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TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Kasturi Ramachandra

Hi, I am Kasturi Ramachandra from Bangalore. I am a professional makeup artist. Initially, I was a beautician. I met a professional makeup artist, and she asks me to work with her and l agreed. In the beginning, she treated me well, but after some time, she started to scold me in front of the bride.

That day I decided that I should learn professional makeup. After around 2-3 months, I learnt makeup from a professional makeup artist. At the time, we were 4 students. Even there, I didn’t get proper training. She told me that she will do a photo shoot, there also she did the same thing. For the morning shoot, she gives me the model at 6.30 p.m. That day I cried so much. I finally decided that I should do something in my career. After that, I went to an academy where I learnt a course in photoshop. I bought a DSLR camera. Now I am doing the best job.

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