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7 Hairstyles for Brides to Make Them Look Instantly Cuter in Lehenga

Just draping a bright gorgeous lehenga with matching accessories isn’t enough to make you look the most ravishing bride. Once you are done with the wedding lehenga, the foremost thing that needs to be taken care of is a good hairstyle on lehenga for the bride.

It is very important that you make a clean yet eye catchy hairdo, ignoring which will only make your look go gross. Here are some lehenga hairstyles brides can try out for different occasions.

7 Different Hairstyles for Lehenga Choli

Check out the best hairstyles for lehenga choli for this wedding season and choose the one you like.

1. Lifts on Either Side with Front Parting

Whether you are the manamahal or the bride, or the bride’s best friend, or a close relative at the event; you have all the right to be the photographer’s favorite.

In case you have a thick mane to tame, the best way to flaunt it is by making a small front parting followed up with two small lifts on the either sides; and then finally locking the ends with bobby pins at the back. In place of the lifts, you may also try thin braids or just keep interlocking the hair stresses, gradually pulling them at the back of your ears and finally locking them with pins. Let the loose end of your hair fall on the front to complete the look.

lehenga hairstyles for brides

This is a perfect bridal hairstyle with lehenga you may go for any season. Go for this hairdo with gorgeous lehenga and be a graceful thevadai manamahal.

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2. The Retro Beehive Look

In case your kalyanam or wedding has a retro theme, going for the high beehive look can be a really interesting option for you.

Extremely ease to create, this look makes you elegant, classy and makes a voluminous effect for your hair. All you need is a large bumpit and a few bobby clips or a single small clutch clip for this bridal hairstyle.

best lehenga pictures

Take a portion your hair from the crown area, let it fall in the front and then lock it with a small clutch. Take the bumpit and fix it in the middle of your head. Now open the clutch and pull the section of hair back, gently placing it over the bumpit. Cover the bumpit with the hair as neat as possible. Let the ends fall back and fix your hair by clipping it with the bumpit at its ends.

Now lock the hair section set over the bumpit either with bobby clips or other small pins or even with a tiny embellished clutch clip. Finally, you may spray a little bit of hair spray so that the style sticks around tightly.

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3. Braids with a Twist

Braids have been the most common hairstyle for Brides in most marriages. But instead of going for the traditional braids, you may go for French braids or fish tail braids with flower trails or single flowers tucked in between them.

Add a new twist to your French braid by loosening the braid-lines on the crown area a bit with a hair comb, to get a messy French braid look. This is yet another catchy yet easy Bridal hairstyle with lehenga you may settle for in any event.  There is no harm is experimenting with the twists of braids in your own style.

hairstyles with lehenga picture

4. Buns in New Ways

Apart from the traditional braids, buns too have been there as one of the most sought after hairstyles for any event. You may play around with the bun in different ways.

Make a middle partition and leave the front hair loose. Take the hair from the middle and tie it up into a messy bun. Tuck the loose ends nicely behind your ears with bobby clips.

You may also go for a side parting and let loose some straight or wavy or curly locks, depending on your preferences. Apart from these bun styles, you may also make a soft bun after ironing your hair and let the crown locks fall low on the forehead, sideways; as shown below.

hairstyles with lehenga choli

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5. Half updo for Wavy Hair

Being the manamahal it is your right to look the most gorgeous lady on the day of your kalyanam. Backcomb your hair and then pull the portion on the crown back, make a puff and then finally lock the strands bunch with two three bobby clips.


hairstyles with lehenga for brides

6. Long Hair with Curled up Fringes

Iron your hair after making a small side part, and then curl up the fringes of your long stresses with rollers or curlers. If you want, you may apply a little bit of hair spray to set the curls.

lehenga hairstyles

7. Bold Statement with Permed Messy Hair

Want to be the sensuous sassy bride? Go for cropped choli for your wedding lehenga. Perm your hair and then let it fall loose in a messy manner. Make a small middle parting and wear a big maangtika to complete the look.

best hairstyles with lehenga


Try out these hairstyles and turn your kanavar as the ultimate arvalaraka of your beauty for a lifetime. Don’t miss out on any chance of being the thevadai manamahal of his dreams.

So what are you thinking of? Comment your views in the below section and tell us your opinion.

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