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Best 6 Tips For Your Bridal Diet Plan To Lose Weight Before Marriage

Marriage is like the D-day for any girl. She has an endless list of plans for that one single day. NO matter how she appears all her life, but she won’t keep any stone unturned to look at her best for that single day. Among the many measures taken by the brides, whether Indian or not, the most common of all is chalking a wedding diet meal plan for losing weight and getting into the right shape.

But while doing so you might get wrong in many ways and hamper your health. So while you chalk out your bridal diet plan keep the following points in mind.

#1 Set a doable and practical target before starting the bridal diet plan

First of all, there is no point in setting an impractical target for yourself. There is no way that you can lose 10 Kg in the very first week without harming yourself. So instead of planning a crash diet to lose 10Kg at the very initial stage, plan for a lower limit of 5kg. Having a doable and realistic target is necessary to achieve diet goals in the stipulated time.

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You can always consult a dietitian or nutritionist for this purpose. Such expert professional will chalk out the perfect wedding diet meal plan for you, considering your body shape, height, current weight, available time, your prevailing health conditions, and such other important parameters; which otherwise might get overlooked by you.

#2 Crash Diets do more bad than good

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In order to lose weight in quick time, you might go on a crash diet. Some Punjabi or South Indian brides are often caught going on a liquid diet. Your daily calories quota gets curtailed to fewer than 1,000, in order to melt the fat.

But what you ignore is the fact that when your calorie intake gets lowered, your metabolism also gets lowered, and thus your body burns calories more slowly. As a result of which you actually GAIN weight, rather than losing.

#3 Include enough water intake in the wedding diet meal plan

Remember reading ‘have six to seven glasses of water every day’ in the primary? Include regular water intake in your bridal diet plan. We need water for more than one reason. It not only flushes the toxins out of our system but also helps building our metabolism.

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Not having enough water is one of the greatest mistakes you can do while planning to lose weight. You need water to burn calories. Yes, you read it right. Dehydration also lashes your metabolism, and that means slower weight loss.

#4 Try to know the liquid calories to take throughout a day

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Planning a diet chart without considering the liquid calories you take throughout the day can be a grave mistake. Do not be shocked to know that some of the cold coffees or the fancy cocktail drinks you go for at the bars might have more than 500 calories. Even a fruit beer or soda can add high calories.

#5 Say no to Low-fat food, low-fat and low-calorie aren’t the same

Do not take low-fat food as low calorie food. You might include low-fat products in your diet they are not the same as low-calorie food. Even if you eat five low-fat tarts or cupcakes, you might be taking more calories than a tiny bowl of rice.

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So, it is better to know the calorie values of different food, you plan to eat throughout a day. Always check the label at the back of any food items (whether raw or cooked) before buying, so that you may know how much calories that particular item is adding to your bridal diet plan.

#6 Taking small bites of fast food while out for the bridal shopping

While on the bridal shopping spree, you might end up having a few bites of the fast food with your friends. You need to avoid that strictly. Definitely, bridal shopping is a huge task.

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You might get hungry in between. So better, you carry a tiffin box packed with some sprouts or fruits or nuts, or any home cooked food; which will not only meet your hunger but also add nutritional value to your health.

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