss your mom after Marriage

Marriage is a life changing experience for both the bride and the groom, but the major sacrifices happen in the bride’s life. It is not easy to leave a place where you’ve made so many memories, the place where you have a secured shelter in the form of Father, the place which has a troublemaker in the form of brother/sister, and the place which has your mom!

Most of the time, you don’t know how much love involved in everything your mom does for you. Probably, you will realize her unnoticed love and care after your wedding. Here we have 10 everyday things that will remember your mom after your wedding.

1. That early morning coffee waiting right on your table before you wake up

Coffee is the key start for a day and the one from your mother’s hand add extra caffeine to the coffee. But now the things are not the same, you have to pull yourself out of bed and make your own cup of coffee and also for your family members.

Mother daughter love
Morning Coffee

2. And how can you miss your mummy’s spongy idly and chutney

Being a responsible wife and daughter-in-law you need to prepare the morning breakfast for your husband and in-laws which will definitely remind your super mom breakfast.

Indian mother cooking
Breakfast time

3. Help you in checking the outfit before leaving office

When nobody gives you an honest opinion on how you look, you will get to remember your mom. In spite of all her morning chaos, she will get time to check out your attire for the day and assure for a perfect look!

Indian mothers love
Getting ready

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4. When You’re Sick

Though we know your husband will take care of you when you’re sick, but you will really look for your mom’s magical touch to resolve your energy.

Indian mother care
When You’re Sick

5. The times when something crazy happens and you want to share with your mom

Mom is the first best friend for a girl to share all her happening in life, but you’re married now and you are away from her. Also, you have certain responsibilities to complete before you get on a phone call with mom.

South Indian Mothers
Miss your best friend

6. After a bad Time in the Workplace

No matter how old you grow, your mom identifies the problems by looking at your face. Mom’s lap is the best therapy to resolve any tension. After marriage, you realize no one knows you better than your mom and no one can comfort as she did.

Indian mother care
Mother the best therapy

7. When you can not find out your accessories

Remember how perfect your mom keeps your accessories and outfit in place! Without mummy around, you can just feel the difficulty in figuring out yourself!

Indian mom and daughter
Finding your favorite accessories

8. Cooking your Favourite Food dishes

The days when your favorite dishes are on your table and you are ready to eat! now it’s not the same, you need to prepare the dishes on your own and it does not come out the same!

mother love
Missing your favorite bites

9. When nobody gives you the Sunday head massage

The times when your Sunday morning starts with your mom scolding of messy hair with that she forcefully put a dollop of oil in your hair and gives a relaxing head massage which would be the fresh start for the next week.

Indian mother daughter love
Head Massage

10. Simply you miss her badly!

You would miss her without any reason!

Indian mother daughter love
You simply miss her

Hope you all could feel the unnoticed love of your mother in every single thing she does. You don’t worry! you’ll slowly get used to the new beginning… Pick your phone and dial to your mom and talk till your battery dries out!


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