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TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Sowmiya Nagakumar

I am Sowmiya Nagakumar from Pune. I am a professional makeup artist with around 10 months of experience. I am a Bs.c graduate and was working in an MNC in Chennai. In 2014, due to an overdose of stress and an unhealthy life, I decided to quit my job and do something which is creative and also make some money out of it.

By watching YouTube videos, I learnt to make silk thread jewelry and started creating my own unique designs. My work was recognised. By selling it online, I got bulk orders from Singapore and Malaysia. I was happy with my earnings because I was doing what I liked and had enough time to spend with my family and friends. I spent almost 2 years with the Silk Thread Jewellery business.

The Turning point of my life:

I got married in June 2016 and moved to Bangalore where my husband was working. Even there I continued my Jewelry business.

A few months later, my husband started noticing my Makeup skills and my interest of doing Makeup for others. He encouraged me to make it my profession since I couldn’t depend on silk thread jewellery business in the long run, spending sleepless nights to complete orders. He was very concerned about my health.

Then after searching for a good place to do the makeup course, I did my professional makeup and hair certification from one of the top bridal makeup artists in January 2017 in Bangalore.

I’m lucky and blessed to have complete support from my better half and family, who motivated me and spent few lakhs to help me complete my course.

By practising a lot, I learnt all the makeup techniques and moulded myself to be the best at my work with the help of my mentor. After completion of my course, I did my first Bridal Makeup in April and I got a lot of appreciation from the bride and her family and friends for my work. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

In a few months, I moved to Pune and continued my passion towards makeup, but I had a tough time to get bookings. I travel to Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and few other cities for Bridal bookings from Pune because I don’t want to miss a single opportunity. Since I am a fresher in this field, my current focus is to build my portfolio and make a mark in the bridal makeup industry rather than focusing on profit. I’m still continuing my silk thread jewellery business by making grand Bridal Bangle sets for my lovely brides.

My inspiration is the Bridal makeup artist Manjeet from Bangalore. I am inspired by her work and her level of dedication towards her profession. My aim is to prove my talent and hard work towards my job. I love to keep updating my makeup skills. In 10 years from now, I want to be one among the best artists in the Bridal Makeup Industry by making my future brides more beautiful with my Makeup skills and making their big day memorable. I would also like to teach my skills to people who have a passion towards makeup and give them an opportunity to grow in this industry.

I am finally making my husband proud of me and happy that he insisted that I choose makeup as my profession and I want to take care of my family and be happy by spending time with them. At the same time, I’m enjoying my work in the bridal Makeup Industry with loads of love and job satisfaction. I love my family and my job.

Thank you, TBG for giving me this opportunity to share my story.


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