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Be A Successful South Indian Fashion Designer If You Have A Niche For Designing

Fashion Designing has become one of the most sought after courses these days, whether it is in India or abroad. This is not a gender biased academic field rather it is a platform where gender equality is strongly found. Any of us can become a fashion designer provided we have that creative vision and the urge to keep on modifying our skills.

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Utilize Your Niche In Designing

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If you have a niche for designing clothes and garments, it is better to utilize the talent rather than just bearing it. There have been multiple academic and professional opportunities growing throughout the country off late regarding fashion designing. You may approach any of the institutes to brush up the talent which you have. Even if you don’t get to hone the academic routine, you may take internship with an established fashion designer before coming up with your own label.

Professionalise Your Hard Skills

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In case you have a thorough understanding of different textiles and fabrics, sketching, a minimum practice of stitching or sewing, draping, it will be best if your materialise these skills through some professional ventures. Knowing how to come up with your own innovative patterns with the help of different Computer Aided Design software or CAD software, will be an added bonus.

Have An Understanding Of The Traditional Fashion

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While being a fashion designer, you need to consider both your native and global fashion trends. Having an understanding of the traditional fashion will only boost your design thinking process. Following your native fashion is very important. South Indian culture has a wide variety of heavy silks in their traditional clothing trend.

Local Weaving And Embroidery Trends

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You can make an extraordinary statement while bringing out your own label by using the simple traditional patterns. The history of South Indian native weavers is blessed with a bright talent of embroidery and weaving. The bright colourful embroidery always stands out of the crowd making a strong fashion statement.

South Indian Fashion And Aari Work

Aari Work is something to look up to while talking about South Indian fashion. It is a native form of South Indian fashion which is more popular while designing beautiful blouses for the beautiful South Indian beauties.

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There have been a hundreds of fashion colleges popping up throughout the country since the last two decades. Most of the fashion enthusiasts join the fashion colleges just after coming out of their high schools. Interestingly even South Indian girls are turning up at fashion colleges, negating the stereotyped medical, engineering and management courses which are more popular.

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  1. I would like to know if there is any training or teaching center near tnagar in Chennai to learn aari works and designing. If so, the cost and tenure of the course.

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