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20 Beautiful Pattu Saree Blouse Designs

A wedding is undoubted, the most important event in a girl’s life. Every girl wants to look the best on her wedding. Indian weddings, as we all know is a weeklong event with multiple ceremonies and customs followed throughout the week. So, it becomes necessary that the bride arranges multiple outfits for the major ceremonies at her wedding. Especially, pattu saree plays a major role in all parts of the wedding ceremony. In this article, we are going to see some of the beautiful pattu saree blouse designs trending among the Indian brides.

Indian wedding outfits are either sarees or lehengas. For South Indian brides, it is primarily saree. So getting a good collection of blouse also becomes important for them. Here are some of the unique bridal blouse designs which any South Indian bride would love to have in her closet.

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20 Latest Silk Saree Blouse Designs – Try for your Wedding

1. Heavy work elbow length designer blouse

Contrast blouse color will always give the best combination for silk sarees. If your silk saree as a contrast blouse then you can pick this design pattern. This elbow length sleeve with full white stone design and designer back will definitely make your blouse look great.

Heavy designer boat neck blouse

Heavy designer boat neck blouse (source)

2. Royal designer wedding blouse

One of the important parts of a wedding outfit is sarees and blouses, which is the most important thing to portrait your beauty on your wedding day. This special outfit can be made more special with this type of heavy work blouse designs. This kinds of design will give you a royal wedding feel and all eyes will be frozen on your blouse design.

Royal wedding blouse

Royal wedding blouse (source)

Royal wedding blouse

Royal wedding blouse (source)

3. Elbow length embroidered designer blouse

If your silk saree is a soft silk type then this style of an embroidered pattern will be the best. This kind of realistic hand work silk saree blouse embroidered designs like Radha and Krishna, veenai design is will definitely make you stand unique from the crowd.

Elbow length embroidered blouse

Elbow length embroidered blouse (source)

4. Close neck Pattu Saree Blouse Designs

Yellow is always the most attractive and pleasant color. You can pick this kind of close neck design for your pattu saree blouse designs. You can go with a fish cut back for this kind of close neck designs. Grand accessories with bun hairstyle will make you look stunning with your outfit.

Close neck blouse

Close neck blouse (source)

5. Radha and Krishna blouse design

If you want to look more traditional with a modern look then this kind of pattern makes it all. when your blouse speaks the story of your love then it is something different. Any bride to be would have admired at the love story of Radha and Krishna at least once in their lifetime.  Keeping their resembles in your pattu saree blouse design will definitely resemble a lovely impact on your partner.

Radha and Krishna design

Radha and Krishna design (source)

You can pick this style of design for a trendy and traditional look. If you are more devotional and want that impact in your marriage then you can try out this type of design pattern in your blouse.

Devotional saree blouse

Devotional saree blouse (source)

6. Elbow sleeve with pearl designs

If you prefer to go for a sheer type blouse design then you can pick this pearl stone designer blouse. This gives a simple and elegant look. Traditional accessories will go well for this kind of soft silk sarees.

pearl designer blouse

pearl designer blouse (source)

7. Mirror work designer blouse

This mirror work designer blouse is something commonly preferred by all kinds of girls. Though it is an old model design pattern, there are more new innovations in this mirror work, you can give it a try for this style pattern for your silk saree.

Mirror work designer blouse

Mirror work designer blouse (source)

8. Golden gems circle neck blouse

Circle opening is a trending design among young girls, this can also be used in silk sarees. We can enhance this design with additional stuff like golden gems and designer chains. If your pattu saree blouse designs is a self-color then this pattern goes well.

Circle neck blouse design

Circle neck blouse design (source)

9. Simple cold shoulder designer

Cold shoulders are generally preferred in lehengas and western wear. This time lets try it in pattu saree blouse design. This golden color more commonly known as Kerala saree is preferred by all kinds of girls. You can go for a contrast blouse for this type of saree. Try out this cold shoulder blouse for your silk saree this time.

Cold shoulder blouse design
Cold shoulder blouse design

10. Golden coin designer work saree

We all will be aware of embroidered designs, stone design works in a blouse, but this coin design work is something different and looks gorgeous for a silk saree blouse design patterns. Try this different style of golden coin designer blouse for this special occasion and stand unique from the crowd.

Golden coin designer blouse
Golden coin designer blouse
coin blouse designer blouse
coin blouse designer blouse

11. Jewelry pattern blouse design

Jewelry pattern blouse designs are now trending among many brides. If your pattu saree blouse design is a simple and plain then you can go for this work. If your saree as a contrast blouse then this design pattern will highlight your blouse and give an elegant and rich look.

Jewellery pattern blouse design
Jewelry pattern blouse design

12. Square check sleeve design

If you are opting for an elbow length sleeve for your silk saree blouse design pattern then you can go with this checkers design. This design will give you a pleasant and elegant look for any occasion. In this type of design, a simple U cut will go well. You can also add tassels to give extra essence to the blouse design.

Square checks blouse design
Square checks blouse design

13. Kundan blouse design

We all will be aware of Kundan blouse design but will not have an idea of the design pattern. You can try out this design style for your contrast silk saree blouse. It is your choice of keeping a close neck elbow length blouse. You don’t need heavy accessories for this kind of designer blouse

Kundan blouse design
Kundan blouse design

14. Elbow length pleated puff sleeve

we all know the age-old puff sleeve blouse pattern. We can add new pattern to this old design pattern like this picture. A normal puff sleeve with straight elbow length pattern is something really looks awesome. If you prefer a puff sleeve for your silk saree blouse then try this different style next time.

Elbow length blouse design
Elbow length blouse design

15. Sheer sleeve designer blouse

This sheer sleeve designer blouse is something very different and attractive. A boat neck design with this sleeve will give you a pleasant and charming look. This type of design can be preferred for pre wedding rituals as this gives both simple and grand look. Contrast color blouse will go well for this style pattern.

Sheer sleeve designer blouse
Sheer sleeve designer blouse

16. Simple Pattu Saree Blouse Designs

South Indian brides need multiple dresses for their multiple rituals and customs of their marriage which is carried throughout a week. Among the so many customs, haldi remains a very important one and a compulsory ceremony in the marriage. If you are looking to have a designer blouse for your pattu saree blouse designs then you can try this style.

If you are looking to have a designer blouse for your haldi, you can refer to the above image. Being a daytime ceremony, the color is kept mild. Keeping in mind the color of haldi, a mild shade of yellow is being used along with contrasting beige.

Simple blouse design
Simple blouse design

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17. Simple yet catchy self-color blouse design

This is an ideal design for your sangeet night in case you want to keep it simple yet make it eye catchy. The unique peacock at the edge of the back comes as an unusual design for any bridal blouse.

As a matter of convenience, the knot is being kept at the other side, avoiding the usual central positioning. The strings come with beautiful decorative making the blouse all the more ideal for wedding purpose.

Self color designer blouse
Self-color designer blouse

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18. Simple elbow length Pattu Saree Blouse Designs

If you want to go by the bling way, then this particular blouse is ideal for your wedding purpose. Heavily dosed with embellishments this bright brick red blouse will catch all the attention at the wedding hall. Perfect back cuts with strings having decorative will make you look stunning.

Simple designer blouse
Simple designer blouse

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19. Heavy Sequined bridal blouse design

With some lovely bright bridal hues of red, pink and orange; a heavily sequined net blouse with some embellishments will work as the best thing for you on your Mehendi ceremony. You can also have similar thing for your sangeet night as well.

bridal blouse

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20. Maroon color south Indian blouse design

This seems to be the perfect blouse for your D-day. Made out of maroon and gold designer blouse, it is heavily designed with embroideries, sequins, and embellishments; making it the ultimate bridal statement for any girl. This simple elbow length pattu saree blouse design will be an eye catchy decorative.

Maroon color bridal blouse design
Maroon color bridal blouse design

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Liked these south Indian silk saree blouse designs? Feel free to come up with your suggestions on the below comments section.

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