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Top 10 Tips On How To Pick The Right Outfit With Matching Accessories And Hairstyle

Shopping becomes a prolonged affair for most of the girls or women. Men are always complaining that we take a huge time whenever it’s our turn to get ready, whether for a casual outing or a special event. In the process, many of us end up doing some terrible fashion faux pas which we regret for a really long time. So here are some important tips on how to get that right look with your outfit and accessories.

How To Pick The Right Outfit?

1. Understanding The Occasion

saree as per the occassion

The most important point to remember before you pick any outfit is the place and occasion you will be going in that dress. You can’t go all bling for a formal office meeting, right? Likewise, going all bland for a wedding or party is just not done! For wedding, you need sarees like heavy silks or sequined chiffons.

Workplace calls for a sophisticated corporate, sometimes glamorous but not too loud outfits. Similarly, you can play around with your style statement whichever way you want while going for night out or other casual occasions. You might have a definite style statement for your daily college routine or workplace but people don’t expect to see you in the same avatar even at a bachelorette party or at a night club.

2. Day And Night Factor

day and night factor

While dressing up for any occasion you also need to consider the fact whether you are going for a daytime event or a night outing. Certain colours which make you look bright in daytime might make you look dull by the night, on the other hand, certain shades are more convenient for a night outing rather than a daytime programme; for example black. You need to play around with different colours and contrasts to look perfect for that particular time of the day.

3. Not To Mess Up In Mix And Match

blouse designs

While doing the mix and match for the different elements of your outfit make sure you are not making a rainbow out of you. Do not add too many elements of different vibrant colours which will eventually make your look go gross. Pick certain shades and play around with them.

For example in case your saree has two or three colours then your blouse should be in the colour that will grab the maximum attention yet make your saree look stand out. Also you can make a standout statement by getting a simple monochrome blouse with some stunning embroidery or embellishments.

A blue kanjeevaram silk saree with golden border and pallu definitely calls for a golden blouse. Always get the blouse or dupatta or salwar in the contrasting colours to that of the saree or the kurti’s.

4. Try Out The Seasonal Colours

seasonal sarees

This tip will definitely make your job much easier next time you are out for shopping. The best way to pick dresses is to go with the seasonal colours. Summer, monsoon, autumn, spring and winter- they all come with their own palette of colours.

How To Pick The Right Accessories (Jewellery/Footwear/Handbags)

5. Understanding Your Garment

jewellery as per the garment

Matching accessories doesn’t necessarily means you need to get them in the same colours as your garment. First of all understand your dress. Not all jewellery and footwear go with all kinds of dresses.

6. Which Footwear For What


When it comes to sarees, it’s always better to get heels. Flat slippers can make you stumble upon heavy pleats of the saree. Likewise beautiful mojris look best with salwar suits. Things like sports shoes, wedges heels, boots, flip-flop and floaters are strict NO for sarees.

Talking about corporate office look you may choose from the various work shoes available in market these days. If it’s about a single piece dress for dinner date, then high heel and strappy stilettoes will get you a stunning personality.

7. Different Jewellery For Different Outfits


Different outfits call for different kinds of jewellery. But even in then different sarees call for different jewellery. You need to understand the fabric and go accordingly. Some sarees look best with oxidised metal jewellery while some might call for the yellow metal. For western outfits, it’s always light weighted minimal jewellery look.

8. Handbags Making The Ultimate Statement


Your handbag makes a huge impact on your overall look. Handbag is the one of the most important accessories you carry, so make sure you carry a right one. For sarees get clutches or potli bags. For casuals you may prefer totes and with the office look you may get messenger bags or ones on the similar line.

Hairstyles Turning Heads

9. Considering Your Facial Shape

Before starting off with any hairstyle wait a while to check the shape of your face. A round face needs a different kind of hairstyle compared to a square face or heart shaped face. But in case you have an oval one, you really don’t have to think much because most of the hairstyles suit this kind of shape. Consult a hairstylist once a while to get the latest trends in haircuts and hairstyling that might look good with your face.

10. Different Hairstyles For Casual Days And Special Events


Special events like parties and big pujas at home, definitely call for special stunning hairstyles and not just a bun or pony tail like the casual days. Try out the different embellished hair accessories available in the market to make a standout statement to your high bun or long plait.

Following these important tips would definitely fetch you a great wardrobe. In case you still need guidance, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp, Facebook or even phone call. We’ll be right there for you!

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