Bridal Entry

The Millennials nowadays want a grand wedding entry as their top priority. The Bride and Groom dream of making a striking bridal entry on their wedding day as, it is once in a lifetime event for the couple and joyous moments of a wedding where all eyes are glued to the bride and groom. Everyone, from the guests to relatives, impatiently wait to get the first glimpse of the bride and groom all dressed in glory. Which is why a bride and groom have to make sure that their entry is unique and dreamy. So instead of trying the old-school entry ideas, try the new and quirky ways that will make the heads turn. Some brides prefer larger than life, a grand bridal entry like riding on a rath, palki or with sizzling fireworks. On the other hand, some keep it simple with a few dance steps or a group of dancers dancing with them. Apart from the simple DIY ideas, most of them especially the grand ones require expert help and skilled planners to make your entry sequence absolutely flawless.

Bridal & Groom Entry

₹3,000 onwards

Make a striking bridal entry on your big day with TBG’s skilled planners with expertise in making the wedding entry one of a kind with their unique ideas. We conceptualize, design and plan the entry based on the requirement and theme chosen by the Bride and Groom, to create the impression of grandeur that lasts forever in the memories of your family and friends.