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TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Indhu

Hi everyone! I have wanted to share my story with someone for a long time but I’ve never got the opportunity. Thank you TBG for this golden opportunity! There should be a beginning and an end to any story, so let me start from here.

I am Indhu from Coimbatore. My childhood was very difficult. Our family was in a financial crisis. There was no money for food or education. My father was the only earning member and my family, including my younger sister, had to survive on that. I cannot even imagine that terrible life again. My father worked very hard for our livelihood. Our schooling was very difficult. We faced many problems with fees, books, etc. My father somehow managed everything. I completed my SSLC, and I didn’t know which course to take in HSC. Even then I was very eager in the beauty industry. So when I was doing my degree, I started working part-time in a beauty parlour. They trained me too. I used to go there every evening and help them.

Moreover, I learned many things there. That was just an experience, but I wanted to get a proper certificate in that field. So after my degree, I did skincare and makeup courses in V.Care Global Institute which I was very eager to do. After that, I served many people in many ways in this beauty industry. But I didn’t get any job worth my eligibility for two years.

I left the makeup industry and went for another job. I worked in different fields such as in Bharathi AIRTEL, and in a private building construction company in a good position. But even then, my mind told me to go to the makeup industry again. What should I do? To run my life, I needed to work somewhere.

During that time, I was inspired by a person whose name I don’t want to mention here. She told me her story, which was just like mine and I was really inspired because now she had reached a big position. I will never forget her. That was a big turning point in my life. All the credit goes to her and so I followed her activities, left all other jobs and determined ”I SHOULD  NOT GO AWAY FROM THE MAKEUP INDUSTRY AGAIN.”

Then I worked with many makeup artists but everyone was selfish and treated me as a slave. Even when they treated me like that, I concentrated on the work and decided that I would become a good makeup artist. So I tolerated their activities. Now I have become a good Makeup Artist too. My dreams are coming true one by one gradually.
I am still waiting for a good opportunity.

I need a good platform and I trust that TBG Wedding Store will give me one.

Awards, Events and Classes:
* I got the Best Makeup Artist Award in 2014 from Raj T.V.
* I took makeup classes for 500 students (2015 to 2016) in Kongu Vellalar Arts College in Perundurai.
* I took a one-day makeup workshop in April in Coimbatore.

My Favourite Quote is ‘Makeup is a powerful way to effectively reveal something unique about your inner self’.
I love makeup forever.

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