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Best 5 Bridal Beauty Tips To Get That Extra Glow On Your Wedding Day

A healthy skin is very important for you to look great on your wedding day. The bright makeup for brides looks gross on any face, if it is dull. Start taking care of your diet and fitness regime well before your wedding comes.

Do follow at least one type of cardio, eat plenty of fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables; and have ample water throughout the day. Apart from flushing out the harmful toxins out of your system, water also keeps you hydrated and that keeps your hair and skin healthy.

Apart from maintaining the internal health you need to maintain personal hygiene and beauty regime on a daily basis to keep your skin and hair clean and healthy. Do not avoid your daily shower and maintain a cleansing, toning and moisturizing regime daily before going to bed at night.

Never go to bed with the makeup on, always clean off the makeup thoroughly before going to sleep. Avoiding this might put adverse effects on your skin. Keep these in mind and leave the rest on the hairdo and makeup for brides that will make you look at your best on your D-day.

#1 Covering up the blemishes with concealer

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Next that comes under bridal beauty tips, is covering your flaws. You can always take help of concealers to hide your skin flaws. Concealers can be used to cover any spots and blemishes on your face and neck. You can even use a coloured concealer like yellow or green to cover the reddish blemishes on the skin and also brighten up yourself.

#2 Get the extra glow with highlighter

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Speaking about beauty tips for brides, you can get that extra glow with a highlighter. Apply slight touch of a good, branded highlighter on the higher planes of the face which include the check bones, the bridge of the nose, the chin, the center of the forehead, and the area above the upper lip.

#3 Get the sharp chiselled look with a bronzer

Bronzer is used to contour YOUR face and make it look chiselled and sharp in the photographs. Opt for an angular brush, and apply a few strokes of bronzer on to the sides of the chin (avoid the center), on the sides of the forehead, and on the two sides along the nose bone (avoid the top).

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Here is a great beauty tip for brides for the right application of bronzer. While applying the bronzer, suck in your cheeks in and apply the bronzer on the top part of the contours, near to the ear. While doing so, avoid applying all along the entire length of the contours. Also, make sure you do not go overboard while applying the bronzer that can spoil your entire bridal makeup.

#4 Shine with the shimmer

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Shimmer can get you a fresh and dewy look. Applying a sheer gold shimmer along the top of the cheekbones, the Cupid’s bow curve of upper lips, and under the eyebrows will add an extra glow on your face.

#5 Last but not the least: Fixing makeup with primers to make it long lasting

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Do not forget to get a good primer in your bridal makeup kit. Apply the primer two minutes post moisturizing your face and neck, and then thoroughly blend it all over. Primer helps to maintain the base makeup involving the concealer and foundation. It keeps the makeup in place for longer duration. This is mandatory when one talks about bridal beauty tips.

Also, watch the below video to get general bridal tips a bride should follow to get extra glow in they wedding.

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