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TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Reena

“Dream” is not just a word! I perceive it as am posing for the Photographer at the event of “India Book of Records” I am thrilled since I have been named as one of the “TOP 3 Bridal Makeup Artist” at the contest where about 366 budding Bridal makeup artist demonstrated their expertise. I was so exhilarated to see the Adjudicator Mr.Vivek and Mr. Shiv from Pro Makeup Academy who are well known for their expertise and judgment. As my heart fluttered with real enthusiasm I treasure from where it all started.

As a little girl, I cherished watching my aunt getting ready for her wedding as the Beautician began applying that Foundation and lipstick. I was awestruck on how my normal looking aunt mutated into a Princess, I heeded her face gleaming up by smooth strokes of creamy and shimmery makeup products.

It was the moment of Euphoria when I held the foundation brush and began experimenting shades on myself by purchasing cosmetic products with whatever Pocket money I contrived to save up.

My parents presumed that it was just a part of kids play. My parents persuaded me to enter the Professional course in the direction to assure a safe future. I did join BBA and did what every student was demanded to do. I was delighted whenever cultural and other celebrations occasions come up because that is when I started being the “official makeup artist” I still remember how girls used to line up and calmly wait for me to bring out the inner beauty in them. They all transformed from usual to exceptional.

At the close of academics, I sprang my career as a Customer care Executive and then resumed working as an HR Official in banking sectors followed by being a Trainer. Nothing was exciting I kept striving hard to find something appealing and ingenious in all the jobs I have been, it all ceased up in absolute job displeasure. It began unfolding in my personal life as well. I remember how my colleague used to make a joke of me because the only time I was active and lively was when I practiced makeup on them on several events. They even requested me to do their makeup for special events.

I proceeded to watch all those makeup tutorials online. From international expert Mr.Mario, Jefree Star, Huda, Kat Von D to Indian genius Mrs. Shainaz Hussain who is so talented and managed to launch her own merchandises. I kept feeling what I was doing to myself was wrong even though I had financial hurdles I took the courage and was ready to take the risk of leaving my well-paid job. And with the amount saved up and my loving husband’s comfort, I associated with one of the leading Makeup Institute in Chennai and sustained intense training.

It was time for me to establish what kind of makeup I really fancied to do, with the remembrance of my aunt’s beautiful face I researched and understood “Bridal Makeup” was what I wanted to do.

I was driven by the most talented Mr A Ibrahim who has placed himself at the top for a decade in the bridal makeup industry. I kept following his work in media and social network and learned about the new trends and techniques which he used to make those brides shine. Every time I gazed at the photos of the new brides I was dazed at how gorgeous they looked also elegant with not even a single imperfection on their face.

Mr.Ibrahim has sowed the confidence and has been a stimulus mentor for many makeup aspirants. His influence has benefited me in being a Bridal Expert and I have felicitously assisted more than 75 brides from multiple parts of Tamilnadu which include all caste and creed. My good work has been identified, encouraged and showcased on various moments especially on Television programs like “Vidiyal Puthusu” in Sathyam Tv and “Bangalore Neram” in Velicham Tv.

I have perpetually strived hard to learn new techniques and an opportunity to learn new trends through an international Training would be a feather to my crown. I would be grateful and shall relish the same endlessly. I would be so gratified to TBG if they appreciate me and award me the “Makeup Artist Award” for the category “A New Entrant into the Bridal Industry Looking for better Opportunities” as I firmly believe their solace would earn me more laurels and make me accomplish my aim of setting my own brand of makeup products. I forever wanted to bring up very own line of cosmetics which will give a diverse dimension to the entire cosmetic business, springing with the creativity to the robustness of the products. I would also devotedly focus on formulating a brand which is not just wondrous but affordable too. Also, I would like to request you to award me for the category “Passionate Amateur makeup artist who wants to pursue this as her dream career” as I have fervidly been chasing this as my mantra since 2011 and shall continue to do so.

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  1. Inspiring Reena… You worth it and am totally in love with your works for brides.!! All the best, keep rocking!!!

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