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9 Interesting Things You Need to Concentrate on For an Ideal Budget Wedding in India

Planning your wedding in a full dazzling will certainly require a higher budget. In Spite of all the joys and glams around, you need to concentrate on the cost. Marriage is not only about celebration, but it is also about living a peaceful and happy life. Make sure that your marriage expenses do not make your life to a darker side.

Pioneer planning will be the wise choice for a perfect budget wedding. You can not even realize how much does a simple stage decoration cost! At the same time, you can not compromise to go for drab designs. So, make a wise choice in planning things pioneer. Not only decorations, but you also need to concentrate on all the facets of the wedding like photography, wedding attires, catering service, and gifts as all beauties come with a massive price tag.

If you are the one who is heading close to your wedding day, then continue reading this article to get some interesting ways you can cut down the cost for a perfect budget wedding.

1.Layout your financial details

Money is the baseline for any party or wedding. For a flawless event, you need to have a proper source of funds to attain your dream wedding. Make sure you do not ruin your wedding because of improper financial problems.

Wedding planning tips
Wedding planning tips

2. Go for rental jewellery

Buying a imitation jewellery will no way going to help you! So, opt for a jewellery hire option. This will give a big reflect on your wedding budget planning. You can use that money in other valuable stuff of the wedding planning. Other than this, there are other advantages of jewellery hiring over buying.

Hire rental jewellery
Hire rental jewellery

3. Eco-friendly wedding cards

There are many designs and patterns available in the wedding invitations. It is no more a ritual to an invitation to friends and relatives with card printed invitation cards. Opt for creative digital invitations online and share with your friends and family on social platforms. This will save more papers and more of your money.

If online invitation stuck you then you can adapt for your self-design creative wedding card design at an affordable price.

Simple wedding invitation cards
Simple wedding invitation cards

4. Wedding attire

You need to concentrate on all aspects in an ideal budget wedding planning. So, here comes your wedding attires, list out your shopping budgets and finalize the clothing list. Start your shopping at the offer seasons to get the best clothes at a discounted price. Even top brands avail offers at seasonal times, so you can make the best use of this times to shop your desired wedding dress at your budgeted price.

Wedding clothing
Wedding Attire

5. Plan your wedding in hometown

Hometown expenses are less compared to the city, let it be decorations or foods. You can get to enjoy two in one happiness when your marriage is at hometown. In most cases, wedding in hometown takes place in our own house which will save the venue cost, on the other side, you can see the family members who can not afford to travel to city weddings.

Hometown wedding
Plan your wedding in hometown

6. Go for the precise food list

Food plays an important part for a dazzling wedding, a good delicious food reflects a happy face in a guest face so never compromise in that. Precise your choice of food at your wedding. Go for a two to three main course dishes, sweets, and desserts. Quality stands higher than quantity so keep the list simple but taste higher.

Wedding food
Precise the food list

7. Photography

Hire a budget wedding photographers for the occasions with limited hours for reception shoots. Try to stay away from advanced videography techniques like split frames, sepia tones, and multiple exposures- which will bill you higher. Be precise in the selection of your photography packages.

Budget wedding photography
Budget wedding photography

8. Sort out the guest list

Make a rough list of your guest list for your wedding, this will help you to modify the budget list. It is your call, to choose who you have to call for your wedding so, sort out a list of picking an essential people around that you feel to grace your wedding occasion.

Wedding guest list
Sort out the guest list

9. Decorations

You might not know how much does a stage decoration cost your budget wedding plan. Go for the seasonal flowers available on your wedding season as off-season flowers cost higher which reflects your financial cost. You can also for thoranam decorations to make the stage more pleasant at a lower cost.

Budget wedding decoration
Budget wedding decoration

The points mentioned above are just an idea of how you can make a budget-friendly wedding without compromising anything. Make sure that you understand and finalize the budget in advance to avoid troubles on your wedding day. If you feel difficult to plan for a wedding budget then you can opt for a consultant for planning a ceremony of this scale.

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