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TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Vydurya Lokesh

Well I am a business graduate who started working as a makeup artist at the age of 19 and chose correspondence to complete my degree education. I, as a child had numerous health issues due to which mostly after 8th std was homeschooled. I happen to do a course which as “DIPLOMA IN COSMETOLOGY” just to kill time during my holidays and little did I know that one day I would flourish in the same industry and would actually become my Mainstream career, as soon as I completed my diploma I wasn’t too keen on pursuing skincare not trichology and hence chose makeup. I did my course with the best in the industry Mr. Puneet saini from Mumbai in 2011 and there is no looking back ever since then. I also happen to start a successful luxury salon brand in Bangalore and at the same time also. Stepped into the south Indian movie industry. “Artistry by vydurya Lokesh” soon began to grow into a successful entrepreneurial venture. I was also awarded “successful young entrepreneurs award in 2012.

What inspired me to start this company or take up this career is truly my love for dressing others. I had been doing that all my life. It gave me pleasure in helping people dress up and watch them feel beautiful. Also growing up, due to my dusky skin tone I had a lot of complex issues too, so I believe the purpose was to mostly overcome my complex and on a long run every person I meet I hope I’m able to enhance their features in such a way they have an all new positive approach at looking at themselves Makeup is all about enhancing you’re featuring and hiding the flaws.

With so many players in the market. I think my USP Is that I always ear to understand the client’s requirement I always strive to make sure they feel like a flawless Version of themselves I believe great makeup Is when you still look like yourself. I also consider myself constantly updated with the latest trends which help in creating new experimental looks every now and then.

I am glad that I have been constantly blessed with great clients and people who actually go out of their way to recommend me amongst their peers. There have been very few incidents where it’s disappointing and you tend to get hard on yourself but towards the end, it’s all worth it.

I am an extremely ambitious person. To come from a person who was confined within 4 walls to establishing myself to this extent. I think it’s only because I believed I wanted it this bad.  I hope to work with the best artists across the globe get to work with more celebrities and of course, training is something that will have my heart always. Passing on knowledge is bliss.

Being an entrepreneur apart from freedom & time it also gives you amazing pressure to outdo yourself. Since no-one really keeps a track on your progress, you are pushed every day to better yourself and tread on a different path to take your work to the next level. The second-best thing is you are able to multitask thanks to the extra time u have.

For anyone looking to take-up makeup as a career. I would say hell yeah!!It’s an amazing job and I promise you won’t be bored doing this a single day!!  You get to know if you have made justice to the requirements in a couple of hours, you get to be a part of people ‘S big day!!  Last but not least it’s a satisfying job. but always update yourself constantly and keep your eyes open to learn. Meanwhile, create a style of your own. Make sure you’re work defines you.

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