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TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Archana

I am Archana from Chennai. I am an Engineer by profession and aspiring Makeup Artist by Passion. I did my Engineering because everyone in our family asked me to do so. I was so aimless in life and would follow what others advised me. I never loved my profession and never had the urge to succeed. I worked for three years and have never cherished the moments.

Post my marriage and the birth of my baby, I realised the work that we do has to be enjoyed and that will lead us to success and happiness. Since my teenage, I was always a makeup lover. I would experiment a lot of styles and be recognised in the college for my style of makeup. I used to do a lot of makeovers in fashion shows at my college. Of late, I did makeup for a couple of my relatives and they were very happy with the outcome and I was flooded with compliments that boosted my confidence and paved me a way to my career. Overnight it struck me that I could follow my passion and succeed in it instead of slogging for a job that I never enjoyed.

So by then, knew I wanted to become a makeup artist and enjoy the art by making the brides look like princesses and enjoy the recognition and compliments. The beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes, so why not change the beholder’s perception by making the beauty more attractive by my art skills.

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1 thought on “TBG Indian Academy Awards – Story of Makeup Artist Archana

  1. Awesome Archana!!!???Hard work and dedication always pays off.You are an inspiration for me

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